Jo. From the fame. His love of the Country. A Paslage in Tully, Of
Shakespear, and the Publication of Mr. Addison's Works

152 11. To the Bishop of Rochester

153 12. From the Bishop of Rochester. On a Character drawn by the Au. thor

154 13. To the Bishop in the Country: Wishes for his Quiet

ISS 14 From the Bishop of Rochester, his desire of Quiet, and love of Books 156 15. An Invitation to Twickenham : The Vanity and Emptiness of the World

ib. 16. From the Bishop of Rochester. An Answer to the former. His

Dislike of great Men. Preparation for his burial Place in Westminster abbey

157 17. From the same, on the same Subject. The State of his Mind, and the World's Mistake of his character

159 18. From the same. More concerning Men of Quality. Of Milton's Manu'cript and agonistes

160 19. The Duke of Marlborough's Funeral. The Au: hor's Resolution to keep clear of Flattery

161 20. From the Bishop of Rochester. Answer to the former. Application

of some Verses of Horace to the Duke of Marlborough's Funeral, 102 21. From the Bishop of Rochester in the Tower

163 22, The Answer 23 The Author's last Letter to the Bishop of Rochester

166 14. From the Bishop of Rochester

167 25. On the Death of his Daughter



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LETTERS to and from Mr. Gay, &c. from the Year 1712 to 1732. LET. I. The Author's Opinion of Mr. Gay’s Merit and Modelly 172 2. His desire to do him Service, and Advice as to the Study of Poetry 173 3. Concerning Painting. Mr. Gay's Poem of the Fan 4. To Mr. Gay on his return from Hanover after the Queen's Death. Advice about Politics

175 s After the Death of the Author's Father, and the Sale of his Efate.

Mr. Gay's Poem to Mr. Lowndes, and his Expectations at Court 176 6. From Mr. Gay at Baih. On the remarkable Death of two Lovers by Lightning, with their Ep'taph

178 7: To Mr. Gay at Bath. The Commitment of the Bishop of Rochester

to the Tower 3. Of Disappointments from great Men. Friends commemorated ib. 9. Assurances of Remembrance in Absence

181 10, 11, 12. To Mr. Gay in a dangerous Sickness 13. On his Recovery, and Mr. Congreve's Death 14. To the Hon. Mis.

185 15. Excuse for 110t writing. Of Ms. Fenton's Death

ib. 26. A Congratulation to Mr. Gay, on the End of his Expectations at Court, &c.

186 17. From Mr. Gay in the County. Thoughts of buying a Farm, and about the Dunciad



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209 210

18. To Mr. Gay in the Country Wishes to serve him

188 19. Complaints of his Absence, and some Envy at his Situation

189 20. The Author more and more inclined to Retirement

191 21. More of the same. Concern for his Friend's Absence, &c.

192 22. Desiring him to return to Town, and resume the Study of Poetry. The State of Wit at that Time

ib. 23. Of the fame Subject. The Death of Wilkes the Player, &c. 194 24. From Mr. Gay. His ill State of Health, &c.

195 25. From Mr. Cleland to Mr. Gay 26. Mr. Pope to the Earl of Burlington

199 27. The Author's bad Health, Complaints of Absence, and fome Ad.

vice to his Friend 28. On the Death of Mr. Gay, his Mother's Illness, &c. 29. To Hugh Bethel, Esq. Praise of Humanity and Good-nature

203 30. To the same. On the Death of the Earl of C

204 31 On his Mother's Recovery ; the melancholy Offices of Friends. A Prospect of the Town on the Death of the King

205 32. On the publishing his Letters. The Situation of the Author, &c. 207 33. To the Earl of Peterborow. His love of gardening, &c. 208 34. From the Earl of Peterborow. Stowe-gardens. Temper of Wo-,

His love of Laziness, and the Reason 35. Answer to the former 36. From the Earl of Peterborow. His Dilike of coming to Town.

The charitable Corporation 37. From the Earl of Peterborow, from his Garden, His Idea of the

Golden Age, and unwillingness to come to Town 38. From the same. Desire to fec Dr. Swift. Alteration in his Par. sions, and from whence

213 39. From Dr. Swift to the Earl of Peterborow

214 40. A Consultation about designing a Garden 41. To Mr.C

Expoftulatory on the Harddaips done an unhappy Lady, &c.

