and love, combined with a mind of no ordinary calibre, and a Christian humility which was

marked by even ordinary acquaintances.

That those who kindly read these pages during

a leisure hour may derive benefit as well as

pleasure from them, is the earnest wish of

Their humble servant,


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“Self-blinded are you by your pride :
Look up thro' night, the world is wide."

The Two Voices.

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I DECLARE it is too bad ; one would think I was fifteen instead of nearly twenty. I can't, and I won't bear it any longer. Mother has no right to prevent my going down to see Julia, unless she has a good reason; and if she has, she ought to tell me what it is. I am not a child.”

“Hush, Eleanor; don't speak like that, dear, and of

your own mother, too."

“But I will speak like that, and I will act on it, too, as you shall see.

I hate tyranny.” The speaker flung herself into an easy-chair, and began fanning her flushed face violently with a delicately-carved ivory fan, her large dark eyes


flashing with anger and indignation, while her wrathful words continued to pour forth in a full torrent.

Standing at a table in the centre of the room, with an open note in her hand, was a second girl, to whom these passionate words were addressed. She was smaller and slighter in figure than the first speaker. Her eyes were blue, and her hair, which she wore brushed off her brows and falling back over her shoulders in large loose flakes, was of a dark chestnut colour.

It was neither curled nor crimped, but lightly fastened with a ribbon, and then allowed to fall in its own natural way.

In the midst of a still more violent apostrophe on the strictness of parents in general, and her own mother in particular, Eleanor Stuart was brought to a sudden silence by the entrance of a servant into the


“If you please, miss, my mistress wishes to speak to you," said she.

Eleanor was too much excited and too angry to answer, so her companion spoke.

Who, Sarah? Which of us do you mean?” she said.

"You, Miss Margaret, if you please; mistress is in the drawing-room, and you are to go at once," said the servant, leaving the room. 6. What

can she want now?" said Eleanor;

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