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money by annuities and a lottery, to be the Leeward Islands, dated Jan, 12, tha: charged on the said fubfidy: and an act to his Majesty's ships in those parts had taken revive and inake perpetual two acts of par about thirty fail of the convoy that failed exo liament, to prevent frivolous and vexatious from France with the French men of wel th: arrefts.

which Sir Edward Hawke fell in with: His grace John duke of Bedford, was ap and that about ten more of that convoy h To pointed one of his Majesty's principal secre also been taken by the privateers of the taries of state.

said islands: that a Frencb privateer ha The earl of Sandwicb, lord Vere Beau been taken by his Majesty's ship the Ludlac clerk, lord Anson, viscount Barrington, lord Castle, and that five French privateers ha Duncannon, Welbore Ellis, and Fobn Stan also been taken by his Majesty's ship to bope, esqrs. lords commiflioners of the ad Centaur.

L miralty.

Marcb 8. Abtract of the resolutiond Roger Townsend, esq. made receiver. the court of seflion, concerning the valos general of the customs.

of the heretable jurisdictions in Scotland. Fobn Eckerfall, esq. made register-gene

£ ral of all trading snips belonging to Great For fixteen heretable theBritain.


59,553 12 Jeremiah Dyson, esq. made under-clerk Four sheriffships redeemof the parliaments, to attend upon the able, stated at the re

lo House of Commons, in the room of

demption money, and Nicholas Hardinge, esq. who resigned. for the duke of Argyle's

Dr. Thomas Gooch, lord bishop of Nor office of heretable juswich, translated to the fee of Ely, vacant tice general

25,666 OF by the death of Dr. Butts.

Two sheriffships for life,
Feb. 20.
The honourable Mr. Bentinck, Perth and Air

4,179 4
brother to count Bentinck, and one of the All the regalities sui-
deputy states of Holland, arrived here from tained

34,390 that country, on affairs of great impor- | Baillies of regality

19,116 0 tance.

Royal Stewarties, part A proclamation was published, strictly of fires

6,834 10 forbidding all commerce, of what nature Royal bailliaries

8,551 0 soever, with the subjects of the French Constabularies

3,500 o king; and to direct all officers of the reve


2,442 10 nue, and others, in the service of the pube lic, to aslift in the execution thereof to the

Total £. 164,232 16 utmost of their power.

Feb. 24. This morning his Royal High An order of council was published, ness the Duke of Cumberland, accompanied recting that all the rules and regulatica by several officers of distinction, set out relating to the distempered cattle, thor from his apartments at St. James's for Har remain in full force for the space of to wich, in order to einbark for Flanders, days longer, to commence from the 14t and take on him the command of the

instant, The two preceding orders wer army:

the first for a month, and the other Sir Folar Ligonier and lord

fourteen days. Cathcart, let out for Harwich, in order to March 11.

His Majesty received t embark for Flanders.

compliments of the nobility and gentry The Magnanimous, a French man of war, account of the safe delivery of her Roja was taken by the Nortingham and Portland, Highness the Princess of Orange of a Prince two of admiral Hawke's Squadron.

when their Royal Highnesses the Pring His Royal Highness the Duke of Cum and Princess of Wales likewise paid that berland arrived at the Hague on Saturday, compliments on the fame occasion. H Feb. 27. He was thirty-seven hours going Majesty ordered one hundred guincas to o to Holland before he landed, and was in meslenger who brought the news. great danger by the large quantities of ice A perpetuity pafied the great seal abo. which interrupted his paffage.

this time, granted to the masters and id Accounts were received, in a letter from lows of Gonvil and Caius college, Cambrid captain Pocock, the commanding officer and their successors, to hold in mortma of his Majesty's laips at Barbadoes and for ever any lands, tenements, & C.




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Feb. 25.

