yard, unresolved whether they shall work or no? A Reward indeed they shall have, but sucha Reward as Hypocrites receive, a Reward from which Good Lord deliver us. And am I fo ftu. pified that nothing of all this can move me, neither the Glory of God, nor the Interest of my Soul, nor all that can be said against my want of Zeal and fervency of Spirit?

Ah! I am to run for my Life, and shall I make ftops by the way, or look about, or think that by Now steps I am like to save my self

from the wrath to come! Death haltens, the Devils haften to make a Prey of me, and shall not I make hafte to escape their Talons ?

Were these Reasons laid home by serious Con. fideration, they would rouze the Soul from her Slumber, and make her see how dangerous her Reft is, and how dear that Sleep will cost her she is for the present lulld in, if it be not suddenly dispelled and scattered ; but want of Consideration makes the careless Sinner fancy God a Being without Gall, one that hath no sense of Honour, and that is pleased with his indifferency in Religion, as well as himself : This is it makes him entertain very gross, absurd and unreasonable Conceits concerning that All-wise, moft Excellent, and most loving Being, despise a Treasure of infinite Value, trample on the Pearl of Price, and forget what the hope of God's Calling is, and what the Riches of the Glory of his Inheritance is in the Saints.

He that mistrufts God's Providence limits the holy One of Israel; yet havel known such a Sin



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blown away,and turned into heroickConfidence in God, by such serious Ratiocinations as these; And am I'indeed afraid of Want, and being destitute of Necessaries and Conveniences which other Men enjoy! Am I God's Creature, and can I think God will take no care of his Creature! He that fed the young Ravens, will he deny me my daily bread! He that gives all Creatures their Meat in due season, will he forget me when he unlocks his universal Store-house! He that opens his Hand, and satisfies the desire of every living thing, will he shut me out of the Number of the Living? He that cloathed the Lilies of the Field, will not he much more cloath me? Is God concerned for the meanest of his Creatures, and will not he beconcerned for the noblest Work of the Creation? Dolfee, how the Birds of the Air do all depend upon him, and the Sparrow that hath dined, and knows not where to get his Supper, yet chearfully waits upon God's Providence; and shall not I? He that provides for Beasts and Fowls of the Air, and Fish in the Sea,will he shake offhis Care and Thoughts of me? How impossible is all this, if I believe God to be the great Preserver of Men? Nay, he that hath provided for me hitherto, why thould I mistrutt he will not provide for me for the future? Is his hand shortned, or his strength abated? Is not he the same God now he was some years ago? Is his Plenty decayed, or is God at a loss how to supply me for the time to come? My unbelief, indeed, may make him hold his hand, and hinder him from doing any mighty work for me, but what can I


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fear, if in the use of lawful means I throw my self upon him? May be I get not what I would have; but if I get what he thinks fit for me, is it not much better? How often have I been in straits and exigencies, and God hath found out some way or other to deliver me, and shall I, by my unbelief, hinder him from doing such another mighty work for me? If I trust him, I honour him, and thew forth his Glory; and to such God cannot but shew his Salvation. I do not want for the present, why should I believe I shall want hereafter, when I know not whether I shall live a day to an end? How careful is God of mine ease, when he would not have me trouble mine head with anxious Cares? What do I get by my immoderate carkings but torment of Mind? Is it not much sweeter to reft upon God's Goodness, and enjoy Content? I am never the nearer a supply, when I have afflicted and vexed my mind, and why should I put my Spirits into an Agony for nothing? Is this mistrustful Caring and Carking a Character of Heathens, and shall I apostarize from Christianity, and turn Infidel? Is this the temper of Men that know not the true God, and shall I disgrace my Religion and imitate their Unbelief? Had not I better rely upon God's Word, who hach said, I will not leave thee, nor for fake thee, than make my life a Hell upon Earth? With all my solicitous Thoughts I cannot add one Cubit to my Stature, and shall I spend so much Labour and Induttry in vain? What must the Spirits above think to see me torment my self about that I cannot help, and to see me roll Sifiphas

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his Stone, which when I have brought to fuch
a pitch, rolls down again, and renews my Pains,
with my Grief and Sorrow! How must those
incorporeal Beings above pity such fruitless La-
bours! Of how many Men have I read and heard,
that have trufted God in despight of all Impro-
babilities, and God hath fuccoured and affilted
them beyond expectation: Elijah, 1 Kings 17.
9. goes to Sarepta, meets with a Widow-woman
gathering Sticks, in order to kindle a Fire,and to
årefs the last handful of Meal that was in the
Barrel, and the few drops of Oil that remained
in the Bottle, all that the wretch had left to
support the Life of her self and Son, for it was
a time of Famine, and it was in a manner a Fu-
neral Dinner too, for the intended to make this
her latt Meal, and so to expire and give up the
Ghost. Here was little to spare, one would
think, for a Traveller, especially if that had
been her Maxim, which is lo usual with us, that
Charity begins at home; she knew not the Pro-
phet, whether he would do Miracles, or no.
In this great exigency, and strait, the Man of
God bid her dress the Flower and Oil she had
left, for him, and afterwards take care for her
self and Son. A strange Request! It's true, he
tells her that the God of Ifrael had said, That
the Barrel of Meal shall not waste : But these
were Words, and what are they to a hungry
Stomach, and croaking Bowels, to give that
little All away to a stranger, and starve her
self and Son, upon cold Prophesie ?

Yet, behold her Faith throws open all the
Flood-gates of Impossibility; he believes, and



trusts against Sense, even to a Contradi&ion, goes and gives that little the hath left to a stranger, and, by that Faith, forces, as it were, Heaven into a Miracle ; for she had no sooner dressed the remainder for the Prophet, but the Barrel is filled again by Angels, and so it continued till the Lord sent Rain upon the Earth. Why

. should not I do as they have done, and put it to the Trial? Sure I am, I can lose nothing by it. I will therefore be industrious in my lawful Calling, and leave the Success to God; I will use those honest means to live which the Scripture warrants, and commit my self to him, whose Eyes are over all his Works. If he please to bless me, I'll praise him; if not, I'll admire

, his Soveraignty and Greatness, who is not bound to give me any thing: And left my Sins should separate between his Kindness and my Necessities, and turn away his Face from me, because I answer not the end he made me for, as all other Creatures do, that share in his Prote&ion, and Providential Care, I will watch against those Corruptions which do so easily beset me, and strive to glorifie God in my Soul and Body; and then, the kindest Difpensations of his Providence will be mine, and all things will work together for my good.

Such Thoughts would drive out the Evil Spirit of Miftruftfulness. But while the Enemy meets with no Opposition, no wonder if he securely revels in the Soul, makes Man a Burthen to himself, prompts him sometime even to unlawful Courses, and doth not let him


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