“ Yes."

ing the gregarious instinct, and the dream-land about now, perhaps,” said desire of another of the potentate's the potentate, drily. “But, fact is, cigars, strong upon me, I followed in, there is always more or less of this kind to find the rest of the party in anxious of thing in new settlements. They're a debate over a big map, as to the route bit feverish at first, but it slouglis off, to be taken from Sioux City onwards. mostly, it sloughs off.” The struggler was all for a rush across And away he went with the Vice to the continent to Salt Lake City, and look after the points, signals, water'Frisco,' “ for one really ought to see tanks, and such like paraphernalia of those Mormon fellows, you know, before the depôt, while the rest of us strolled they're stamped out, and-and-l've

curiously through the village. Plenty more than half promised my sister to of life and stir already. There, astride bring her Brigham's autograph for her on his own gable, sat a sturdy, helpful collection.” The optimist“ had quite settler, putting the finishing shingles to made up his mind about Mormonism, his roof; and, across the road, two pair and didn't think it would do to spend a of stout hands were unloading a waggonprecious week in going to see it ;" while ful of pine lumber on to a vacant the Illinois Central authorities were ready building lot. Not much to see, may to order the “Champaign” to any part be, but plenty to think about in a place of the continent, so long as we all had like Newell. a 'good time.' But before


decision As I was lingering on the depôt had been come to, the question was platform, idly waiting for the usual happily shelved by our arrival at summons aboard, a tall, gaunt stranger Newell.

ranged up alongside, and abruptly fired “Not a timber here last spring,” the a volley of questions into me. Vice reminded me, as we stepped ashore. Going on these cars ?." Truly the reminder was needed; for all about the depôt clustered the buildings “ Officer o' the line?" of a village that looked long out of

“ No.” babydom. A restaurant, a meat market, “One of the Englishmen?" and a billiard-hall stood conspicuous by their placards amongst the yellow frame- “What part of England ?”. houses. Curiosity took us into the “ Worcestershire.” billiard-hall. What kind of human “Ever been in our country before ?" beings could have taste and time for

"No." billiards in Newell ? Just inside his “How d'you like our country?”. door, the proprietor, a shrewd Cornish- This last interrogatory I had found man, was sitting at his spirit-bar, with by experience to be almost a figure of a calm, confident air that seemed to say speech in the States, hardly requiring or he, at any rate, felt no fear of lacking expecting a reply. Your ordinary citizen customers; and, sure enough, in the seems to throw it in, by way of starting rough shed dignified by the name conversation, as naturally as we resort 'hall,' two strapping young fellows, to the weather. “Mr. Vagabond, sir; in butternut suits and long cow-hide happy to meet you, sir. How do you boots, were idly knocking balls about on like our country?" was the stereoa decrepit table. We were hardly out typed formula that I had grown to of the door again, when the struggler consider as much a part of an introburst out

duction as the conventional bow and “Isn't that a pitiful sight, now?

hat movement. But till this mornbarely ten o'clock, too. Why, I don't ing at Newell I had never realized in believe the idlest men in town would the flesh that stock hero of anecdotes, ever dream of going to the club billiard- the inquisitive Yankee. It is a prevaroom at this time of the morning.” lent belief on our side of the water,

I They'd be just waking out of take it, that talkativeness, curiosity, and

" Yes.”


Go into any

humour are more or less characteristic of the Red River, up Minnesota way. every American citizen. How far those Halloa, what on earth's our friend so Americans who assert their nationality tickled with ?most loudly at the Langham, the Louvre, The optimist had loitered behind and the Beau Rivage, warrant this cha- among the houses, and now came up racter, I need not stay to argue. It is laughing with a printed poster in his pretty generally admitted that the Eng- hand. lishman abroad is a very different being “Carried this off from the post-office," from the Englishman at home. But I he said. “It's an announcement that am prepared to maintain, as the outcome the Honourable Elijah Noakes, ex-M.C. of my own roving experiences, that, in and candidate for this Congressional his own hemisphere and among his own district of the sovereign state of Iowa, countrymen, the average American

proposes addressing the free and enlightcitizen is one of the most reserved, ened citizen electors of Stormy Lake next taciturn, and matter-of-fact of mortals. month. I've seen some clever boroughYour neighbour in a railroad- or horse- nursing in the old country in my time; car will answer you civilly enough if but this creeping up a constituency's you address him, particularly if he sees sleeve before it's even out of long you are a foreigner ; but you may travel clothes fairly beats me. Why, I do a couple of hundred miles together before believe there are as many potential streets he will open his lips merely to strike up marked out here as there are actual a conversation with you.

