tria, situate on the further side of a The district round Cracow, upon the line running from the Danube, at the right bank of the Vistula, shall, in village of Straas, therein comprehend- the direction of the Podgorze, have ing Weissenkirch, Wedersdorff, Michel- for its circumference the distance from bach, Greist, Muckeuhoffen, Helst, · Podgorve to Wieliczka. The line of and Jedina; thence in the direction demarkation shall pass through Wielof Schwandstadt, the town of Schwand- iczka, and to the westward touck stadt on the Aller, and thence ascend- upon Scawina, and to the eastward ing along the bank of that river, and upou Beek, which falls into the Vis the lake of the same name, to

tula at Brzdegy. point where the lake touches upon Wieliczka and the whole of the territory the territority of Saltzburg.

of the Salt-pitz shall belong in comIlis Majesty the Emperor of Austria mon to the Emperor of Austria, and

shall only retain in property the woods the King of Saxony. The Austrian belonging to the Salz-Caminer-Gut, Salt from Wieliczka, in its convey. and forming part of the manor of ance over the Vistula, and through Mondsee, with liberty to cut and car- the Duchy of Warsaw, shall not be ry thence the brush-wood, but without subject to any toll-duties. Corn of enjoying any right of Sovereignty upon all kinds, raised in Austrian Gallicia, that territory.

may also be freely exported across 2. He also cedes to his Majesty the Em- the Vistula.

peror of the French, King of Italy, 5. Ile cedes and makes over to his M the county of Goritia, the manor of jesty the Emperor of Russia, in the Montefalcone, the government and easternmost part of Gallicia, a tract city of Trieste, Carniola, with its de- of territory containing a population pendencies on the Gulf of Trieste, of 400,000 souls, the city of Brodi the circle of Willacha in Carinthia, being, nevertheless, not therein inand all the territories lying on the cluded. right bank of the Saave, from the IV. The Teutonic order having been point where that river leaves Carniola, abolished in the States of the League of along its course to where it touches the Rhine, his Majesty the Emperor of the frontiers of Bosina; namely, a Austria, in the name of his Imperial part of Provincial Croatia, six dis- Highaess the Archduke Anthony, abditricts of Military Croatia, Fiume, and cates the grand mastership of that order the llungarian Littorale, Austrian Iso in his states, and recognizes the dispositria, or the district of Castua, the tions taken with regard to the property islands depending on the ceded terri- of that order, locally situated out of the tories, and all other territories, how- Austrian territory. Pensions shall be soever named, upon the right bank assigned to those who have been on the of the Saave--the middle stream of civil establishment of the order. the said river serving as the boundary V. The debts funded upon the terribetween the two States.

tory of the ceded provinces, and allowed Lastly, the lordships of the Radzuns, by the states of the said provinces, or ac lying in the Granbunderland.

cruing from expences incurred for their 3. İle cedes and makes over to his Ma- administration, shall alone follow the

jesty the King of Saxony, the territory fate of those provinces. of Bohemia depending upon, and included in the territory of the kingdom restored to his Majesty the Emperor of

VI. The provinces which are to be of Saxony, namely, the parishes and Austria, shall be administered for his villages of Gundersdorit, Tauban- behoof by the Austrian constituted aufranke, Gerlochshein, Lenkersdorf, thorities, froin the day of exchanging Schirgis, Winkel, &c.

the ratification of the present treaty; 4. He cedes and makes over to the and the imperial domains, wheresoerer

King of Saxony, to be united to the situated, from the 1st of November Duchy of Warsaw, the whole of Wes- It is nevertheless understood, ter or New Gallicia, a district round that the French army in this country Cracow, on the right bank of the Vis- shall take for their use whatever articles tula, to be hereafter ascertained, and the circle of Zamose, in Easteru Gal- for the subsistence of the

troops and the

cannot be supplied by their magazines licia.

wants of the bospitals; and also what


ever shall be necessary for the convey- respective periods within which the vaance of their sick, and the evacuation rious provinces restored to his Majesty of the magazines.

the Emperor of Austria shall be evacuaVII. His Majesty the Emperor of the ted. The said convention shall be adFrench, King of Italy, engages to give justed on the basis, that Muravia shall no obstruction to the importation or ex- be evacuated in fourteen days; that portation of inerchandize into and from part of Gallicia which remains in pose Austria by way of the port of Fiume; session of Austria, and the city and disthis, névertheless, not being construed trict of Vienna, in one month; Lower to include English goods or manufactures. Austria, in two inonths; and the reThe transit duties on the goods thus im- maining districts and territories, not ceported or exported, shall be lower than ded by this treaty, shall be evacuated those of all other nations, the kingdom by the French troops, and those of their of Italy excepted.

allies, in two montlis and a half, or An inquiry shall be instituted, to as- earlier if possible, from the exchange of certain whether any advantages can be the ratifications. allowed to the Austrian trade, in the XIII. The prisoners of war taken by other ports ceded by this treaty.

