ding the enemy's fire of artillery and approbation of two companies of the musketry, to maintain their ground; Merida battalions, advanced in front, but, at six o'clock in the evening, and of the commanding officer and three columns of the enemy mounted soldiery of the battalions of Seville, the beight on our left, gained it, and the Portuguese brigade. I have and poured such a fire on the troops already noticed the distinguished below, that longer defence was im- conduct of Don Carlos, and his bata practicable, and the whole was talion merits the highest encomiums, obliged to retire on the mountains I have not been able to collect on our left, leaving open the main the returns of our loss. From the road, along which a considerable con nature of mountain warfare, many Jump of cavalryimmediately poured. men are missing, who cannot join

The battalion of Seville had been for a day or two, but I believe the left at Bejar, with orders to follow enemy will only bave to boast that me next day, but when I was obliged he has achieved his passage, and his to return, and the action commenced killed and wounded will be a great I ordered it to Puerto Banôs, to diminution of his victory, I have watch the Monte Major road, and the honour to be, &c. the heights in the rear of our left.

i Robert Wilson. ... When the eneniy's cavalry came Sir Arthur Wellesley, &c. .' near, an officer and some dragoons

Truxillo, Aug 29. callent out to the commanding offi General Cuesta moved his headeer to surrender, but a volley killed quarters from the neighbourhood of him and his party, and then the the bridge of Arcobispo on the night battalion proceeded to mount the of the 7th inst, to Peraleca de Gara heights, in which movement it was bin, leaving an advanced gnard, attacked and surrounded by a co- consisting of two divisions of infans lumn of cavalry and a column of try, and the Duke D'Albuquerque's infantry, but çut its way and cleared division of cavalry, for the defence itself, killing a great many of the of the passage of the Tagus at this enemy, especially of his cavalry. point,

The enemy is now passing to Sa- The French cavalry passed the lamanca with great expedition ; 1 Tagus aţ a ford immediately above lament that I could no longer arrest the bridge, at half past one in the his progress; but, when the cnor- afternoon of the 8th, and surprised mous superiority of the enemy's force this advanced guard, which retired, is considered, and that we had no teaving behind them all their canArtillery, and that the Puerto de non, as well as those in the batteries Banós, on the Estremaduran side, constructed for the defence of the is not a pass of such strength as on bridge. the side Castile, especially without The general then moved his headguns, I hope that à resistance for quarters to the Mesa d'Ibor, on the nine hours, which must have cost evening of the 8th, having his adthe enemy a great many men, will vanced guard at Bahoral. He rea pot be deemed inadequate to our signed the command of the army on means.

the 12th (on account of the bad I have to acknowlodge the services state of his health), which has det rendered me on this occasion by Col. volved upon General Equia. The Grant, Major Reiman, Don Fermen head-quarters of the Spanish army Marquis, Adj.-Major of the Dragoons are now at Deleytosa. of Pavia, Captain Charles and Mr, It appears that a detachment of Bolmon; and to express the greatest Vanegas's army had some success

againstrheenemy, in an attack made on the 20th, from Jaraícejo, where upon it in the neighbourhood of I had made my head-quarters since Aranjuez, on the 5th inst. General the 11th, with the advanced posts Venegas was then at Ocana, and he on the Tagus, near the bridge of Al had determined to retire towards the marez; and to fall back upon the Sierra Morena ; and, after the 5th, frontiers of Portugal, where I hope he had moved in that direction. He I shall be supplied with every thing returned, however, towards Toledo, I want. with an intention of attacking the 'fThis Gazette containis several lot enemy on the 12th ; but, on the ters from Lord Collingwood, detail11th, the enemy attacked him, with ing the operations of our squadrons Sebastiani's corps and two divisions in the Mediterranean, assisting Sir of Victor's, in the neighbourhood of J. Stuart, whose dispatches were Almoracid. The action appears to given in a preceding Gazette.] have lasted some hours; but the French having at last gained an advantage on General Vanegas's left, 'The following is the substance of he was obliged to retire, and was the dispatches given in the Gazette, about to resume his position in the announcing the reduction of the Sierra Morena.