voters living in them at present, eh, big hotel at some meal-time—almost any

potentate ? hour between 7 A.M. and 10 P.M. will do “The Honourable Elijah isn't due for -and you will find the capacious saloon six weeks. Guess our cars will have dotted with silent solitary feeders, every run him out an audience between whiles. one of whom seems to have posted himself Only come back next fall, and we'll as far away as possible from everybody show you a school-house, an elevator or else, as if on purpose to escape speaking two, and perhaps a beet sugar-mill beor being spoken to. The only chatter- tween our depôt and the lake there, and boxes a stranger comes across are the you shall read the latest European teledarkey haircutters and shavers, who, grams in a Stormy Lake Daily Adverwith your hair or nose between their tiser. We settle up fast in these fingers, pour out a stream of amusing parts.” gossip that Truefitt's young men would "We settle

Pondering give all their scissors to attain to. over the potentate's confident words as

Five miles flat running, and the we rolled easily along the new-built “Champaign " drew up again at Stormy tract, I could not help agreeing to them. Lake, another town of the future, and The thatch is hardly brown on the we all turned out to stretch our legs, shanties of the pioneer settlers, whose and make observations.

sole but unchallenged title to their “ About the likeliest location on this holdings is that of the 'first-comer, and track,” began the President, with a con- already, out here, fourteen hundred miles tented smile. “ Wherever you see this away from the Atlantic coast, the comtough, stringy weed growing thick, you petition for land is brisk enough, I find, may bet you're on a strong corn-soil ; to have brought its average price to ten and that pond yonder-it's brimful of

dollars the acre. The would-be settler, pickerel and such—will come in handy whose pluck and sinews are his only by and by.”

capital, must cross the Missouri and “ Pond! Why, it's as big as the Sea plod on many a mile west through Neof Galilee, isn't it?"

braska or Dakota, before he can hope to About five miles by two; but we halt his bullock-team on soil where no don't reckon much of that. There's a white man—the poor reds he'll never regular string of them between this and cast a thought to—will dispute his owner

up fast.'

ship. They can't even let the Great common nationality be strong enough Sandy Desert (as my school atlas called to throb right through this great conit) alone, but must needs go turning the tinent from ocean to ocean? No present Platte over it, and converting it into one signs of a break-up at any rate, and as huge farm. Well, there's room enough for the futureand to spare for all coniers yet awhile, “You go no further to-day,” said the thank God, and I only wish more of Vice, coming in from the other car. our crowded-out ones at home were “Here we are at Sioux City. Come and shown the way to help fill it. And have a first look at the Missouri from then? How long will the pulse of a the front platform,"


“ COME.”

COME to me when the earth is fair
With all the freshness of the spring,
When life fills all the liquid air,
And when the woods with music ring;
When all the wakening flowers rejoice,
And birds remind me of your voice.

Come to me when the summer's heat
Is strong the breeze of spring to kill ;
When gardens with perfume are sweet,
And when the languid noon is still ;
Come when the opened buds disclose
The glory of the full-blown rose.

Come to me when the summer fades,
When all the rose's sweets are dead,
When autumn robes the saddening glades,
When purple heather turns to red;
Come to me when the wrinkled leaf
Falls like the tear of constant grief.

Come chiefly when all warmth is lost,
When autumn to stern winter yields;
Come when the bitter edge of frost
Shrouds all the verdure of the fields;
Come when all else is dark and drear,
Thy presence then is doubly dear.



JANUARY, 1872.





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and glow and perfume, and variety of brilliant colours, you would almost forget that the winter is chill and desolate

and dark. Oh, the oak, and the ash, and the bonny ivy- Then Bell, our guest and companion tree,

for many a year, lends herself to the They grow so green in the North Countrie!"