217 42. To Mr. Richardson

219 43. To the same, after Mr. Pope's Death

ib. 44. To the fame 45. To Mr. B. concerning th: Essay on Man, &c.

ib, 46. Concern for the Loss of Friends 47. From Dr. Arbuthnot in his laft Sickness. His dying Request to

the Author 48. The Answer

ib. The Character of Katharine, late Duchess of Buckinghamshire and Normanby

227 Mr. Pope to James Moyser, of Beverly, Esq. A Letter to a Noble Lord,' on Occasion of some Libels written and propagated at Court, in the Year 1732- 3.










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LETTERS to and from Dr. Jonathan Swift, &c. from the Ycár 1714 €

1737. LET. I. To Dr. Swift, retired from Court fome Months before the Queen's Death

246 4. From Dr. Swift at Dublin. How litile he cares to think of England. Concern at the Violence of Party, &c.

248 3. Mr. Pope's Love and Memory of Dr. Swift, The Calumpies and

Slanders upon him on Ascount of Religion, turned into Raillery 249 4. Dr. Swift's Answer. His Inquir; concerning Mr. P's Principles.

Poets generally follow the Court. Raillery on the Subject of his Enemies, and his Religion. A Quaker Pastoral, and a Newgate Paftoral, proposed as Subjects for Mr. Gay

250 5. Dr. Swift to Mr. Pope. An Apology for bis Conduct and Writings

after the Queen's Death ; with an Account of his Principles in Politics

252 6. Dr. Swift to Mr. Gay

261 7. Mr. Pope to Dr. Swift, occafioned by the former. An account of his Conduct and Maxims in general

263 8. From the L. Bolingbroke, fa Polticript to the foregoing Letter, with

fomc Account of his own Sentiments and Situation in private Life 265 g. Dr. Swifi's Answer

268 10. From Mr. Pope to Dr. Swift. An Invitation to England 270 11. From Dr. Swift. Of Gulliver's Travels, and his Scheme of Mif

anthropy 12 To Dr. Swift. Character of some of his Friends in England, &c. 273 13. Dr. Swift's Answer. Death of Lord Oxford's Son. · Something concerning Ph

i 276 14. Expectations of Dr. Swift's Journey to England, &e.

278 15. From Dr. Swift preparing to leave England again

279 16. Answer from Mr. Pope. The Regret of his Departure, Remembiance of the Satisfaction part, &c.

280 17 Desires for his Return, and Settlemeni in England, &c.

281 18. From Mr. Gay and Mr. Pope. An Account of the Reception of Gullive: 's Travels in England

283 19. On the fame Subject, from Mr. Popo. Advice against Partywriting

285 20. From Dr. Swift. About Gulliver, and of a second Journey to England

286 From the fame. Concerning Party and Dependency; and of the Project of a joint Volume of Miscellanies

288 22. The Answer. On the same Sulsjects

289 13. On Dr. Swift's second Departure for lieland

290 24. From Dr. Swift. ' His Reasons for de parting

29.1 7 s. From Dr. Swift, His Remembrance of Mr. Pope's Friendfhip, with some Consideration of his Circumstances

293 26. From


s, &c.



26 From Mr. Gay. Raillery: what Employment was offered him at Court, and why he refused it

294 27. Dr. Swift to Mr. Gay. On the Refusal of that Employment, and his quitting the Court. Of the Beggar's Opera

295 28. From Lord Bolingbroke and Mr. Pope. Of the Dunciad. Ad. vice to the Dean in the Manner of Mourraigne, &c.

298 29. Of a true Jonathan Gulliver in New England. The Dunciad, and

the Treatise of the Bathos. Reflections on Mortality and Decay 299 30. From Dr. Swift. Answer to the former. His Situation in Ireland 301 31. From the fame. His own and Mr. Pope's Temper.

302 32. Lo d Bolingbroke's Life in the Country. More about the Dunciad 304 33.

From Dr. Swift. Advice how to publish the Dunciad. Concerning
Lord B. and Mr. Gay

305 34 From Bath. The Pleasure of being abused in Company with worthy Men

306 35. From Dr. Swift. His Manner of living with a Friend in the Coun.

try. The Death of Mr. Congrere, &c. 36. Dr Swift to Lord Bolingbroke. Exhortation to him to write Hiftory. The Dean's Temper, his present Amusements, &c.

309 37. From the same on the fame Subjects, and concerning Oeconomy; his Sentiments on the Times, &c.

