is out of all question, some faint who have fallen in battle, are to have idea may still be formed, from the a provision made for them at the , fact of between three and four thou- public expence. sand persons having attended ; and On the same day the Emperor isthat, until seven o'clock of the morn- sued also the following decree... ing of the Tuesday, the merry dance From our Imperial Camp at was kept alive with that vivacity so

Schoenbrún, Aug. 15. peculiar to the Spanish fair : at this Napoleon, Emperor of the French, hour the house was cleared, and all &c. &c.

had retired, highly pleased, and in Whereas it is our desire to com• perfect good humour with each other. memorate, by a lasting monument,

' our satisfaction with the conduct of :: Paris, Aug. 24. — According to our army and our people during the

accounts from Vienna, his Imperial campaigns of Jena and the Vistula. Majesty on the day of the festival We have determined, and here deof Napolcon, (his birth day) advan- cree as follows: ced to the dignity of dukes, the mi- 1. 'There shall be erected on the nister of state, Secretary Maret; the Pont Neuf an obelisk of Cherbourg minister of police, Fouche; the mi- marble, 180 feet high, with this innister at war, Clarke; Count description - The EMPEROR NAPOHuneburg; the minister of finance, LEON TO THE FRENCH People. Gaudin; the minister for foreign af- 2. On the sides of the obelisk fairs, Count de Champagny; the shall be represented all achievements grand judge, Regnier; and the mar- which in those two campaigns conshals, Oudinot and Macdonald.— tributed to the glory of France. Three marshals have been raised to 3. The director-general of our princes. General Andreossi has re- museum is charged with the execuceived the grand cross of the legion tion of this monument. Our minisof honour. Preparations are making ter of the interior shall present to at Strasburg for the reception of his us a model of the obelisk, on the 1st Majesty. We are assured, says The of January, 1810, and the work Publiciste, that the Emperor of Aus- shall, at the latest, be completed in tria has consented to the cession of 1814. a great province of his monarchy, · 4. Particular funds shall be apa which he has hitherto refused, and propriated to defray the expence of that the conclusion of peace may this monument. now be soon expected.

NAPÓLEON. On the same day, the Emperor The Emperor Francis has purissued at Schoenbrun an order of the chased a variety of valuable jewels, day, declaring that all generals, of- trinkets, &c. to the amount of a ficers, and soldiers, who in the bat- million of florins, which are no tles of Thann, Abensburg, Ackmuhl, doubt intended as presents, to be Ratisbon, Essling, and Wagram, distributed after the signing of peace, should have lost a limb, and should among the retinue of the Emperor be living on that day, the 15th of Napoleon. It is understood, that August, should receive pensions in Napoleon has presented the brave certain proportions, viz. All lieute: Bavarian General Wrede with connants, sub-lieutenants, serjeants, and siderable estates in Upper Austria soldiers, 500 livres; all captains, and and Carinthia : that general's headchiefs of battalions and squadrons, quarters are still at Lintz. 2000 livres; and all generals, colo- . The Moniteur contains accounts nels, and majors, 4000 livres. The from Constantinople, dated the 13th children of the officers and soldiers inst. which state, that the project

of the English ambassador, Mr. itself in this affair. The Poles and Adair, to excite the inhabitants of our troops had a competition in the Ionian islands to insurrection, bravery. They have lost a colonel, and to re-establish the former repub- who was the only officer of distinclic of the Seven Islands, has com- tion who fell on our side. pletely failed. The chancery of this The fate of Spain has been decided would-be republic, which a person during the twenty-two days in which hamed Dendrino, a native of Corfu, the king was absent, had established at Constantinople, has been abolished, and this was Joseph Bonaparte has passed der notified to the French charge d'af- crees for the sale of the Spanish nafaires on the 4th of July. Dendrino tional property, under which denom was afterwards arrested, and thus mination are included the estates (says the Editor) the foundation of belongiog to the suppressed inonasMr. Adair's scheme was completely teries, &c. At the same time he exposed.