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xceeding the yearly value of sool, more Mr. Young's a woollen-draper, with the rest an what they are now poffefled ofa of the houses in Change-alley, were destroy

Sir Jobn Douglas was bailed out of the ed, except Baker's and Sam's coffee.houses, rower, his fureties being bound in 2000l. which were greatly damaged. The flames sich, and himself in 4000l.

extended themselves into Cornbill, and Marcb 16. The convocation met at the burnt down the houses of Mr. Astley, Mr. Ihapter-house in St. Paul's Cburcb-yard, Meadows, Mr. Straban, Mr. Waltboe, and ad went in procesiion to the Cathedral. Mr. Brotberten, booksellers; Mr. Dep. Efter which, the lower house chose Dr. Cleve, a pewterer; Mr. Warner, a Aatioyncb, dear of Canterbury, their prolo ner; Tom's and the Rainbow coffee-houses,

the Fleece and Tbree-luns taverns, a milliMarcb 25. His Majesty went to the House ner's next the Tbree-tuns, and a cabinet of Peers and gave the roya) affent to

maker's the corner of Bircbin-lane; Mr. The land-cax bill, of four fillings in Legg's, a woollen-draper, the other corner, de pound.

a thoe-maker's, with another woollen-dra. The mutiny and defertion bill.

per's adjoining; the London Aljurance of A bill to prohibit afsurance on fhips be fice, the widow Harrison's, Mr. Vaugban's, inging to France, and on merchandizes or a haberdasher, Mrs. Sarrazin's, the corner fte es laden thereon, during the present of Michael's-alley; in the said alley, Mr.

Knight's shoe-ware-house, the cock and A bill to indemnify persons who have Liosi, a public-house, the house of Mr. ::mitted to qualify themselves for offices ac Guyiber, a perriwig-maker, Mr. Oldis, a

ording to law, and for allowing farther fadler ; the Jamaica coffee-house was but rime for that purpose :

little damaged, as was likewise St. Micbael's And to several road and private bills. church : the houses in Cafile-court and get About one o'clock in the morning, a fire Wbite-lion-court, Birebin-lane, were all conjiroke out at Mr. Eldridge's a perriwig. fumed; the back part of the George and

naker in Excbange-alley, Cornbill, which Vulture tavern, Helford's coffee-house, and troved one of the most terrible, before it the house of Mr. Wilimore, a hosier, in s was extinguished, that had happened lince George-Yard, were consumed, and great he fire of London in 1666. The flames in damages done to other houses in the faid aina few minutes spread themselves three dif yard; the Perfylvania, Carclina and Georgia Lerent ways, and before noon consumed, coffee-house, the Marine cofree-house, the lccording to the best computacion that could Sword-blade and Cole's coffee-houses, the te made, very near one hundred houses, touse of Mr. Shaw, a shoe-maker, Mr. psibout twenty of which fronted Cornbill, 1% i!for, a ftationer, and all the others in

and the rest were in Bircbin-lare, Exchange Bircbin-lane, excepting eight towards Lomcalley, George-yard, and all the avenues bard-fireet, were likewise consumed. whereabouts, notwithstanding all posible Mr. Eldridge, his wife and two daugh- means were used to stop them; there being ters, and a journeyman perished in the

coupwards of fifty engines, which were well flames; the two apprentices and the ser. the manned by the populace, and in general vant-maid only cícaping, Mr. Cooke, a

pretty well supplied with water; but the merchant, that lodged in the house, jumped wind being south south west, all the bankers out of a two pair of fairs window, broke houses in Lombard-freet, and their e rects, his back, and died foon after. were preserved. No public office was burnt, Severai persons were detected in feloniexcept the London Aljurance, who had time ously carrying off goods in the general con

to save all their effects, and suffered only fufion, and committed to the Compter. i in the loss of their house. By the great The goods of the sufferers were most of

care of the right honourable the Lord them secured in the Royal-exchange. Mayor, and several other magistrates, who A soldier on guard at the fire ftabbed a

man who refused to añist in carrying water rity of the firemen and officers, and by the to the engines, in so dangerous a manner afiítance of the guards from St. James's that his life was defpaired of: the foldier and the Tower, the greateft part of the was committed to the Compter. goods and valuable effects of the sufferer3 It was observed, that the fire communi. were saveu.

cated itself chiefly by the cops of the houses, Garrawey's, the Jerufalem and Jona over the party walls; which it is presum. tban's coffee-houses, the Swan tavern, ed, fewed the neceffity of building those

