sideration which press on the justice fourth is expected to be ready in the of the French government a revoca- month of July. A report which the tion of its decress, or such a modi- secretary of the navy is preparing on fication of them, as they shall cease the subject, to be laid before conto violate the neutral commerce of gress, will shew at the same time the United States.

the progress made in officering and The revision of our commercial manning these ships. It will shew laws, proper to adapt them to the also the degree in which the proviarrangement which has taken place sions of the act, relating to other with Great Britain, will doubtless public armed vessels, have been carengage the early attention of con- ried into execution. gress. It will be worthy, at the It will rest with the judgment of same time, of their just and provi- congress to decide, how far the dent care, to make such further change in our external prospects alterations in the lo svs, as will more may authorise any modifications of especially protect and foster the seve- the laws relating to the army and ral branches of manufacture, which navy establishments. have been recently instituted or ex- The works of defence for our seatended by the laudable exertions of port towns and harbours have proour citizens.

ceeded with as much activity, as the Under the existing aspect of our season of the year and other circumaffairs, I have thought it not ineon- stances would admit.

It is necessistent with a just precaution, to sary, however, to state, that the have the gun-boats, with the excep- appropriations hitherto made being tion of those at New-Orleans, placed found to be deficient, a further pro• in a situation, incurring no expence vision will claim the early considerabeyond that requisite for their pre- tion of congress. servation, and conveniency for future The whole of the eight per cent. service, and to have the crews of stock remaining due by the United those at New-Orleans reduced to the States, amounting to five millions, number required for their navigation three hundred thousand dollars, had and safety.

been reimbursed on the last day of I have thought also, that our the year 1808. And, on the first citizens detached in quotas of mili- day of April last, the sum in the tia, amounting to one hundred thou- treasury exceeded nine and a half sand, under the act of March, 1808, millions of dollars. This, together might, not improperly, be relieved with the receipts of the current year from the state in which they were on account of former revenue bonds, held for immediate service. A dis- will probably be nearly, if not altocharge of them has been accordingly gether sufficient to defray the exdirected.

pences of the year. But the susThe progress made in raising and pension of exports and the conseorganizing the additional military quent decrease of importations, duforce, for which provision was made ring the last twelve months, will by the act of April, 1803, together necessarily cause a great diminution with the disposition of the troops, in the receipts of the year 1810. will appear by a report which the After that year, should our foreign secretary of, war is preparing, and relations be undisturbed, the revenue which will be laid before you. will again be more than commensu

Of the additional frigates required rate to all the expenditures. by an act of the last session to be Aware of the inconveniences of a fitted for actual service, two are in protracted session, at the present readiness, one nearly so, and the season of the year, I forbear to call


the attention of the legislature to pensible attention to the other branches any matters not particularly urgent. of the legislature, and for prompt and It remains therefore only to assure

cheerful co-operation and assistance in you of the fidelity and alacrity, with whatever might conduce to the happi

ness and welfare of the colony. All this which I shall co-operate for the wel. I had a right to expect, because such fare and happiness of our country; was your constitutional duty; hecanse and to pray that it may experience such a conduct would have been a lasta continuance of the Divine blessings ing testimony, as it was the only one by which it has been so singularly sought for by his Majesty's government, favoured.

of that loyalty and affection which you JAMES MADISON.

have so warmly professed, and which I believe you to possess, and because it

was particularly called for by the critiCANADA.

cal conjuncture of the times, and especially by the precarious situation in which

we then stood with respect to the AmeThe following singular Speech, rican states. I am sorry to add, that I addressed by the Governor of this have been disappointed in all these exprovince to the legislative assemblies, pectations, and in every hope on which

I relied. it is thought, by some, might have

You have wasted in fruitless debates, been, not unsuitably addressed to

excited by private and personal animosicertain similar assemblies in other ties, or by frivolous contests, upon tri countries !

vial matters of form, that time and those Gentlemen of the Legislative Council,and talents, to which, within your walls,