has renewed his former declaration, Madrid, Aug. 10.-Yesterday at that the Spanish national debt, subnoon the King returned to his capi- sisting in the form of cales reales, tal, under salutes of artillery. He shall be held sacred; and has proentered on horseback, at the head vided that the purchase money of of his guards and corps of reserve. those national estates may be paid His Majesty proceeded to the church for in vales reales, which are to be of St. Isidor, to be present at the received at their full nominal value. Te Deum. When he prayed, his This, under the shew of great libeMajesty descended from his throne. rality, is a measure of deep policy The church was full of civil and mi- and refined cunning. — The vales litary officers, and common people. reales resemble in form our excheAfter the ceremony, his Majesty pro- quer bills, and have been long a re ceeded, at the head of his troops, to proach to the Spanish government, the palace. In the evening the town and a grievous burthen to the state. was illuminated.

They were at first issued in small Within these few days there have quantities, and were to be gradually been daily brought in here wounded discharged by the produce of the English and prisoners. Among them taxes which were mortgaged for that are a number of Hanoverians. To- purpose. The Spanish government morrow we expect, from Talavera, has repeatedly refused to redeem eighty English officers, who have them at the periods assigned; and been taken. According to their own of late years, under the government statements, their loss in the late bat- of the Prince of Peace, they were tles has been very considerable. For issued in such rast quantities, that a long time open discord has pre- all hopes of payment seemed to be railed between Gerrerals Wellesley abandoned. Their amount is enorand Cuesta. The latter pretends to mous; and when the revolution broke be the generallissimo of the junta, out, they were so inuch depreciated, and wants to command in chief.- that they were hardly of any value They reproach one another with the whatever. When the central junta failure of the last operations. was forined, one of their first de

The battle of Almonacid was very crees was one, declaring the invio. serious. Vanegas, who commanded lability of the funds set apart for the the Spanish ariny, believed that he discharge of the vales, even during would still find Cuesta and the En- the war. No one doubted that Joglish in line. The corps of General seph, in the necessity to gain popuSebastiani particularly distinguished larity, would also respect the vales, ., VOL. VI.


but has gone a stay berend bis Pitea, to take an island in a river near

t iche di ciccioned. that town, over which the road goes, ulerandertofrio..bas and the occupation of which will proba

bly cut off the retreat of the Russian geisci ili nabor of decrees,

s neral, or at least prevent him from reletisimle irisition, as also som ceiving any reinforcements or supplies

dibunals deresting the froin Tornea. cini, 60 secular and 10?!!!!!', of His Royal Majesty has received the 5.7.201 7 LION; Criciull- following report from General Count Hai Chicai

?? right Wachmeiste: :vi i sion ; and tous the Head-quarters, Ratan, Aug. 30. Tires and a nices in crimes In consequence of the enemy having, Pi l o: iv. ihren from on the 19th instant vigorously attacked Notice: this rivit sitered thou

our advanced guard near Safvar, on the

road to Unea, I judged it necessary to 13,0.6 csinalserery year from the

reintorce them with fresh troops, and D isment of the law. A new es- the enemy was thrice repulsed; but soon

taksimaent is also made of justices after, the Russians, who occupied a o the peace, &c. all of whom are very advantageous position, commenced Þominated by the Emperor. And a a tremendous Cannonade and musket committee is anointed for the pre fire, which did so inuch execution among servation of all the ancient and mo- tuned in killed and wounded, induced

our troops, that the severe loss they suisdern monuments at Rome, &c.

