by this welkin I would not draw my weapon on him! Let this gentleman do his mind: but I will bastinado him, by the bright sun, wherever I meet him.

Mat. Faith, and I'll have a fling at him, at my distance.

Enter DOWNRIGHT, walking over the Stage.

Y. Kno. God's so! Lookye where he is; yonder hé goes.

Down. What peevish luck have I, I cannot meet with these bragging rascals!

Bob. It's not he, is it?

Y. Kno. Yes, faith, it is he!

Mat. I'll be hang'd, then, if that were he.

Y. Kno. I assure you that was he.

Step. Upon my reputation, it was he.

Bob. Had I thought it had been he, he must not have gone so: but I can hardly be induced to believe it was he yet.

Y. Kno. That I think, sir. But, see, he is come again!

Down. Oh, Pharoah's foot! have I found you? Come, draw; to your tools. Draw, gipsey, or I'll thresh you.

Bob. Gentleman of valour, I do believe in thee, hear me

Down. Draw your weapon, then.

Bob. Tall man, I never thought on't till now; body of me! I had a warrant of the peace served on me even now, as I came along, by a water-bearer; this gentleman saw it, Mr. Matthew.

[He beats him, and disarms him.

runs away.


Down. 'Sdeath, you will not draw, then?

Bob. Hold, hold, under thy favour, forbear.

Down. Prate again, as you like this, you whorson foist, you. You'll controll the point, you!

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