France and her allies froin Austria, and VIII. The titles of domains, archives, by Austria from France and her allies, plans, and maps of the countries, towns, that have not yet been released, shali and fortresses ceded, shall be given up be given up within fourteen days after within two months after the period of the exchange of the ratifications of the

present treaty. IX. His Majesty the Emperor of Ans- XIV. His Majesty the Emperor of fria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, the French, King of Italy, Protector of engages to discharge the yearly interest, the League of the Rhine, guarantees the arrears, and capitals, invested in secu- inviolability of the possessions of his rities of the government, states, bank, Majesty the Emperor of Austria, King lottery, or other public establishments, of Hungary and Bohemia, in the state by subjects, companies, or corporate in which they shall be, in consequence bodies, in France, the kingdom of Italy, of the present treaty. and the Grand Duchy of Berg.

XV. His Majesty the Emperor of Measures shall also be taken to conn- Austria recognises all the alterations pletely liquidate the sum due to Mont St. which have taken place, or may subseTheresa, now Mont Napoleon at Milan. quently take place, in Spain, Portugal,

X. His Majesty the Emperor of the and Italy. French engages to procure a full and XVI. His Majesty the Emperor of complete pardon for the inhabitants of Austria, desirous to co-operate in the the Tyrol and Voralberg who have ta- restoration of a maritime peace, accedes ken a part in the insurrection; so that to the prohibitory systein with respect they shall not be prosecuted either in to England, adopted by France and person or property.

Russia, during the present maritime His Majesty the Emperor of Austria His Imperial Majesty shall break equally engages to grant a full and com- off' all intercourse with Great Britain, plete pardon to those inhabitants of the and with respect to the English governterritories of Gallicia, of which he re- ment, place himself in the situation he turns into possession, whether civil or stood in previous to the present war. military, &c. which inhabitants shall XVII. His Majesty the Emperor of not be prosecuted in their persons or the French, King of Italy, and his Maproperty.

jesty the Emperor of Austria, King of XI. Within six weeks from the ex- Hungary and Bohemia, shall observe, change of the present treaty, posts shall with respect to each other, the same Þe erected, to mark the boundaries of ceremonial in regard to rank aud other Cracow, upon the right bank of the points of etiquette, as before the present Vistula.

The same measures shall be adopted XVIII. The ratification of the present within the same period upon the fron- treaty shall be exchanged within six tiers of Upper Austria, Saltzburgh, Wil- days, or sooner if possible. lach, and Carniola, &c.

Doneand sigued at Vienna, Oct. 14, 1809. XII. A military convention shall be J. B. NOMPERE DE CHAMPAGNY. forthwith entered into, to regulate the Joun Prince of LICHTENSTEIN.





We have ratified, and hereby ratify Adige, and the Lower Po; bead the above treaty, in all and every of the quarters Mantua—the fourth, of the articles therein contained ; declare the Reno, Rubicon, Panaro, and Crossame to be adopted, confirmed, and established; and engage that the same

tola : bead-quarters Bologna-the shall be maintained inviolable.

fifth, or the departments of the Mer In confirmation whereof we have here. tauro, Musone, and Tronto; headunto affixed our signature, with our own quarters Anconia,--the sixth, of the hand, being countersigned and sealed departments of the Bocchiglione, with our Imperial Seal. Given at our Imperial Camp at Schoen- tic Sea, and Passeriano; head-quar

Brenta, Piave, Tagliamento, Adriabrunn, Oct. 15, 1809. (Signed)


ters Venice.
By the Emperor,

Minister for Foreign Affairs.
11. B. Maret,

Minister Secretary of State. ADDRESS TO THE JUNTA. The Arch Chancellor of State,

[Some time ago the Supreme Council EUGENE NAPOLEON.

of Spain and the Indies presented an

address to the Supreme Junta on the The official paper of Milan of subject of a Regency, and of which a Oct. 21, contains two decrees, da- copy was lately received from Gibraltar. ted Schoenbrunn, 14th October. The This iinportant document has not been first is as follows:

suffered to be published in Spain. Of

the introductory part an abridgement Napoleon, by the grace of God only has been published. It is as fol and the Constitution, Emperor of lows:-1 the French, King of Italy, and Pro- The Supreme Council of Spain and tector of the Confederation of the the Indies, in which are now united Rhine, we have decreed, and do de- those of Castile, the Indies, Orders, and cree as follows:

Finances, has addressed a most energe- The circle of Villach, Carniola,

representation to the supreme junta, the provinces of Istria formerly Aus- upon the expediency, nay, the absolute

, , trian, the provinces of Fiume and composed of three or five meinbers, Trieste, the countries known by the agreeably to the laws of the kingdom. name of the Littorale, the part of The council begins by reminding the Croatia, and all that has been ceded board of the order issued by Ferdinand, to us on the right bank of the Save,

at Bayonne, for the immediate convoDalmatia and its islands, shall here- cation of the Cortes. after bear the name of the Illyrian cret from the council, which would cer

This order was unfortunately kept seProvinces.

tainly have enforced its execution in The substance of the second de- spite of every obstacle; and in this circree is, the Counsellor of State, cumstance originated the anarchy which Dauchy, is appointed Intendant Ge- followed on the assumption of the suneral of the Illyrian Provinces, ceded preme power by the particular juntas of

the different provinces, an anarchy by the treaty of Vienna. Another decree, of the 10th of the French arınics, and would probably

which paved the way for the October, directs that the kingdom lave ended in the complete subjugation of Italy shall be divided into six mi- of the kingdom, if the remnants of the litary divisions. The first will con Spanish troops collected in the most dissist of the departments Agogna, Ko- tant provinces, the unshaken loyalty of na, Laria, and Adda, and the head the natives, and the enemy's want of

ace in the dispositions of the caquarters will be at Milan-the e sen cord of the departincnts, Mella Seli pital and of the provinces which they rio, and Upper Pothe third, of tuous

, career, and prevented the full atthe departñients of the Mincio, the tainment of their guilty ends. Thus ua



acquainted with the Sovereign's will, expected, that, uuited with the numerbut strongly impressed with the calami- ous and brilliant army of Great Britain, ties with which the kingdom was aftlic- they would soon accomplish the enemy's ted, and the still greater ones with which destruction, and drive thein beyond the it was threatened, the council repeatedly lofty Pyrennees; and, to-day, we are addressed the provincial juntas, and on the point of being abandoned by out pressed upon them the urgency of esta- generous benefactors, our warlike allies. blishing a legal government. Its repre- Such was the faithful picture of our sentations, however, were disregarded; situation a short time ago; and what is and the council, sensible, that under it at present! Ah! the which such extraordinary circumstances, pru- defend us, and the people who are fully dence recommended, and the necessity acquainted with it, could describe it fur of providing for the safety of the country better than the council; and, if possible, justified, a deviation from the rule pro- a still more correct representation might posed, that the juntas should exercise be given by the wretched inhabitants of a power which the law had not given Estremadura, La Muncha, aud Madrid, them, and themselves appoint a govern- 'who are already made to pay for their ment ad interim. This proposal was premature exultation, by a fresh plunder acquiesced in, and the central junta of their property, and the ignominious met at Aranjuez. Thus-far did the wish kind of death they suffer on scaffolds ?" of preventing still greater evils carry the This cruel change we see, wonder at, council; but ever mindful of its duties and mourn for; but we do not feel the as the guardian and depository of the effects of it at present, and from our laws of the monarchy, scarcely was the contemplating it at a distance arises our new government organized, when it cal- incredulity. These unexpected strokes, led the attention of its members to the not only depress the minds of the peonecessity of speedily substituting, to ple, but damp their patriotic zeal, which, forms unknown to the institutions of the if once extinguished, woe to us, to our country, and diametrically opposite to religion, and to our existence! those of the monarchical government, The people are indulging in unrea regency composed of the number of strained complaints, and make thein individuals prescribed by the law depat- known by libellous and inflammatory

rida in cases of ininority or of the Sove- placards. Their daily conversations, in - reign's inability to discharge the ligh du- places of the greatest resort, suppose tjes of his dignity:

different parties, views, and interests, It is but a short time since we obtain among their governors, and 'threaten ed victories which held out the prospect soine, while they insult others, forgetful of a speedy deliverance, and of the re- of the respect due to the supreme au: storation of happiness to our capital and thority, and regardless of the conseto the monarchy; but, to-day, we are quences to the public peace and union. covered with mourning, and have to la- The council shudders upon contemment the loss of many of the gallant sons plating the danger in which it sees the and defenders of the country. Our ar- country, because it cannot foreseé the mies were at the gates of the capital; possible results of this ferment, which, and, to-day, we see them beaten, mostly while it meets with its utinost disapprodispersed, and compelled to fall back bation, as contrary to the law, at the nearly upon the same points whence the same time excites its apprehensions on enemy threatened us about the latter

