and there, with the picture before her, talked almost exclusively to my Lady; would turn round with wonder in her while, to state the plain truth, he seemed eyes, as if it were a revelation.

to pay more attention to his luncheon “Because,” said Bell, turning seriously than to both of them together. to the young Uhlan, and addressing Behold, then, our phaeton ready to him as though she had talked familiarly start! The pair of pretty bays are to him for years, "you mustn't suppose pawing the hard stones and pricking that our Tita is anything but an im their ears at the unaccustomed sounds postor. All her coldness and affectation of Holborn; Sandy is at their head, of grandeur are only a pretence; and regarding them rather dolefully, as if sometimes, if you watch her eyes-and he feared to let them slip from his care she is not looking at you—you will see to undertake so long and perilous a something come up to the surface of voyage; Queen Titania has arranged them as if it were her real heart and that she shall sit behind, to show the soul there, looking out in wonder and young Prussian all the remarkable softness and delight at some beautiful things on our route; and Bell, as she thing—just like a dabchick, you know, gets up in front, begs to have the reins when you are watching among bushes given her so soon as we get away from by a river, and are quite still; and then, the crowded thoroughfares. There are if you make the least remark, if you still a few loiterers on the pavement rustle your dress, snap! down goes the who

had assembled to

the dabchick, and you see nothing, and my Wendover omnibus leave ; and these Lady turns to you quite proudly and regard with a languid sort of curiosity coldly—though there may be tears in the setting out of the party in the big her eyes—and dares you to think that dark-green phaeton. she has shown any emotion.”

A little tossing of heads and prancing, “That is when she is listening to you

a little adjustment of the reins, and a singing ?" said the Lieutenant, gravely final look round, and then we glide into and politely; and at this moment Bell the wild and roaring stream of vehicles seemed to become conscious that we were -that mighty current of rolling vans, all amused by her vehemence, blushed and heavy waggons, and crowded prodigiously, and was barely civil to our Bayswater omnibuses, of dexterous Uhlan for half-an-hour after.

hansoms and indolent four-wheelers, of Nevertheless, she had every reason to brewers' drays and post-office carts and be in a good humour; for we had re costermongers' barrows. Over the great solved to limit our travels that day to thoroughfare, with its quaint and hudTwickenham, where, in the evening, dled houses, and its innumerable shops, Tita was to see her two boys who in which silver watches, and stockings, were at school there. And as the and sausages form prominent features, young gentleman of the Temple, who there dwell a fine blue sky and white has already been briefly mentioned in clouds that seem oddly discoloured. The this narrative, is a son of the school- sky, seen through a curious pall of mist master with whom the boys were then and smoke, is only gray, and the clouds living; and as he was to be of the fare are distant and dusky and yellow, like well party assembled in Twickenham at those of an old landscape that has lain night, Bell had no unpleasant prospect for years in a broker's shop. Then before her for that day at least. And of there is a faint glow of sunlight one thing she was probably by that shining along the houses on the northern time thoroughly assured : no fires of side of the street ; and here and there jealousy were in danger of being kindled the window of some lobster-shop or in any sensitive breast by the manner tavern glints back the light. As we of Count von Rosen towards her. Of get farther westward, the sky overhead course he was very courteous and oblig- gets clearer, and the character of the ing to a pretty young woman; but he thoroughfare alters. Here we are at


the street leading up to the British Club; and then look with quite a peculiar Museum-a Mudie and a Moses on interest on the brick wall of Marlborough each hand—and it would almost seem House. as if the Museum had sent out rays of “Now,” says our bonny Bell, as we influence to create around it a series of get into the quiet of St. James's Park, smaller collections. In place of the where the trees of the long avenue and humble fishmonger and the familiar the shrubbery around the ponds look hosier, we have owners of large win- quite pleasant and fresh even under the dows filled with curious treasures of misty London sunlight, now you must art - old-fashioned jewellery, knick- let me have the reins. I am wearying to knacks of furniture, silver spoons and get away from the houses, and be really kettles, and stately portraits of the on the road to Scotland. Indeed, I shall time of Charles II., in which the women not feel that we have actually set out unhave all beaded black eyes, yellow til we leave Twickenham, and are fairly curls, and a false complexion, while the on the old coach-road at Hounslow." men are fat, pompous, and wigged. I looked at Bell. She did not blush ; Westward still, and we approach the but calmly waited to take the reins. huge shops and warehouses of Oxford I had then to point out to the young Street, where the last waves of fashion- hypocrite that her wiles

