O'Brien, Lord James, Bath.
Oates, J. H. esq; ditto
Oates, Mrs.
Oates, Miss
Osborne, Mrs.
Owen, Rev. E. P. Wellington, Shropshire.

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Parker, John, esq; Wyke House.
Peché, Rev. George, Bancroft's, Mile End, London.
Peel, Miss, Bath.
Pemberton, Rev. R. N. Rector of Church Stretton, Shrop

shire, ten copies.
Pemberton, Mrs. Jane, Shrewsbury, ten copies.
Pemberton, Miss Ann, five copies.
Pembroke College Library, Oxford.
Pollard, Miss, Old Church, Penrith, five copies.
Polehampton, Rev. E. Greenford, Middlesex.

Reynolds, Mrs. Severn House, Shropshire.
Roberts, Mrs. Church-street, Bath.
Roubel, Mrs. Bath.
Rowland, Rev. Wm. G. Shewsbury.
Royer, Mrs. Church-street, Bath.

Sidney, Lady, Bath.
Scott, Mrs. Major, Bath.
Scott, Rev. Richard, Shrewsbury,
Seton, Mrs. Bath.
Severs, B. esq; Bath,

Shute, Miss, Bath
Shuttleworth, Rev. R. H. Bath, (deceased.)
Smith, Rev. Stafford, two copies.
Soden, J. S. esq; two copies.
Strange, Sir Thomas, Bath, five copies.
Sturges, Miss, Bath.
Swinton, Col. Bath.
Suart, Mrs. Bath.
Sykes, Henry, esq; ditlo, five copies.

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Walters, Melmoth, esq; Bath.
Warner, Mrs. Bath.
Whalley, Rev. W. M. Swerford, Oxfordshire.
Wilson, Mrs. Cornwell Baron, London.
Wightwick, Rev. Chas. Pembroke College, Oxford.
Williams, Sir W’illiam, Bath.
Williams, Rev. E. Eaton, Shropshire, ten copies.
Willis, Rev. W. D. Bath, three copies.
Windsor, Mr. Bath.
Wingfield, Col. Onslow, Shropshire, two copies.
Wingfield, Rev. Chas. Rector of Llanllwchairn.

Wingfield, Rev. R. Canon of St. Asaph, two copies.
Wintle, Henry, esq; Wyke House.
Wolfe, Rev. R. B. Cranley, Surrey.
Wood, Miss, Bath.

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: The Author not having been favoured in all cases with the wishes of the Subscribers with regard to the number of copies to be forwarded to their respective addresses, has sent only a single copy to each. The whole number subscribed for shall however immediately follow, on intimation being given to that effect.


The following Sermons are a selection from the author's usual addresses from the pulpit. They are here presented to the public as they were preached, with the exception of a few trifling alterations and retrenchments.

Upon the circumstances which have led to their being thus made public, the author trusts he need not expatiate. Suffice it to say, that they were such as to render it necessary for him to make an appeal to public feeling and private friendship in the manner herein adopted. A

numerous and most respectable list of subscribers attests in what way that appeal has been answered in the true spirit of Christian benevolence.

To those kind friends who have zealously exerted themselves in his behalf—to those who have so promptly and liberally crowned their exertions; to the Dignitaries of the Church ; his brethren the Clergy; relations; connexions—to ALL his kind friends and subscribers, he now returns his sincere and grateful acknowledgments for favors so disinterested, and in extent, he candidly confesses, unexpected.

He feels that he must draw upon the same kindness to excuse the delay which has arisen in the delivery of the work. RICHMOND Hill, Bath.

January 22, 1830.

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