deception; for the young woman, though It was all settled one evening in the there were a dozen inches of snow on deep winter time. Outside, a sharp the meadows, would come down to east wind was whistling round the dinner in a dress of blue, with touches solitudes of Box Hill; the Mole, at the of white gossamer and fur about the foot of our garden, as it stole stealthily tight waist and neck-with a white rose through the darkness, crackled the and a bunch of forget-me-nots, as blue flakes of ice that lay along its level

her eyes,

twisted into the soft masses and away on Mickleham Downs of her light-brown hair, and with a --and on the further uplands that lay certain gay and careless demeanour, towards the sea—the cold stars were meant to let us know that she, having shining down on a thin coating of snow. been born and bred a farmer's daughter Indoors there was another story to

in the North Country, has a splendid tell; for the mistress of the house contempt for the mild rigours of our Queen Titania, as we call her—a small southern winter. person, with a calm, handsome, pale But, on this particular evening, Bell face, an abundance of dark hair, big our Bell, our Bonny Bell, our Lady eyes that are somewhat cold and criti- Bell, as she is variously called, when cal in look, and a certain magnificence she provokes people into giving her of manner which makes you fancy her pet names—had been sitting for a rather a tall and stately woman-has a

long time with an open book on her trick of so filling her drawing-room knee; and as

as this volume was all with dexterous traceries of grass and about the English lakes, and gave picferns, with plentiful flowers of her own tures of them, and placed here and rearing, and with a crowded glare of there little tail-pieces of ferns and light, that, amid the general warmth blossoms, she may have been driven to No. 147.- VOL. XXV.


contrast the visions thus conjured up pulls up to grumble about the last beer with the realities suggested by the that was sent; and then Castor and fierce gusts of wind that were blowing Pollux toss up their heads again, and coldly through the box-trees outside. on we go to Guildford, and to Reading, All at once she placed the volume gently and to Oxford. And all through Engon the white hearth-rug, and said, with land we go, using sometimes the old a strange wistfulness shining in the coaching-roads, and sometimes the bydeeps of her blue eyes,

roads, stopping at the curious little “Tita, why don't you make us talk inns, and chatting to the old country about the summer, and drown the noise folks and singing ballads of an evening of that dreadful wind? Why don't we as we sit upon the hill-sides, and watch conspire to cheat the winter, and make the partridges dusting themselves below believe it is summer again ? Doesn't us in the road; and then on and on it seem to be years and years ago again. Is that the sea, Tita ?-look at since we had the long, light evenings; the long stretch of Morecambe Bay the walks between the hedge-rows, the and the yellow sands, and the steamers waiting for the moon, up

on the

at the horizon! But all at once we dive crest of the hill, and then the quiet into the hills again, and we come to the stroll downward into the valley and old familiar places by Applethwaite home again, with the wild roses, and and Ambleside, and then some eventhe meadow sweet, and the evening ing—some evening, Tita-we come in campions filling the warm, sweet night- sight of Grasmere, and then and air. Come, let us sit close together, and then make it summer! See, Tita -it is a Why, Bell—Bell !-what is the bright forenoon—you can nearly catch matter with you !” cries the other, and a glimpse of the Downs above Brighton the next minute her arms are round the -and we are going to shut up the light-brown head, crushing its white house, and go away anywhere for a rose and its blue forget-me-nots. whole month. Round comes that dear “If you two young fools," it is reold mail-phaeton, and my pair of bonny marked, “would seriously settle where bays are whinnying for a bit of sugar. we are to go next summer, you would Papa is sulky

be better employed than in rubbing your As usual,” remarks my Lady Tita, heads together like a couple of young without lifting her eyes from the calves. carpet.

“Settle!” says Lady Titania, with the for though an improvised im- least touch of insolence in her tone, “we perial has been slung on, there is scarcely know who is allowed to settle things in enough room for the heaps of our luggage, this house. If we were to settle anyand, like every man, he has a selfish hatred thing, some wonderful discovery would of bonnet-boxes. Then you take your be made about the horses' feet, or the seat, my dear, looking like an empress in wheels of that valuable phaeton, which a grey travelling dress; and papa-after is about as old as the

owner of pretending to have inspected all the harness—takes the reins ; I pop in behind, «« The wife who mocks at her husfor the hood, when it is turned down, band's grey hairs," I remark calmly, makes such a pleasant cushion for your “knowing the share she has had in arms, and you can stick your sketch- producing thembook into it, and a row of apples and Here our Bonny Bell interfered, and anything else ; and Sandy touches his a truce was concluded. The armistice forelock, and Kate bobs a curtsy, and was devoted to a consideration of Bell's away, and away we go! How sweet and project which at length it was resolved fresh the air is, Tita! and don't you to adopt. Why, after going year after smell the honeysuckle in the hedge ? year round the southern counties in that Why, here we are at Dorking ! Papa big, old-fashioned phaeton which had


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