Such talk when Angels watching near
From earthly guardians overhear,

Haply in heart they say, “ These are half-truths. Who deeply scan The mystery of the tears of man,

To nurse them or allay,

“Demands, they know, a mightier skill : He only may the task fulfil,

Who hath the springs in hand Of Ocean, saying to this wave, • Retire :'_to that 'unbridled rave

High on the thirsty sand.'

“ He in His wisdom hath decreed
That shingle light, or frail sea-weed,

Should here the proud waves stay,
There, giant rocks aside be hurled.
So in the heart's lone awful world

His waters know their way.

“ His Power the inward storm unchains At will, His Power and Love refrains.

Ask ye, by what high law ?

Go not to sage or seer, but trace
His impress on some bright young face,

Half passion and half awe.

“ Whom He hath blessed and called His own, He tries them early, look and tone,

Bent brow and throbbing heart ; Tries them with pain, dread seal of Love. Oft when their ready patience strove

With keen o’ermastering smart,

“ And mortals deemed it gentle blood,
Faith might discern the healing Rood

Invisibly applied :
And when her veil soft Pity drew
Over each glad and vernal hue,

And babes for others sighed,

“ A tear, we knew, from Lazarus' grave,
Had lent high virtue to the wave

In their baptismal hour :
Or one of those he deigned to weep
O'er Salem, in the olived steep,

A world-embalming shower.

“ Thou art stern courage, Heavenly Child, Thou to Thy babes art mourning mild ;

Even as Thy Saints of old From weeping now forbore, now prayed Their

eyes might endless showers be made Over Thy fallen fold.

“ One law is theirs, and Thine : to stay
Self-loving moans—allow no way

For grief that only grieves.
But drops that cherish prayer, or speed
The pure resolve, or duteous deed, -

He gave them, He receives.”



“ And He said unto them, Why are ye troubled ? and why do thoughts arise in your hearts ? Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I Myself : handle Me, and see ; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see Me have."

ALONE, apart from mother dear

And father's gracious eye,
From all the nursery's joyous cheer,

Nor babe nor playmate by!

A place where others are at home,

But all is strange to me!
And now the twilight hour is come,

And the clear shadows flee.

Scarce dare I lay me down and sleep,

Lest in half-waking dream
Dimly all ways to dance and creep

The forms around me seem.

Help me with reading, help to pray,

That I with spirit free
Mine evening hymn may sing or say

Upon my bended knee.

But look, your lore be true and wise,

The lamp ye light burn clear, No flash to pass o'er strained eyes,

Leaving all dark and drear.

O kindly and in happy hour

Ye bring the Volume blest : There all is Truth, all Love, all Power : Now sweet will be



Now at thy pleasure roam, wild heart,

In dreams o'er sea and land :

I bid thee at no shadows start :

The Upholder is at hand.

The lurid hues, the deep sea-gleams,

That blend in hour of storm, Till every hurrying night-wind seems

To waft a phantom form,

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