were of able life, seeking millinery, beat on the no avail. She was not anxious to be eastern barriers that shut out the rest of beyond Twickenham; she was chiefly London. Regent Street is busy on this anxious to get down thither. Notquiet afternoon; and Bell asks in a withstanding that she knew we had whisper whether the countryman of chosen a capricious and roundabout Blücher, now sitting behind us, does road to reach this first stage on our not betray in his eyes what he thinks of journey, merely to show Von Rosen this vast show of wealth. Listening for something of London and its suburban a moment, we hear that Queen Titania, beauties, she was looking with impatience instead of talking to him about the to the long circuit by Clapham Comshops, is trying to tell him what mon, Wimbledon, and Richmond Park. London was in the last century, and Therefore she was not in a condition to how Colonel Jack and his associates, be entrusted with the safety of so valubefore that enterprising youth started

able a freight. to walk from London to Edinburgh “I am not impatient," said Bell, with to avoid the law, used to waylay her colour a trifle heightened : “I do travellers in the fields between Gray's not care whether we ever get to TwickInn and St. Pancras, and how, having enham. I would as soon go to Henley robbed a coach between Hyde Park to-night; and to-morrow to Oxford. Gate and Knightsbridge, they “went But it is just like a man to make a over the fields to Chelsea." This dis

great fuss, and go in prodigious circles play of erudition on the part of my to reach a trifling distance. You go Lady has evidently been prepared circling and circling like the minutebeforehand; for she even goes the hand of a clock; but the small hand, length of quoting dates and furnishing that takes it easy, and makes no clata few statistics—a thing which no ter of ticking, finds at twelve o'clock woman does inadvertently. However, that it has got quite as far as its big when we get into Pall Mall, her igno. companion.” rance of the names of the clubs reveals " This, Bell,” I remarked, “is imthe superficial nature of her acquire- pertinence.' ments; for even Bell is able to re- “Will you give me the reins ?” cognize the Reform, assisted, doubtless, by the polished pillars of the Carlton. Bell turned half round, and leaned The women are, of course, eager to her arm on the lowered hood. know which is the Prince of Wales's My dear,” she said to Queen Titania



—who had been telling the Count “ What has a vulture to do with the something about Buckingham Palace, Flying Dutchman ?” said my Lady Tita "we have forgotten one thing. What suddenly ; and Bell turned with a start are we to do when our companions are to find her friend's head close to her sulky during the day? In the evening, “ You are becoming incoherent, we can read, or sing, or walk about by Bell, and your eyes are as wild as if you ourselves. But during the day, Tita? were really looking at the phantom ship. When we are imprisoned, how are we Why are you not driving?" to escape ?

“ Because I am not allowed,” said Bell. “We shall put you in the imperial, However, when we got into the if you are not a good girl,” said my Clapham Road, Bell had her wish. She Lady with a gracious sweetness; and took her place with the air of a practhen she turned to the Count.

tised whip; and did not even betray It would have been cruel to laugh at any nervousness when a sudden whistle Bell. For a minute or two after behind us warned her that she was in meeting with this rebuff, she turned the way of a tramway-car.

