I shall praise him. Praise the great Redeemer's Name." She took her husband and two daughters by the hand, and gave each a parting kiss; and said, "Good-bye."


"Yes, I shall soon be seated

With Jesus on his throne;

My foes be all defeated,

And sacred peace made known.'

Dear Lord, do come, and take me to thyself."

After this there were a few more gentle sighs, and her happy spirit entered where she longed to be. "Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright; for the end of that man is peace.'

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Many friends witnessed the solemn scene of her body being well laid in the grave. A few remarks were made from Rev. xxii. 5 at the funeral.

This was the end of a very fearful, tried, and deeply exercised child of God. How many of God's dear people have had to wait till the end of their pilgrimage for the fear of death to be entirely taken away, and for a full assurance of their interest in the Lord Jesus Christ! But our sister did realize it at the last. In her case an affectionate wife, a most loving mother, a tender Christian, a humble member of the church of God, and a peacemaker in the church, has left the church militant for the church triumphant, to go no more out, but to be present with the Lord. It is our loss, but her gain. WILLIAM VINE.

Chiddingly, Hawkhurst.


EPH. I. 7.

A SMILE of thine, thou dearest Lord,

Is better far to me,

Than aught which creatures can afford,

Or regal dignity!

Gems which adorn the brows of kings,
I covet not below;

Nor would, for sublunary things,

Thy smile or love forego.

Alas! this wretched heart of mine,
Which should be thine alone,
Seems like a much-neglected vine,
Fruitless and over-grown.

Such as it is, with fault on fault,
Lord, I present to thee;

O let thy grace, like heavenly salt,
From putrefaction free.

Thy blood, thine all-atoning blood,
Alone can cleanse from sin;
With this, th' Almighty voice of God
Shall yet pronounce me clean!

Jesus, thy blood must interpose,
Must rescue me from hell;
With God's own panoply from foes,
Life's issue must be well.

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