French settlement of Senegal, on the On the 9th, 10th, and 11th, large coast of Africa. It appears that detachments of the French troops, Major Maxwell, commandant of the which had come from Plasencia, re- island of Goree, having received in turned to that quarter; and on the telligence that the garrison was cx12th, they attacked and defeated tremely weak, attacked it on the 8th Sir R. Wilson in the Puerto de Ba- of July, with 166 men, accompanied nós, on their return to Salamanca. by Captain Columbine, in the Sole

It appears now, that the French bay frigate, with the brig Tigress, force in this part of Spain is distri- and several opher vessels; in passing buted as follows: Marshal Victor's over the bar they lost a sloop and a corps is divided between Talavera schooner, containing much of their and La Mancha; Sebastiani's is in provisions and ammunition. The La Mancha; Marshal Mortier's at enemy having retired to a battery aOropesa, Arzobispo,and Navalmora; bout 12 miles up the river, Major Marshal Soult's at. Plasencia; and Maxwell made preparations to storm Marshal Ney's at Salamanca. it; but it was evacuated in the night, · Distress for want of provisions, and and on the 13th the fort and island its effects have at last obliged me to capitulated. The garrison are prie move towards the frontiers of Portu- soners of war; they are to be sent to gal, in order to refresh the troops. France, but are not to serve until In iny former dispatches, I have in- exchanged. They consist of 160 formed your lordship of our distress Europeans, besides which there were for the want of provisions and the 240 native militia in the island. We mcans of transports. Those wants, lost not a single man in the attack, which were the first cause of the loss and had only one slightly wounded; of many advantages, after the 22d but Capt. F. Parker, of the Derwent of July, which were made known to . sloop, Mr. F. A. Sealy, midshipman, the government, and were actually and 6 seamen, were unfortunately known to them on the 20th of last drowned in crossing the bay, and the month, still exist in an aggravated Solebay frigate ran aground in silendegree;, and, under these circuin- cing a battery, and could not be got stances, I determined to break up, off; crew and stores saved.

FROM THE FOREIGN PRINTS. and the reserve, defeated, on that day,

the enemy. On the 27th, he repassed, Paris, August 18.–The reports in great haste, the Alberche. On which the minister of war, Count the 28th, attacked in a position Huneburg, had received of the res judged unattackable, 80,000€ men treat of the English in Spain, have have not been able to contend against been fully confirmed. Letters of the 40,000 French. 7th state, that General Wellesley From that time, renouncing their had heen compelled to make a pre- chimerical projects of conquest, they cipitate retreat, leaving 4000 wound have thought but of safety, and have ed at Talavera. On this occasion, abandoned the field of battle. More the English General sent a letter to than 6,000 English wounded are in the Duke of Belluno, recommending our hospitals. their wounded to his care.

The least of our corps, the first, Privatė letters from Santa Olalla was judged sufficient to keepin check of the 9th mention, that the Duke this army, stilt so numerous in spite of Belluno had arrived with his van- of its losses. It remained upon the guard at Talavera, and that nothing Alberche, while the 4th corps and could be more precipitate than the the reserve set out on the 29th to retreat of the English. They leave succour Toledo, besieged by the army behind them all their caissons and of La Mancha; and that of Madrid, baggage, and many thousands of menaced by the same army, hay their wounded to the humanity of forced the enemy, already within the French, whom, for want of wage four leagues of the capital, to regons, they cannot carry away linquish its prey. It has repassen

On the 7th, intelligence arriver, the Tagus in the greatest haste, and that the artillery of the enemy which flies towards the Sierra Morena, after had bombarded Toledo, had ceased having abandoned some thousands of firing, and that the English and in- killed, wounded, and prisoners. The surgents had crossed the Tagus.-- 2d, 5th, and 6th corps are follow(Moniteur.) Madrid, Aug. 10. ing the rear-guard of the enemy's ORDER OF THE DAY.

army. These corps formed a junc The first and fifth corps overtook, tion with the Ist corps at Orchason, beyond the bridge of Arzo Bispo, the on the 7th of August. rear-guard of the English army, en- The English fly in every way in tirely destroyed it, and took from it disorder, and by roads hitherto judge thirty pieces of cannon, their cais- ed impracticable to artillery. The sons, a great part of their equipage, 2d and 5th corps are pursuing them. many horses, and a great number of Soldiers ! - You have saved my prisoners.

