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In the most FAMOUS
Universities of Europe :

DIVINE and Human Learning.
As resolving the most Curious Questions in

Tbeology ; Canon, Civil, Municipal, and Sta-
tute Law; Pbysick and Anatomy ; Metaphysicks,
Physicks, Ethicks, and other Branches of Phi-
lofopby; Philology and Poetry ; History and Chro-
nology ; and Matbematicks in all its chiefest Parts,
as Arithmetick Vulgar, Decimal, and Loga-
rithmical, Geometry, Aftronomy, Geography,
Trigonometry, and Cosmography: With other
nice Matters of Consequence in the Common-
wealth of Literature.

Printed for and Sold by R. Willoughby in Flower-de-luce

Court in Fetter-lane, Fleetstreet, 1720. (Price 1 se)

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OF THE Principal Things contain’d in tliis WOR K. Note, That this Volume being not paged in order

from the beginning to the end, but according to the several Months, wherein the Parts were publish'd, which were in September, October, November, December, January and February, there initial Letters S, 0, N, D, F, F, direá to the Pages accordingly.

A. Beatrice Queen of PortuCroftick 0. 29 gal

. S. 27 Alexander King of Beasts have no Turpe nor

Scotland Ö. i Honestum. N. 45 Alfonso King of Portugal Black Sea, Streights and

S. 26 Baltick-Sea bave no fena Apparition

S. 18 fible Tidės J. 12 Ariftocle converted D. 14 Bluspbemy against the Holy Arithmetick vulgar 0.39 Ghost

D. 3 Astrologers bave no Prescience Body raisd out of ihDuft of things to come D. 33

D 12 Astrology a Cheat S. 30 Bootes appear'd at our SaAuthority of the New Te- viour's Birth 0.44

ftament . N. 3 Burial in Churches whether Authority of the Old Te- decent . N. 38

ftament : N. 14 Axiom of the Common-I am Canucus the Danish King S.9

D. 24 B.

Catechism whence deriv'd Banns whence deriv'd S. 32

N. 26 Beaft mark'd with the num- Christian Religion how pro

ber, six hundred fixty pagated .0. 19 and six

Chrift not in Hell D. 5


S. 31

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Comet, what it is I. 2 claim'd by Princes D. 23 Community of all things, Duke of Buckingham's Rewhen it came in N. 17 ligion

N. 7 Conscience, what it is N.46 Durazzo bas scarce any Coyns of England 0. 36 Tide

J. 10 Creationwhat i signifies D.8

E. Creed which may be now Eafter why obferu'd 0.25 usod

N.21 Ebbing and Flowing of the Criticism

N. 35 sea causd borb by the Cross seen in the Air S. 17 Sun and Moon J. 9. Curses read on Alh-Wed- An Eclipse at our Saviour's

nesday of long Continue Birth universal J.24 ance

N. 26 Edgar the Saxon Monarcb Cuftom of divers Countries

: D. 24 in burying the Dead S.27 Edward King of Portugal D,

S. 28 Day of Judgment, wben Elden-Hole 0.27

S. 16 End of the World S. 20 Derivation of the Names of Errors in the Calculation of Come Chaldean King's Easter

O. 27 D. 25 Eternity what it is D.35 Devil appear'd to Oliver Eucharift Cromwell

O. 8

. F. Devil's Arse in the Peak Fairies

O. 27 Feasts obferu'd by the Church Difference betwixt a supreme of Rome

and absolute Empire S. 8 Felony Difference betwixt monar

G. chical and popular Go. General Councils of admin

vernments N. 12 rable Ule D. 22 Difference betwixt Nature Godheadof Chrift not turn'd

and Fortune D. 36 into the Manhood N. 35 Distances of Objects how God, what he is S. I found

D.35 Government of all sorts lawDivination usd by all Na ful

S, 19 tions

0.8 Governors wicked to be on Dominion overjhe Seamay be

O. 10.

Q. 40



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Grief inomoderate for the Kings ought to be pray'd for
Dead is finfub O. IS

. L. Handsomness of artificial Law in tbe 12 Tables S, I

Beauty finful D. 19. Laws, how they came to be Hebrew Language the an- first made S. 8 tientest

0.12 Litany Hel, where it is , S. 3 Leonidas King of Sparta Henry the Fourtbof Francé Lex Regia. S. 8

S. JI Life retired is innocent N.40 Hiero King of Sicily 0.41 Libertine Anabaptists S. 19

Ligbtening before Dearb, James Naylor, the blafphea what it is ' N. 45

ming Quaker J: 43 Limbus patrum ' N. 23 Jack Scraw S. Liturgy of the Church of Jephtha's Daughter not faia England, by wbom comcrific'd J. 27 pilă


N. 9 Jews revere in the Execu- Lot's Wife turr'd into a

tion of their Laws J. 43 Pillar of Salt J. 39 Ignis fatuus J. 23 Images . S. 15 Inconveniences of going to Magi or wife Men 0:44

Law . D. is Mahomet an Impoftor N.42 Infant Baptism N. 13 Man that's juft fears not to Immorality and Propbane- die

D. 38 ness of the English Stage Mare Mortuum J. 38

N. 27 Manner bow a Man fhould Inhabitants of Brazil cannot address himself to God pronounce Some Letters

N. 26 S. 27 Matrimoning S. 32 K.

Matter was not from EterKing John S. 7 nity

D. 9 King of France affe&ted an Money, whence . deriv'd universal Monarchy 0.6

O. 35 Kings bad better bave tbeir Money, whether it may be Subjects Love than Fear gears Love iban Fear put to Uf

- D. 37 :

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'S. S


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