me to order General Adjutant LagerThe domains of Hanover, to the bring, wlio commanded that part of our amount of two millions of livres army, to retreat by the bridge that wag yearly, have been distributed by in his rear, after five hours uninterrupted Bonaparte among his generals and fighting; as soon as these troops were ministers. The following have the under the guns of my batteries, they largest grants :

successfully kept up a well directed tire,

that the enemy's fire was silenced for a Lefebvre, Berthier,

whole hour. But the enemy's vast suBernadotte, Lebrun,

periority in infantıy and chasseurs enaBessieres,

bled him to force his passage across the river, and to form a violent attack on

the left wing, which was at first repulsed Augureau, Fouche,

in the most gallant manner, but being Massena,

Champagny, Caulaincourt,

considerably reinforced he compelled Decres, Davoust,

I therefore and

our troops to fall bacis. Soult, Cretat. .

took up a position, especially with that

part of the army which had not yet been Thus Hanover appears to be lost

engaged, my right wing being supported to the crown of Great Britain. by Safvár, and my left by a wood; in

the centre a battery of six-pounders was Stockholm, Aug. 30.--The inclosed formed on an advantageous height, which Bulletins will inform you how our expe- commanded the whole field of battle. dition to West Bothnia has succeeded. This position cost the enemy a great The enemy has been forced to evacuate number of men; but did not prevent Umea; but I am sorry to say that ex- him forcing it both in front, and in parploit has cost us dear. The loss of the ticular from turning my left flank. AS Russians is, however, much greater.- it thus became impossible to maintain Two of their best generals, Tutschkoff that position, I judged it necessary, on and Alexieff, 30 officers, and between account of the severe loss which we had 2000 and 3000 are killed, wounded, and sustained, and the exhausted state of our prisoners. It is said that General Ka- troops, after seven hours hard fighting, ! mensky has retreated as far as Skeleftea, to order the army to retreat, which was about seventy miles from Umea, not done with the greatest order. The enefeeling himself strong enough to wait the my did not pursue us with much vigour, junction of Generals Wachmeister and excepting our left wing, part of which Wrede. Adiniral Puke had sent a strong was cut off, but fought its way through detachment of gun-boats with troops to the enemy's pursuing corps, and rejoined





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the army. The retreat was made in the crown. None of the princes royal direction of Djikniboda, this being the are to marry without the consent of only place where I could draw up the the states. Twenty is the period of army with any advantage. On my arri

life determined at which the heir to val in that position, I received certain intelligence that the enemy was advan- the throne may assume the mains of cing in considerable force to both my government. Shoul!the male branch right and left wing, which was undoubts of the royal family become extinct, · edly possible, and had it been done, I the government devolves upon tlie should have found it a very arduous task council until the states of the king to extricate myself without a very great dom shall have been convened. is loss. In consideration of these circumstances, I resolved not to expose the

Rio Juneiro, July 26. ariny to the dangers with which it was threatened, and therefore directed the

“I am sorry to inform you that a troops to continue the ordered retreat as serious misunderstanding took place far as Ratan. The number of the Rus- here on the 24th of June, in consesians taken prisoners amounted to 120 quence of an order issued by the men, two of whom were officers. Our

government to draft 10 men from loss amounted to about 1200 in killed

every 100 of the militia to he put and wounded. COUNT WACHMEISTER.

into the regulars; but in those proBy a report made by General Wrede, vinces the militia is thrice as numecommander in chief of the northern ar- rous as the troops of the line. The my, and dated head-quarters, Hocksis, colonel and superior officers of the near Unea, the 24th of this month, it different regiments of militia formed appears that although the exertions of in a body, and went to the palace, the army of the coast have not been remonstrating to the governor; but crowned with success, yet they have induced the Russian army, under the

on receiving no redress, they immen orders of Count Kaminski, to evacuate diately resigned their commissions, the strong post of Unea and its environs, The next morning an order was iswhich are now occupied by our nokhern sued by the governor for the militia army.