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walls higher for the future, so as to leave out of the prison taking different ways ; bet no communication betwixt the rafters of an alarm being spread, five ofthem were re. different houses.

taken in the neighbouring streets, and carThe confternation of the inhabitants in ried back to Newgate. Thomas Kemp, and this dreadful calamity was inexpressible, William Gray, got clear off ; for the taking and the loss must have been exceeding great, of either of whom a reward of gol. was pronotwithstanding the effects that were sav mised by the Keeper of Newgate, and 1004 ed; for it happened on one of the richest by the commissioners of the customs. spots of ground in the city, and the very March 31. At the anniversary feast of the center of business. There was great danger London-Infirmary, the collection

at the of its spreading farther, the wind being church and Merchant-Taylor's hall,amount. high, of which people were under terrible ed to 11671. 185. apprehenfions, but by the good providence April 2, A mail came from the We. of God it was prevented; and though, after Indies, confirming the arrival of, admiral the first stop that was put to the raging Knowles at Jamaica from North America, fiames, the fire broke out afresh more and the sentence of the court martial againh than once, such constant care was taken, commodore Cornelius Mitchell, which was, that it never again resumed its destructive that he should be mulcted five years pay, and power.

rendered incapable of serving in his Majesty's Dr. Samuel Lisle, bishop of St. Asaph, navy. transated to the bishopric of Norwicb, in April 7. At a court of common-council the room of bishop Gooch.

held at Guildhall, a bill was passed for reRichard Walters, esq. made commissary- pealing all former acts, orders and ordi. general of stores, provisions and forage to all nances, touching the nomination and elec. his Majesty's forces abroad.

tion of sheriff's of the city of London and Nichols, esq. made paymaster of county of Middlesex, and for regulating and the forces in Flanders.

enforcing such nominations and elections John Wbites esq. made lieutenant-gover for the future. nor of Pendennis Castle.

April 9. The Irish Parliament was proMarch 29. A court of common council rogued, and his excellency the earl of Har. was held at Guildhall, when a motion was rington,' the lord lieutenant, arrived soon af. made, that the court of ford mayor and al ter in England. dermen be empowered to permit as many April 24. Mr. Thompson, one of his Ma. non-freemen in the building-bufiness, to jesty's messengers, arrived at his grace the he employed in rebuilding the houses de duke of Newcastle's office, with the instrudroyed by the late fire in Cornbill, as to ment of preliminary articles for a general them fall seem necessary; any law, cu pacification, signed at Aix-la-Chapelle, by Itom or usage to the contrary notwithstand the ministers plenipotentiary of his Majesty ing; which, after a short debate was rea the king of Great-Britain, the most Chri. folved in the affirmative.

stian King, and the States General of the A contribution was set on foot for the United Provinces. relief of those sufferers by the said fire, who were objects of charity, by several gentle. Lift of the names of the noblemen and gentle men, bankers, &c. the benefactions to be

men, and of the clerks

for life, wbofe claims paid to the bankers named in the advertise.

for value

of their jurisdictions, or offices bav. ment; which by the 22d of April amounted

ing been sustained by i be lords of Sefion; and to neår 2000l. and by the isth to 33201. the

of the fums which their lordships declared claims given in by the sufferers to that time,

in their opinion should be given them, &c. amounting to socol. and on the 19th was a general meeting of the contributors, when

1. a committee was chosen for the management | Duke of Hamilton

3000 of the charity, and Stephen Theodore Janf Duke of Buccleugh

3400 fen, efq. one of the city members, appointed Duke of Gordon

5282 19 chairman thereof.

Dutchess of Gordon

25 9 10 March 3. About eight at night seven

Duke of Queensberry

6621 8 5 prisuners in Newgate for smuggling, on the

Duke of Argyle turnkeys opening the door of their apart

Duke of Douglas

5104 5 ment, rushed on them with pistols and Duke of Arbole broomfticks, and knocking them down ran

Duke of Montrose

5578 18 4


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With Processions at Coronations, Instalments of the Military Honours,

Marriages, Funerals of Sovereigns, &c. &c.