capital : the King of Spain thanks It is also in pursuit of the army you; you have done more; the broof Vanegas, and has made a great ther of your Emperor sees Aying be number of prisoners; it is retired in- fore your eagles the eternal enemy to the mountains of Sierra Morena. of the French name. The Emperor

A. BELLIARD, Gov.-General will know all that you have done PROCLAMATION OF THE KING, he will acknowledge the brave who

Soldiers !-It is scarcely fifteen have made themselves conspicuous days since 120,000 enemies, consis. among the brave; those who have ting of English, Portuguese, and received honourable wounds, and if Spaniards, who marched from diffe- he says to us, “ I am content with rent points, rendezvoused under the you," we shall be sufficiently re walls of my capital; but united, on compensed.

JOSEPH. the 26th of July, at the bridge of Head-quarters, Toledo, Aug. 9. · Guadarama, the 1st and 4th corps,

GOVERNMENT OF MADRID-NEWS excellencies, for your information, diFROM THE ARMY.

rections, and fulfilment. May God preOn the 10th, the army of Vane- serve your excellencies many years. gas stopped its retrogade movements,


Royal Palace of Seville, Aug. 15, and stopped at Almanacis. On the 10th, the King united the

ANSWER. 4th corps of the reserve at Dand- « Sipe-With the greatest pleasure broca. The 11th, the King march- we have received the royal order of your cd towards the enemy; surrounded Majesty, of the date of the 15th, enhim; attacked, and drove him from joining us to redouble our exertions for

" the supply of the Euglish auxiliary troops. all his strong positions, and put him

We have the satisfaction to inform your

i completely to the rout. This was an Majesty that the inhabitants here supply affair of three hours.

every thing with the greatest alacrity, Thirty pieces of ordnance, one and this town contributės 1000 rations hundred caisons, two hundred wag. daily, and meal and meat more than gons, three thousand killed, an infi- could be expected from a country so nite number of wounded, and seve

ravaged by the enemy. tal stands of colours, are the result

“We have used every means to col

lect all the grain belonging to the goof this brilliant day. Our loss is

verninent of Garrovillas, which is daily Fery inconsiderable.

grinding in the mills of Talaban. The A. BELLIARD. fiour is afterwards deposited on the two Madrid, Aug. 14.

bridges in the said town of Garrovillas,

in order that it may be in readiness ROYAL ORDER,

whenever the intendant may apply for Addressed to Senhors Don Luin Menu provisions. The vats are deposited in douza, and Don Andres Gonzales Pa St. Jago del Campo, all within the discheco, Members of the Supreme Junta. tance of four leagties. If Senhor Don “ The supreme junta of the govern

Lawrenco Calvo will send an order, it ment of the kingdomn has seen, with the

shall be immediately executed. most lively interest, the observations

" We request your Majesty to be cons which your excellencies made, in your

vinced, that our patriotism cannot be memorial of the 12th inst. on the causes

exceeded. Provisions are daily arriving, which have led to the want of provisions

even more in the opinion of alinost every in the combined army, and the means

one, than are necessary--this province of remedying this evil, and while it em

being as frank and liberal as any other-ploys the necessary measures for the if not more

necessary measures for the if not more so.” purpose, it charges me to inform your excellencies that our own security and

(FROM THE MONITÉUR.) defence requiring the said army should

Paris, August 30.-While the Engs be abundantly supplied with whatever lish, after exposing their allies to all the it requires for its subsistence and opera

disadvantages of a pursuit, placed themtions, chiefly our generous allies, who

selves in security against events, the Spafighting for our liberty and independence niards imagined that they could cover with the same enthusiasm as they would

their retreat if they took a position at defend their own, render themselves the bridge of Arzo-bispo. The five corps creditors, both by gratitude and justice,

qassed the Tagus, partly by a ford, and to every consideration and sacrifice of partly by the bridge, overthrew all bea the nation and government.

