“ He maketh both the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak."

WHEN heart and head are both o'erflowing,

When eager words within are glowing,
And all at once for utterance crowd and throng,

How hard to find no tongue !
The little babe upon the breast
Wails out his wail and is at rest :

These may but look and long.

Perhaps some deed of sacred story,

Or lesson deep of God's high glory,
For many a toilsome hour rehearsed or read,

In holy Church is said.
He knows it all-none half so well,
And longs in turn his tale to tell,

But all his words are fled.


Perhaps on high the chant is ringing,

The youthful choir the free notes flinging, To soar at will the


roof around :
But his to earth are bound.
In every chord his heart beats high,
But vainly would his frail lips try

The tones his soul hath found.


not so in wistful sadness :
Ere long a morn of power and gladness
Shall break the heavy dream ; the unchained voice

Shall in free air rejoice :
Thoughts with their words and tones shall meet,
The unfaltering tongue harmonious greet

The heart's eternal choice.

Even now the call that wakes the dying

Steals on thine ear with gentle sighing : The breath, the dew of heaven hath touched thy

tongue :

Far to the winds are flung
The bonds unseen, ill spirits' work :
Satan no more may round thee lurk,

Thine Ephphatha is sung.



“No lion shall be there, nor any ravening beast go up thereon : it shall not be found there."

(For Quinquagesima.)

OFT have I hid mine eyes,
When lightning thrilld across the midnight skies :

When tempests howld o'er land or main,
Oft have I thought upon the deluge rain.

But now I read, that never more
Will Heaven's dread windows so give out their awful

The rainbow-sign is given, -
His word endures in Heaven.

Oft have I shrank for fear,
When forms that seem'd of giant mould drew near,

And deeply in my childish heart
I thrilld at every rush, and bound, and start :

But now I hear th' Eternal Law
That binds them in His chain of deep mysterious awe:

I fear no monster birth,-
His word endures on earth.

Even as the bright calm bow
Is safety's pledge when waters wild o'erflow,

As horned herds will turn and fly
If but a child survey them with bold eye,

So in the storms we may not see Thy Saviour's rainbow crown, O Faith, thine own

may be:

So, if His Cross He raise,
Hell powers at distance gaze.

There may we calmly dwell,
Nor sounding tempest dread, nor lion fell.

But, little children, muse and mark :
His blessing waits on inmates of His ark,

On such as in His awful shade
Abide, and keep the seal His Holy Spirit made.

Else will the flood awake,
His chain the Lion break.



“For she said, If I may touch but His clothes, I shall be made whole."

She did but touch with finger weak

The border of His sacred vest,
Nor did He turn, nor glance, nor speak,

Yet found she health and rest.

Well may

the word sink deep in me, For I, full many a fearful hour, Fast clinging, mother dear, to thee,

Have felt Love's guardian power.

When looks were strange on every side,

When gazing round I only saw
Far-reaching ways, unknown and wide,

I could but nearer draw :

I could but nearer draw, and hold

Thy garment's border as I might. This while I felt, my heart was bold,

My step was free and light

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