Gentlemen of the house of Assembly. the public have an exclusive title; this

The advanced state of the season, abuse of your functions, you have preyour private convenience, and the happy ferred to the high and important duties change that has taken place in the rela- which you owe to your Sovereign and tions between his Majesty's government to your constituents; and you have been and that of the United States, from forced to neglect the consideration of which we may reasonably look

matters of moment and necessity, which manence of the public tranquillity, to- were before you, while you have at the gether with other circumstances, have same time virtually prevented the introinduced me to put an end to this ses- duction of such others, as may have sion; and upon a full consideration of been in contemplation. If any further the events by which it has been marked, proof of this misuse of your time were I feel it to be a duty which I owe to his necessary, I have just presented it, in Majesty and to the province, to recur, having been called on, after a session as speedily as circumstances will permit, of five weeks, to exercise his Majesty's to the sense of his subjects, by calling a prerogative of assent, to only the same new parliament.

number of bilis, three of which were Gentlemen of the House of Assembly, the mere renewal of annual acts, to

When I met you at the commence which you stood pledged, and which rement of the present session, I had no quired no discussion. reason to doubt your moderation or So much of intemperate heat has been your prudence, and I therefore willingly manifested in all your proceedings, and relied upon both. Under the guidance you have shewn such a prolonged and of these principles, I expected from disrespectful inattention to matters subyou a manly sacrifice of all personal mitted to your consideration by the animosities, and individual dissatisfac- other branches of the legislature, that tion; a watchful solicitude for the con- whatever might be the moderation and cerns of your country, and a steady per- forbearance exercised on their parts, a severance in the executing of your pub- general good understanding is scarcely lic duty, with zeal and dispatch. I to be looked for without a new assembly. looked for earnest endeavours to pro- I shall not particularly advert to other mote the general harmony of the pro- acts which appear to be unconstitutional vince, and a careful abstinence from infringements of the rights of the suhwhatever might have a tendency to dis- ject, repugnant to the very letter of that turb it z for due, and therefore indis- statute of the imperial parliament under

a per



which you hold your seats; and to have you have truly manifested your affection
been matured by proceedings, which to his Majesty's government, and your
amount to a dereliction of the first prin- just estimation of the real and permanent
ciples of natural justice; and I shall interests of the province.
abstain from any further enumeration Then the honourable Speaker of the
of the causes by which I have been in- legislative council said,“
duced to adopt the determination, which Gentlemen of the legislative Council, and
I have taken, because the part of your Gentlemen of the House of Assembly,
conduct to which I have already referred, It is his excellency the governor-in
is obviously and in a high degree, detri- chief's will that this provincial parlia-
mental to the best interests of the coun- ment be prorogued until Wedvesday
try, such as my duty to the crown for the 21st of June next: and this provini-
bids me to countenance, and as com- cial- parliament is prorogued until the
pels me to have recourse to a dissolu- ?1st day of June, next, accordingly,
tion as the only constitutional means,
hy which its recurrence may be pre-

Gentlemen of the Legislative Council,and
Gentlemen of the House of Assembly.
I shall give the necessary orders for

ROMANA 10 THE ASTURIANS. calling the new provincial parliament, as soon as convenience will pernit, end When our heroic nation became ac, having no other object, and confident quainted with the pertidy of the tyrant . that no other will be attributed to me of France, she displayed all her energy but to preserve the true principles of to defend her liberty, her religion, and the free and happy constitution of the the sacred rights of the throne, and she province, and to employ the power in- was aware of the calamity and weakness trusted to me by his Majesty, to the which must be the consequence of the only end for which I received it, and want of mutual co-operation for the pubthe good of his subjects, I have an en- lic defence. The people at that time, tire confidence in the electors, to whom deprived of their legitimate sovereign, I shall recur, trusting that by the choice pointed out persons whom they approof proper representatives further mis- ved, to undertake the duties of the state, chiefs may be obviated, and the important from whom they expected security and interest of the colony, considered in the happiness. Under these circumstances, next session, with less interruption and the provincial juntas were formed, and happier effect.

to this coalition, which appeared to be I will not conceal from you that , it the etfect of inspiration or miracle, we has been very much with the view to were indebted for those triumphs which obviate misrepresentation, if possible, were obtained against the enemy in va-' and to enable the people to judge of the rious situations, at the commencement grounds which have been afforded me

of the contest. for the conduct I have adopted, that I But in the midst of these sources of have entered into any detail upon this satisfaction, it must be acknowledged subject; the task has been painful tu with much concern, that the junta of ine in the extreme, and I turn from it Asturias, although the most highly far with peculiar satisfaction to offer you, voured by British generosity in aids of Gentlemen of the legislative council, the

every description, has in the smallest acknowledgments that are due to you degree contributed to the great work of for that unaniịnity, zeal, and unremit- driving the enemy from our native soil