Moreover rather away from us, and stared with a she managed to subdue so successfully fine assumption of proud indifference her impatience to get to Twickenham, down the Vauxhall Bridge Road. But that she was able to take us in the presently a lurking smile began to gentlest manner possible up and across appear about the corners of her mouth; Clapham Common, down through and at last she cried out

Wandsworth, and up again towards “Well, there is no use quarrelling with Wimbledon. When, at length, we got to a married man, for he never pets you.

the brow of the hill that overlooks the He is familiar with the trick of it, I long and undulating stretches of furze, suppose, and looks on like an old juggler the admiration of our Prussian friend, watching the efforts of an amateur. which had been called forth by the See ! how lovely the river is up there by various parks and open spaces in and Chelsea—the long reach of rippling around London, almost rose to the pitch gray, the green of the trees, and the of enthusiasm. curious silvery light that almost hides “Is it the sea down there ?” he asked, the heights beyond. We shall see the looking towards the distant tent-poles, Thames often, shall we not ? and then which certainly resembled a small forest lhe Severn, and then the Solway, of masts in the haze of the sunshine. and then the great Frith of the Forth ? " It is not the sea? I almost expect to When I think of it, I feel like a bird reach the shore always in England. Yet -a lark fluttering up in happiness why have you so beautiful places like -and seeing farther and farther every this around London-so much more minute. To see the Solway, you know, beautiful than the sandy country around you have to be up almost in the blue ; our Berlin-and no one to come to it? and then all around you there rises the You have more than three millions of wide plains of England, with fields, people-here is a playground—why do and woods, and streams. Fancy being they not come? And Clapham Common able to see as far as a vulture, and to go too, it is not used for people to walk in, swooping on for leagues and leagues as we should use it in Germany, and -now up amid white peaks of snow have a pleasant seat in a garden, and or down through some great valley-or the women sewing until their husbands across the sea in the sunset. And only and friends come in the evening, and fancy that some evening you might find music to make it pleasant, afterwards. the spectral ship beginning to appear in It is nothing—a waste—a landscapepale fire in the mist of the horizon very beautiful-but not used.

You coming on towards you without a sound have children on donkeys, and boys -do

you know, that is the most terrible playing their games—that is very good legend ever thought of ?”

-but it is not enough. And here, this

etherial grey

beautiful park, all thrown away-no one hid in a green maze of elms and poplars ; here at all. Why does not your burgo- then the scattered and irregular fields and master see the—the requirement-of meadows, scored with hedges and dotted drawing away large numbers of people with houses, led up to a series of heights from so big a town for fresh air; and that were wooded with every variety make here some amusements ?”

of forest tree; while over all these undu“Consider the people who live all lations and plains there lay that faint around," said my Lady, “and what they presence of mist which only served to would have to suffer.”

soften the glow of the afternoon sun“Suffer ?” said the young Prussian, shine, and show us the strong colours with his blue eyes staring.

I do not of the picture through a veil of tender, understand you.

For people to walk through gardens, and smoke, and drink As we got down the hill and rolled a glass or two of beer, or sit under the along the valley, however, he was not trees and sew or read-surely that is not much struck with the appearance of our offensive to any person. And here the first wayside public—"The DUKE OF houses are miles away-you cannot see CAMBRIDGE, by S. Lucas.” There was a them down beyond the windmill good deal of squalor about the rude there."

little building and its ramshackle out“Did you ever hear of such things houses ; while the open window showed as manorial rights, and freeholders, and us a small and stuffy parlour filled with copyholders, and the Statute of Mer men who, having nothing to do but sit ton ?” he is asked.

and drink, might just as well have been “All that is nothing—a fiction,” he outside on this warm afternoon. Neverretorted. “You have a Government in theless, there was something picturesque this country representing the people; about even the dirt of the place ; while why not take all these commons and the ducks and hens about, a brown goat, use them for the people ? And if the and two or three splendid dray-horses Government has not courage to do thatbeing watered at the wooden trough, why do not your municipalities, which gave the place the look of a farm-yard. are rich, buy up the land, and provide Bell drove on to “The Robin Hood, by amusements, and draw the people into E. CLARK," a much cleaner-looking inn, the open air ?”

where Queen Titania pointed out a sort My Lady Tita could scarce believe of garden with bowers round it as our her ears in hearing a Prussian aristocrat best imitation of the German beer-garden; talk thus coolly of confiscation, and and here, having given the horses a little exhibit no more reverence for the tra water, we turned back a few yards, and ditional rights of property than if he entered Richmond Park by the Robin were a Parisian socialist. But then these boys of twenty-four will dance over the Richmond Park, in the stillness of a world's edge in pursuit of a theory. fine sunset, was worth bringing a