311 38. From the same. His Condition. The State of Ireland. Character

of Mr. Pose: Reflections on Mr. Pope and Mr. Gay's Circumstances

314 39. Mr. Pope's Answer. His Situation and Contentment, &c.

315 40. Lord Bolingbroke to Dr. Swift. A Review of his Life, &c. 41. Dr. Swift's Answer. The Misfortunes attending great Talents, &c. 320 42. Dr, Swift bo Mr. Pope concerning the Dunciad, and of his Situation of Life

321 43. From Lord B. That the Senle of Friendship inereaks with in. č ease of Years, &c.

322 44. Of the Style of bis Letters, of his Condition of Life, &c.

324 45. Of Mr. Weftley's Dissertations on Job. Postfcript by Lord B. ön the Pleasure we take in reading Letters

327 48. From Lord B. to Dr. Swift. Inviting him to England, &c.

328 49. From the fame. The Temper proper to Men in Years. An Ac

čount of his own. The Character of his Lady. Poftscript by Mr.
Pope on his Mother, and the Effects of the tender Pallions

32) 48. Prom the fame. Of his Studies, particularly a metaphysical Work.

Of Retirement and Exercise. Poftfcript by Mr. Pope.
Wish that their studies were united in some Work useful to Man-
ners, and his diftake of all
pariy Writings




LETTERS of Dr. Swift to Mr. Gay, from the Year 1729 to 1732. LET: 49. Concerning the Duchess of a Persuasions to Oeconomy

334 50.. On the fame Subjects

335 51. A Letter of Raillery

337 VOL. IV.

52. la


52. In the same Style to Mr. Gay, and the Duchess.,

339 53. A frange End of a Law-suit. His Way of Life, &c.

345 54. Two new Pieces of the Dean's. Answer to his Invitation into England. Advice to write, &c.

343 55. More on the same Subjects. A happy Union against Corruption. Postscript to the Duke of Q. and to ihe Duchess

345 56. Mr. Gay to Dr. Swift. His Account of himself; his last Fables; his Oeconomy, &c.

347 57. From Dr. Swife to Mr. Gay. Congratulation on Mr. Gay's

leaving the Court. Lord-Cornbury's Refusal of a Pension. Cha-
racter of Mr. Gay.

350 58. From the same. Concerning the writing of Fables. Advice about

Oeconomy and Provision for old Age ; of Inattention, &c. Polt
fcript to the Duchefs

35.2 59. From the same to Mr. Gay, and a Postfcript to the Duchess 60. From the same, concerning the opening of Letters at the Poft

office. The Encouragement given to bad Writers. Reasons for his
not living in England. Poffcript to the Duchess; her Character.
Raillery on the Subject of Mr. Gay himself

356 61. From Dr. Swift to Mr. Pope. An Account of several lit:le Pieces

or Tracts published as his, which were or were not genuine 359 62. From Mr. Pop and Dr. Arbuthnot to Dr. Swift. On the sudden Death of Mr. Gay

361 63. From Dr. Swift. On the same Subject. Of Mr. Pope's Epistles, and particularly that on the Use of Riches

362 64. From Mr. l'ope on Mr. Gay. His Care of his Memory and

Writings ; concerning the Dean's and his own; and of several other

364 65. More of Mr. Gay, his Papers, and Epitaph. Of the Fate of his

own Writings, and the Purpose of them. Invitation of the Dean
to England

367' 66. From Dr. Swift. Of the Paper called the Life and Character of

Dr. Swift. Of Mr. Gay, and the Care of his Papers., Qf a Libel
against Mr. Pope, &c.

369 67. Of the Dean's Verses, called a Libel on Dr. D.

The spurious
Character of him. Lord Bolingbroke's Writings. The Indolence

of great Men in Years
68. From Dr. Swift. On Mrs. Pope's Death, Invitation to Dublin.
His own Situation there, and Temper

272 69. Answer to the former. His Temper of Mind since his Mother's

Death. The Union of Sentiments in all his Acquaintanée 374 70. Concern for his Absence. Of a Libcl against him. Reflections on the Behaviour of a worthless Man

376 21. Melancholy Circumstances of the Separalion of Friends. Imper

rinence of false Pretenders to their Friendship. Publishers of
flight Papers. Of the Essay on Man, and of the Collection of
the Dean's Works. Postscript by Lord Bolingbroke, co ning
his metaphylical Work,

377 72, From


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