. ting attention, which you have shewn This junta was unhappily formed by inin your proceedings. It rests not with trigue, and by the preponderance of some you' that so little has been accomplished individuals and families; it had in view for the public good. To a considerable the establishment in its own body of abportion of the house of assembly my solute and indefinite power; the persous thanks are equally due. I trust they who composed, contemplated only their will believe, that I do them the justice reciprocal interests and passions; the ot'a proper discriinination, in the sense destruction of those under talse pretences I entertain of their efforts to avert that and calumny, who should not subscribe conduct, of which I have so much rea- to their decisions, and the gratification son to complain. By this gentlemen, of others who should subscribe by pro

ductive employments. While this was This junta ought to have recommendgoing forward, I was at a great distance ed, and to have secured, the observance from the principality (of Asturias), but of the laws of our sovereign, and of the when I was engaged on the frontiers of central junta, to have attracted respect Portugal in iny inilitary duties, I heard to our tribunals and magistrates. But the language of complaint; suspending, what has been their conduct ? Some of however, my deterinination under the our laws they have neglected, others they idea, that it might originate in envy or have openly abrogated. They have conresentment. Without rejecting these re- cealed the public orders, and intercept presentations, or entirely admitting their ed not only the correspondence of indicorrectness, I waited till circumstances viduals, but the official intercourse of should explain what at that time I could the state. In fine, misapplying the power not comprehend. But as I approached with which they were invested, and misnearer to the province, my fears were in- directing the authority which ought to creased, and, at last, I was obliged to have been employed in defence of the surrender the hope that they were ima- nation, they exercised that arbitrary ginary or deceptive.

sway with which they ought not and In truth, persons of every class, from could not be entrusted. the lowest to the highest, told me of the Inhabitants of Asturias, I am confienormous abuses of that power which dent that you will be thankful for this ought to have been directed to different effusion of my sensibility, after the evils objects; and these statements were jus- you have endured. I promise myself tified by the consequences. The junta every thing from your dignity, fidelity, blazoned forth, that this distinguished and fortitude, recorded in the annals of province had been the first which raised your country froin the most remote pethe cry of liberty, and yet, at the same riods of our history. You are the firstinstant abandoned its highest obligations, begotten of an ancient monarchy, and and, as if the war had been already ter- the vast empire of Spain was once reminated, turned its attention to trifling stricted within the boundary of your objects connected with local characters mountains. Asturian soldiers, I expect and circumstances, interrupting the re- every thing from your valour; and it higular course of business, and occasion- 'therto you have accomplished little, it ing delays and mischief even to the par- is because the opportunity of serving ties concerned in these affairs. Repre- your country has not been afforded you sentatives who were ignorant, naturally I will enable you to participate in her devoted their minds to frivolous matters. glory. I will lead you to the field of The preference given to certain regi- honour. ments connected with the junta, which The commander-in-chief of the northhad no right to priority, excited disgustern provinces of Spain concludes his adin the others, and the misapplication of dress with stating the powers entrusted money in such channels, shewed that it to him by the supreme junta, and the was not intended to supply the public application of those powers, by which necessities, but to exhibit a certain ar- he dissolves the subordinate junta of bitrary authority and injurious partiality, Asturias, as unworthy of the authority which disappointed all the purposes of with which they are invested, he trauspublic good.

fers their functions to the following perYes, beloved Asturians, although you sons:- El Conde de Aguera, president; have hitherto been preserved, almost Don Ignacio Florez; Conde de Toreno wholly, from the calamities of war, I (who has succeeded to the title of father have perceived, that from other sources and was known here as Visct. Materose, you have suffered a thousand distresess, one of the deputies of Asturias); Don and to relieve your afflictions I have ar- Andres Angel de la Vega Infanzon (the Tived at your capital. By persons the other deputy of Asturias, lately resident most intelligent and impartial, by re- in London), secretary with the power of presentations from public bodies the voting; Don Gregorio Jove; Don Mamost respectable, and by my own ocu- tias Menondez; Don Francisco Ordonez, lar observations I have discovered, that secretary in case of absence; Don Juan those abuses to which I have adverted, Arguelles Mier; Don Fernando de la pot only exist, but many others in a Riva Valdés Coalla. greater degree affecting your safety and EL MARQUIS DE LA ROMANA, tranquility

Oviedo, May 2, 1809.



