JUST one or two words to the reader of this

little story will be all the Preface necessary.

The character of “Eliza Davies ” is taken from

life, and, should it be thought to be overdrawn,

we beg to affirm that the “truth was stranger

than the fiction."

In “John Wynter” the writer has attempted

to delineate the character of one to whom she

owes all that may be of any worth in herself,

but whose beautiful inner life she finds it im

possible to describe so as to give an adequate idea of its value-a blending of earnestness, purity, and love, combined with a mind of no ordinary

calibre, and a Christian humility which was

, marked by even ordinary acquaintances.

That those who kindly read these pages during

a leisure hour may derive benefit as well as

pleasure from them, is the earnest wish of

Their humble servant,


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