to appear in the grand square before The new Swedish constitution the palace (disarmed); but the ofli. forms a small quarto volume, and cers suspecting the intention of the has been made publie at Stockholm. governor to seize the men by force, It appears the rights of the peasantry, the officers went with a considerable on the faith of the restoration of body of the militia to the palace, which the present King received the and expressed their determination vote of this body for his appointment not to comply with the governor's to the throne, have not been fitly orders. The government dreading noticed. The particulars we have the consequences, immediately is. received mention, only, that the sued orders countermanding all their King is to be assisted by a council previous resolutions. -The necessaof state, to consist of nine members, ries of life are become immoderately by whose advice he is to declare dear in couquince of the monopoly peace or war, retaining, however, of the Prince Regent to support his in his own person, the supreme houschold. The dinners daily in command of the forces by land and the palace cont not less than 3001, sea. The same council is io assist sterling, and the number of female his Majesty in all important aifairs, attendants are not less than 400," and it is stipulated that the public offices are to be filled only by natives. The daily jers of all parties for The rest relates merely to the 1 s this month have abounded with tial connections of the rizning in letur fron Ilushing; filled with mily, and to the desert or the complet, the wretched miama.

nagement of the expedition, and of fore, to go back again. At least the dreadful state of our force there: that is said to be the prevalent opi. the two following are taken from the nion of a council of war, to which principal ministerial print, the Mor- all the lieut.-generals were summons uring lost.

ed. If this resolution has been form South Beveland, Aug. 26. ed, it would be well to execute it "I understand you are all perfecily without loss of time, as it is undersatisfied in England with our suc- stood that the enemy are marching cess. I am glad of it, for it is more down an immense army to this coast, than we are here, In fact, I do not and it may be a favourable opportu, believe there ever was any army nity to go somewhere else. The more dissatisfied than this; we are army, besides, begins to get very absolutely ashamed of ourselves, and sickly, The 95th have one hundred half of us are thinking of ways and and sixty ill, and the others are afineans to get back unperceived, and fected in the same proportion. Flushto pass ourselves off as quite uncon- ing is a dreadful example of the cacerned in the expedition. Forty thou- lamities of war. It is in fact nothing sand men to take a place of about 10 but a heap of ruins. It was a very miles in circumference, in a fort. pretty city. But nothing can equal night, or about that! Alas! alas! Middleburg, the capital of the ist Besides, when we arrived on the land; it is one of the most beautia coast, the plac s were defenceless; ful towns I ever saw. The country but we were too generous to attack altogether is very fine, but the peur an unprepared enemy, and there: ple flat and insipid in the extreme." fore we laid formal siege to Flushing, Extract of a letter from an officer with one half of our army, while belonging to one of our squadron off the other was kept on board ship, Flushing, dated Sept. 18. or landed here in South Bev. land, “You will lament to hear that the and sent into cantonments, to pass total return of the sick amounts to the time in shooting and other as upwards of 14,000. The deaths, on musements, until all necessary pre- an average, are at this moment at the parations had been made for the dea rate of fifty or șixty a day: they are fence of Antwerp, the capture or now su frequent, that it has been given destruction of the fleet at which place, out in orders, to discontinue the usual was the prinpcial object of sending military honours at the funeral of sola us out; for Walcheren, was mere: y diers. It cannot be thought extraordioccupied to secure our retreat. Far nary that the army should not like the different was the conduct of the service they are engaged in. The navy French, After thus recovering from are silenton the business,and are ready their first panic, they were indefatis to perform whatever may be requirgable in constructing works and col- ed of them. The French have threalecting reinforcements, Every day tened to throw a bridge across the fresh generals and troops and guns Slough Passage, from South Beveárrive upon the coast. Whop at last land to Walcheren. We have sixty it was thought fit to begin to think gun-boats and brigs stationed there of proceeding, it was, I believe, for the purpose of destroying it, found, aitor inmense fuss, that the should they accomplish their intenthing was impossible. The oppor- tion. Our troops are busily em: tunity had been suffered to slip ployed in putting the works in the through our fingers; and the enemy best possible state of defence; and with whom we have to deal is too from the activity of the work, it is cons active to allow us to regain it. The jectured that we shall winter here." cst thing we can now do is, there

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