The Women who Make Our Novels

Moffat, Yard, 1918 - 368 pagina's
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Pagina 39 - Planet, 1898; The Voice of the People, 1900; The Battle-Ground, 1902; The Freeman and Other Poems, 1902; The Deliverance, 1904; The Wheel of Life, 1906; The Ancient Law, 1908; The Romance of a Plain Man...
Pagina 258 - I have never found any intellectual excitement any more intense than I used to feel when I spent a morning with one of these old women at her baking or butter making. I used to ride home in the most unreasonable state of excitement; I always felt . . . as if I had actually got inside another person's skin.
Pagina 259 - Sarah Orne Jewett, who had read all of my early stories and had very clear and definite opinions about them -and about where my work fell short. She said, 'Write it as it is, don't try to make it like this or that. You can't do it in anybody else's way ; you will have to make a way of your own. If the way happens to be new, don't let that frighten you. Don't try to write the kind of short story that this or that magazine wants ; write the truth and let them take it or leave it.
Pagina 258 - I used to ride home in the most unreasonable state of excitement; I always felt as if they told me so much more than they said — as if I had got inside another person's skin.
Pagina 65 - Tillie cowered against the door, her eyes on his. Here before her, embodied in this man, stood all that she had wanted and never had. He meant a home, tenderness, children, perhaps. He turned away from the look in her eyes and stared out of the front window. "Them poplars out there ought to be taken away,
Pagina 86 - Author: John Ward, Preacher; The Old Garden and Other Verses; Philip and His Wife; Florida Days; Sydney ; The Story of a Child ; The Wisdom of Fools ; Mr Tommy Dove and Other Stories ; Old Chester Tales ; Dr.
Pagina 97 - It had not been shorn, branded, and tamed. There were most excellent reasons why I should not go there. Much of it was impenetrable. Only a few trees had been taken out; oilmen were just invading it. In its physical aspect it was a treacherous swamp and quagmire filled with every plant, animal, and human danger known in the worst of such locations in the Central States.
Pagina 100 - I care very little for the magazine or newspaper critics who proclaim that there is no such thing as a moral man, and that my pictures of life are sentimental and idealized. They are! And I glory in them ! They are straight, living pictures from the lives of men and women of morals, honor, and loving kindness. They form "idealized pictures of life" because they are copies from life where it touches religion, chastity, love, home, and hope of Heaven ultimately.
Pagina 9 - The Greater Inclination (1899), The Touchstone (1900), Crucial Instances (1901), The Valley of Decision...
Pagina 189 - The ethical view of the universe involves us at last in so many cruel and absurd contradictions, where the last vestiges of faith, hope, charity, and even of reason itself, seem ready to perish, that I have come to suspect that the aim of creation cannot be ethical at all. I would fondly believe that its object is purely spectacular: a spectacle for awe, love, adoration, or hate, if you like, but in this view — and in this view alone — never for despair! Those visions, delicious or poignant,...

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