1. Whoever shall endeavour to sow SPANIARDS !--The enemy of humani- distrust of the supreme central junta, ty, Napoleon Bonaparte, knows that he and overthrow the actual government by cannot conquer Spain by force of arms; popular insurrections, and other vile and observes with pain and shame, that means, is declared guilty of high treason, his numerous armies and most warlike unworthy the name of a Spaniard, and troops find their sepulchre in our penin- sold to the tyrant Napoleon. sula; and therefore to attain his unjust 2. As such he shall suffer the punishends, he has recourse to seduction and ment of death, and his effects shall be intrigue; and by dint of bribes, and pro- confiscated. mises, which he will never fulfil, endea- 3. Whoever shall hold any language vours to sow divisions and discord. For with a view to weaken the hatred we this purpose he avails himself of infamous ought to feel towards the French aremissaries, who pervert the understand- mies, who are composed of infamous ing, stifle public spirit, and create dis- robbers and assassins, and come solely trust between the supreme central junta, to plunder us and sacrifice us, shall be which is the aim at which he ever points, instantly arrested, tried, and suffer the because he cannot seduce it. There are punishinent he may have incurred., no means, howerer detestable and vile, 4. Whoever denounces cruninals of which he does not employ, his object this class to the tribunal of public secubeing to destroy public tranquillity, hyrity shall be competently rewarded on means of his agents; that the partizans, conviction, and his name shall be conwhich to our misfortune, he has among cealed! us, may deliver us into his hands to be

5. The present proclamation shall be torn to pieces; that on us and our fa- affixed at the accustomed places of the milies may be exercised those horror's town, and inserted in the periodical which are customary among the swarin journals. of robbers and assassins who compose

THE MARQUIS DE LA Romana. his armies. Such are his ends, Spaniards, Corunna, July, 10. and such are his means.

The tribunal of public safety is inces- Address from the Junta to the Spanish santly employed in discovering, punish- Nution, on the anniversary of the ing, and exterminating that infamous Battle of Baylen, July 19. race of spies, traitors, and bad Spaniards,

SPANIARDS, who endeavour to deceive and ruin us. A year has now elapsed since you None shall be pardoned, and the inex- gaihered the fair fruits of your first orable sword of justice shall be lifted heroic exertions. It is now a year since alike against the powerful and the weak. you gained the memorable battle of Already in other parts some culprits, Baylen, and laid the first and principal convicted of treason, have sustained the stone of the edifice of Spanish indepenpunishment due to their crimes. Others, dence. On a day so solemn our hearts among whom were public functionaries, must expand with hope, and indulge in have been received to imprisonment for the delightful impressions of satisfaction offences of less magnitude. There are in the prisons other guilty persons whose Europe had seen us a month before processes are carrying on with all speed; give the signal for war, without having and with due activity the evil-disposed, either soldiers, armies, arms, or ammuand the friends of Napoleon, will be de- nition ; then we saw a great part of our livered over to the punishment they me- territory in the possession of the enémy, rit. The most pernicious of all are those our strong places occupied by his troops, who, to disunite us, scatter calumnies the communication between the proagainst the present government; for this vinces cut off, and the enemy supported is the sure way, by destroying the na-. by his discipline, his experience, and tional representation, disuviting the pro- the moral force of twenty years of vicvinces, perplexing our relations with the tory, the bravery of our sublime resoAmericas and foreign courts, and intro- lution might be admired, but no pros ducing anarchy, to make the enemy perous issue could be expected. The master of the peninsula, and effect our first events consequent, on this deplordestruction. To avert this evil, which rable situation were unfortunate, and is doubtless the greatest which can befal Andalusia, invaded by the most warlike a Spaniard, I have decreed as follows. of the French divisions commanded by

and joy.

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