account of the opposite interests of the end of March,

juntas, and of the variety it observes in Supported by the zeal of the nation, their opinions, and also, because it is and at the expence of the most painful generally known, that the law, in cases sacrifices of our youth to the love of orir like this, directs that the gavernment country, we had succeeded in organizing, be entrusted to one, three, or fiye inditraining, and increasing our aridy, con- viduals. The supreme junta is, theresiderably reduced by foriner losses; and, fore, bound by the most sacred duty to to-day, we see the hopes of that country lay these truths before your Majesty, in disappointed, and the skill, merit, and order to ward off the dangers by which authority of its most worthy comman- we are threatened, and to prevent the ders exposed to obloguy and wounded. excesses of a people, who think their

Two large national armies inspired us defence and protection unattended to. mth the most fattering hopes; and we

In your Majesty resides the sovereign quisite that our American settlements power—the remedy is in your own hands.' should have a principal share in this na A generous self-denial will perpetuate tional body, as they derive such strong the memory of the services of the su- titles to our regard from their fidelity, preme junta, and imınortalize its mem- loyal services, donations, attachment to bers. May it please your Majesty to the King, patriotic zeal and great imrestore to the law its authority, and there portance. This supreme tribunal rewill be an end of the uneasiness to which serves to itself to give its opinion upon we are a prey, and which will be suc- the justice of their

intervention, which ceeded by tranquillity and applause.

it will do after the most mature delibeThe immediate appointinent of a pro

ration. visional government will pacify the peo- It is supposed, that the four indiviple; the nation will indulge in the most duals to be appointed by the supreme fattering hopes; and the supreme will junta until the meeting of the national of Ferdinand VII. who requires it, and congress, will bear a ligh character for who suffers most, will be fully complied probity, religion, loyalty, skill in their with.

respective professions, impartiality and The whole nation will applaud the disinterestedness. The supreme junta measure; and it is the opinion of the itself, which they are to succeed in the council, that, in order to rouse its spirit, exercise of the sovereignty, will secure depressed by the present load of evils, the opinion of the public, and provide it would be proper to establish a legal for its own safety, by appointing indivigovernment, with a Bourbon at its head. duals endued with these qualities: for, And the perfidy of our infainous eneiny if the persons elected should not rank having leit in Spain none but the most high in the public opinion, government reverend Cardinal Archbishop of Toledo would scarcely succeed in suppressing and Seville, it seems as if heaven had the present popular complaints and suspreserved him to support the nation un- picions. By so doing, no doubt will der her calamities, and continually to remain in the miods of the people about call to our minds the beloved sovereign the upright intentions of the supreine for whom we are fighting

junta; the superior ones will cease to Policy points out the urgency of in- exercise their powers—they will obtain mediately filling up that seat, until the the applause of the whole monarchywished-for return of our monarch. and pusterity will ever be grateful for

His eminence's elevated character their services, leaves no rooin for competition, and si- May it please your Majesty to lend a lences all possible pretensions of either gracious hearing to this representation, natives or foreigners. Spain and the which has no other object than your Indies will obey hin with enthusiastic Majesty's glory, and the extermination devotion; all rivalry will be at an end; of the tyrant by whom we are oppressed, and the Spaniards will see in his excel- Seville, August 26, 1309. lency a branch of the family of the King whom they so passionately love.

The better to ensure the success of RUSSIA AND SWEDEN. his administration, and also to ease him of part of the burden, four adjuncts ought to be given him, of different ranks and professions, provisionally to compose In the name of the holy and un, the government until the next meeting divided Trinity. of the cortes. Whatever matter comes under discussion, every question should

Ilis Majesty the King of Sweden be decided by a majority of votes; and and his Majesty the Emperor of all they should swear to observe our laws, the Russias, equally animated by which are not to be altered without the the desire of causing the advantages concurrence of the cortes, which the go- of peace to succeed to the calamities vernment should convene as soon as cir- of war, and of re-establishing hatcumstances permit. L'pon this subject, the supreme coun

mony and good understanding becil of Spain and the Indies will prepare

tween their states, have, to this ch its observations, and lay them before the fect, appointed their plenipotentia government as usual. It is just and re- ties; namely, his Majesty the King


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