Here, too, as Bell gently urged our foreigner to see. The ruddy light from horses forward towards the crest of the the west was striking here and there slope leading down to Baveley Bridge, among the glades under the oaks ; across Von Rosen got his first introduction to the bars of radiance and shadow the an English landscape. All around him handsome little bucks and long-necked lay the brown stretches of sand and docs were lightly passing and the blue-green clumps of furze of the passing ; while there were rabbits in common; on either side of the wide and thousands trotting in and about the well-made road, the tall banks were brackens, with an occasional covey of laden with a tangled luxuriance of young partridges alternately regarding brushwood and bramble and wild us with upstretched necks and then flowers ; down in the hollow beneath us running off a few yards further. But there were red-tiled farm-buildings half after we had bowled along the smooth

Hood gate.





All over

and level road, up and through the behind us? You can avenues of stately oaks, past the small villages, but only miles and miles of lakes (one of them, beyond the shadow woods and plains, until you come to a of a dark wood, gleamed like a line of sort of silver mist, and that might be gold) and up to the summit of Richmond

the sea.” Hill, Queen Titanja had not a word to “And Bell stands on the edge of this say further in pointingout the beauties of wild and golden desert, and a melanthe place. She had been officiating as choly look comes into her eyes. For conductor, but it was with the air of a she is fond of houses and her fellowproprietress. Now, as we stopped the creatures, and here, just close at handphaeton on the crest of the hill, she down there, in Twickenham, in factwas silent.

there is a comfortable dining room and Far away behind us lay the cold

green some pleasant friends, and one attentive of the eastern sky, and under it the person in particular, who is perhaps a smoke of London lay red and brown, little sorry to bid her good-bye. Yet she while in the extreme distance we could does not falter. To-morrow morning see dim traces of houses, and down in she will hold out her hand-a tender the south a faint rosy mist. Some and wistful smile will only half convey glittering yellow rays showed us where her sadness the Crystal Palace, high over the purple Here Bell made a cut at Pollux, both shadows of Sydenham, caught the sun- the horses sprang forward with a jerk light ; and up by Notting Hill, too, that had nearly thrown the Lieutenant there were one or two less distinct into the road (for he was standing up glimmerings of glass. But when we and holding on by the hood), and then, turned to the west, no such range of without another word, she rattled us vision was permitted to us.

down into Richmond. Getting sharply the bed of the river there lay across the round the corner, she pretty nearly took a western sky a confused glare of pale wheel off the omnibus that was standing gold—not a distinct sunset, with sharp in front of the King's Head, and just lines of orange and blood-red fire, but a escaped knocking down a youth in white bewildering haze that blinded the eyes costume and boating shoes, who jumped and was rather ominous for the morrow. back on the pavement with an admirable Along the horizon,

dexterity. Nor would she stop to give where, enthroned in adamantine state,

us a look at the Thames from the Proud of her bards, imperial Windsor sits,”

bridge—we only caught a glimpse of the broad bend of the

water, the various there was no trace of the grey towers to boats and their white-clad crews, the be made out, but a confused and level pleasant river-paths, and the green

and mass of silver streaks and lines of blue. wooded heights all around. She swept Nearer at hand, the spacious and wooded us on along the road leading into Twicklandscape seemed almost dark under the enham, past the abodes of the Orleanist glare of the sky; and the broad wind- Princes, and into the narrow streets of ings of the Thanes lay white and clear the village itself, until, with a proud between the soft green of the Twicken- and defiant air, she pulled the horses up ham shores and the leafy masses of in front of Dr. Ashburton's house. "umbrageous Ham."

There was a young man at the win“Doesn't it seem

as though the

dow. She pretended not to see him. strange light away up there in the north When the servants had partly got and out in the west lay over some un- our luggage out, the young man made known country," said Bell, with her his appearance, and came forward, in eyes filled with the glamour of the sun- rather a frightened way, as I thought, set, "and that to-morrow we were to to pay his respects to my Lady Tita and begin our journey into a great prairie, Bell. Then he glanced at the Uhlan, and leave houses and people for ever

who was carefully examining the horses'

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