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he Valuation of suppressed Religious Foundations at the Reformation; the Introduction

and Growth of Taxes, annual Grants, and Increase of the National Debt;

together with the Price of Grain and Provisions at Different Periods,

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earl of Pembroke, groom of the stole ; earl pany.-Bill for relief of insolvent debtors, of Sandwich, first commiflioner of the ad And to several road and private bills, miralty ; earl of Harrington, lord lieutenant After which his Majesty made the followof Ireland ; yiscount Gobbam ; and Henry ing speech to both houses, and prorogued Pelbam, efq. first commisioner of the trea the Parliament to the zoth of June next. sury.

« My Lords, and Gentlemen, His Majesty was graciously pleased to de At the opening of this festion of Par. clare, that in order to prevent any incon liament I informed you, that a congress Teniencies which his subjects may fuffer by had been agreed upon by the several powers misapprehending the purport or effect of his at war; and I have now the satisfaction to royal proclamation, dated the 5th inftant, acquaint you, that the preliminaries for reas soon as pasies could be interchanged, they storing a general peace have been signed be. thould be delivered to such of his subjects tween my minister, and those of the most as desired the same for their mips, goods, Christian King, and the States General of merchandizes and effects, they duly ob the United Provinces; the basis of which serving the several acts of Parliainent in is a general restitution of conquests made force, with regard to trade or correspondence during the war, on all sides. with France.

“ In consequence of these preliminaries, The amount of the whole expence of which have been ratified by all the con. building the Mansion-house for the lord tracting parties, a cessation of hoftilities mayors of Londor (including the sum of has actually taken place in the Low Coun. 39001. paid for purchasing of houses) was tries, and in the channel; and certain pe42,6381. 185. 81.

riods are fixed, according to former pracMay 13. At noon his Majesty went to tice, for its commencement in other parti the House of Peers with the usual state, of the world. and the commons being rent for up, and at " In this important transaction my great tending, gave the royal afsent to the follow views have been steadily to adhere to the ing bills, viz. The bill for granting one true interests of Europe, to pursue and million out of the sinking, fund. Bill to maintain those of my own kingdoms, in parrectify a mistake in the mutiny act. Bill ticular, and to procure for my allies the best to amend and inforce the window light act. terms and conditions, that the event of a -Bill for the more effectual disarming the war, in some parts unsuccessful,' did ade Highlands.---Bill to 'regulate trials for high mit. treason in the Highlands of Scotland.--Bill " I have, in the course of this negocia. for rendering more effectual an act for re tion, acted with the most unreserved conlief of such loyal subjects in Scotland, whose fidence and comniunication towards my al. title deeds were destroyed in the rebellion. lies : and I hope, that when they thall Bill to regulate courts-martial in the sea have maturely weighed the situation of af. fervice, and for extending the discipline of fairs, the neceflity from thence arifing, and the navy to the crews of his Majesty's ships the care and attention which have been wrecked, loft, or taken, &C.--Bill for al shewn for their advantage and security, lowing the exportation of tea to Ireland and they will not delay to accede to these prethe plantations, duty free ; and for enlarg liminary articles, but concur in effectuating ing the time for some of the payments to be the good work of peace. made on a subscription of 6,300,000l-Bill « The vigorous and powerful support you to amend and inforce an act for prohibiting have given me, during this session, towards the wearing and importation of cambricks carrying on the war, has strengthened my or French lawns.-Bill for encouraging the hands, in proceeding thus far in the meagrowth and importation of indigo from his sures of peace. Nobody can suggest the Majesty's plantations in America.Bill for least failure on the part of Great-Britaix, amending and continuing several laws near which, not only for the sake of its own expiring.-Bill to explain and amend two particular intereft, but of the common acts for the preservation of the public roads. cause, has taken on itself a share of the -Bill for holding the summer aflizes for burthen, unexampled in former times. I the county of Buckingham, at the town of hope foon to see this necessary work brought Buckingham.--Bill to continue the duty of to perfection, with the concurrence of all 6d. per chaldron on coals, for relief of the my allies ; with whom it is my firm intenorphans of the city of London.-Bill for re tion to cultivate the most perfect harmony, lief of the annuitants of the mercers com and to cement and strengthen, if poflible,


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