fore them, and took 30 pieces of cannon, " Your excellencies will use every

with the powder waggon. When the possible and conceivable effort in order

Marshal the Duke of Treviso saw the that the said army may want nothing;

enemy's army Hly before him, he was saco-operating with the commission which

tisfied with sending suine detachments his Majesty has given to the member,

after it, who every moment bring in Don Lorenzo Calvo, and with the in- stragglers, deserters, and prisoners. Some tentions of the government, which are

Hanoverian deserters left the English directed exclusively towards the welfare ar

he welfare army on the 8th inst. ten leagues from and salvation of the country. I com

the frontiers of Portugal, to which they municate this by royal order to your are retreating by the way of Badajoss



That army is leaving every where its It is in the name of humanity, I adbaggage, artillery, and sick behind; it dress these requests to you, and I have is generally believed that its destination even a right to make them, since I bave is Lisbon, in order to embark the troops always paid particular attention to the there. Meanwhile they plunder on their French soldiers, whom the chance of route, and the enraged peasants murder war has rendered my prisoners, and have all who fall into their hands.

even supplied the officers with money, While these events occurred on the I have the bonour to be, &c. banks of the Tagus, the 4th corps re

· ARTHUR WELLESLEY. turned to Toledo by the bridge of that Answer of the Duke of Treviso (Mar. town, and the division of Michaud on

shal Mortier.) the same day forced the passage of the

Head-Quarters, Aug. 10. river by fording at Anaver del Tajo, “SIR, I have receiver the open letwhich was defended by six battalions ter addressed by you to the commander and four squadrons of the enemy. On in chief, and requesting his attention to the 10th the troops of the 4th corps the sick and wounded whom you have formed a junction with the reserve at been under the necessity of leaving beNambroca. On the same day General hind you.—They are treated as our own Venegas concentrated his army, 30,000 sick and wounded are, and I have stustrong, at Almonacid ;, and on the 11th died to give all possible assistance to the king gave orders to attack mm. An those that have fallen into my hands. action of three hours was sufficient to These, General, are debts which two drive the enemy from this strong posi- brave nation's own to each other. tion, to rout them completely, to take I shall forward your letter to the coma great part of their artillery, and to oc- mander in chief, who alone can answer casion them a very serious loss. The your request to send officers to Talavera, enemy left on the field four thousand until the sick and wounded be somedead, and we have made about four what recovered. In the mean time I thousand prisoners. We have also ta- shall do myself the pleasure to supply ken 35 pieces of artillery, with 100 them with what money they may want. powder waggons and 200 other waggons. I have the honour to be, &c. Several standards are among our tro

The Marshal, Duke of TREVISO. phies. An incredible number of woun- Madrid, Aug. 16.-Yesterday at noon ded increases the loss of the enemy, the King returued to this capital under who, unable to reunite, fed in every salutes of artillery. He entered on horsedirection. The troops destined to the back, at the head of his guards and pursuit have therefore fallen in with only corps of reserve. Within these few parties of fugitives, scattered without days there have been daily brought in order, and incapable of the least resist- here wounded English and prisoners, ance.

among them are a number of HanoveThe English commander in Spain ha- rians. To morrow we expect, from Taving been obliged on his retreat to leave lavera, 80 English officers, who have a great number of wounded at Talavera, been taken. wrote the following letter to the General: Upper Bavaria, Aug. 23.- The march in chief of the French army :

which the Duke of Dantzic, Marshal SIR,—The fate of war has placed Lefebvre, undertook over the Btennusin your hands a number of English offi- berg, with the combined army of French, cers and soldiers. They are brave, and Bavarians and Saxons, was extremely merit the attention and regard of those difficult. With dauntless courage the by whom courage is valued. I have the troops advanced on the 6th and 7th of honour to recommend them to you, and August to within two leagues of Brisen. to request that you will permit me to They climbed mountains which the Ty send to Talavera, for the purpose of ta- ' rolese themselves considered as impassiking care of them, s me officers who ble. But a narrow valley, the steep shall not be considered prisoners of war, heights above which were occupied by but be permitted to return when the the insurgents, rendered any progress wounded have somewhat recovered. impossible. The army being in great

I also request your permission to trans- want of provisions, was obliged to remit to the wounded officers small sums turn to Inspruck, where it arrived on of money, of which they must be very the 11th of August. On the 13th, at Baba in want

sun rise, all the neighbouring mountajus.

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