Where'er I turn, what claim on all applause !
How is night's sable mantle labour'd o'er,
How richly wrought with attributes divine !
What wisdom shines ! what love! this midnight

This gorgeous arch, with golden worlds inlay'd!
Built with divine ambition! nought to thee;
For others this profusion: thou, apart,
Above! beyond! O tell me, mighty Mind!
Where art thou ? shall I dive into the deep?
Call to the Sun, or ask the roaring winds,
For their Creator ? Shall I question loud
The thunder, if in that th' Almighty dwells ?
Or holds he furious storms in straiten'd reins,
And bids fierce whirlwinds wheel his rapid car ?
What mean these questions ? Trembling, I

My prostrate soul adores the present God:
Praise I a distant deity ? He tunes
My voice (if tun'd); the nerve, that writes,

sustains :
Wrapt in his being, I resound his praise :
But though past all diffus'd, without a shore,
His essence; local is his throne, (as meet,)
To gather the disperst, (as standards call
The listed from afar): to fix a point,
A central point, collective of his sons,
Since finite every nature but his own.

The nameless He, whose nod is Nature's birth ;
And Nature's shield, the shadow of his hand;
Her dissolution, his suspended smile!
The great First-Last! pavilion'd high he sits,

In darkness from excessive splendour borne,
By gods unseen, unless through lustre lost.
His glory, to created glory, bright,
As that to central horrors; he looks down
On all that soars; and spans immensity.


Wait in Hope: the Morning Dawneth.
EVERY day hath toil and trouble,

Every heart hath care:
Meekly bear thine own full measure,

And thy brother's share.
Fear not, shrink not, though the burden

Heavy to thee prove;
God shall fill thy mouth with gladness,

And thy heart with love.
Patiently enduring, ever

Let thy spirit be
Bound by links, that can not sever,

To humanity.
Labor-wait! thy Master perished

Ere his task was done;
Count not lost thy fleeting moments,

Life hath but begun.
Labor! and the seed thou sowest

Water with thy tears ;
God is faithful-he will give thee

Answer to thy prayers.

Wait in hope! though yet no verdure

Glad thy longing eyes,
Thou shalt see the ripened harvest

Garnered in the skies.
Labor-wait! though midnight shadows

Gather round thee here,
And the storms above thee lowering

Fill thy heart with fear-
Wait in hope: the morning dawneth

When the night is gone,
And a peaceful rest awaits thee
When thy work is done.


Wisdom, power, and Love of God. WIS TISDOM took up her harp, and stood in place

Of frequent concourse, stood in every gate, By every way, and walked in every street; And lifting up her voice, proclaimed: "Be wise, Ye fools! be of an understanding heart; Forsake the wicked, come not near his house, Pass by, make haste, depart and turn away. Me follow-me, whose ways are pleasantness, Whose paths are peace, whose end is perfect joy." The seasons came and went, and went and came, To teach men gratitude; and as they passed, Gave warning of the lapse of time, that else Had stolen unheeded by. The gentle flowers

Retired, and stooping o'er the wilderness,
Talked of humility, and peace, and love.
The dews came down unseen at evening-tide,
And silently their bounties shed, to teach
Mankind unostentatious charity.
With arm in arm the forest rose on high,
And lesson gave of brotherly regard.
And on the rugged mountain-brow exposed,
Bearing the blast alone, the ancient oak
Stood, lifting high his mighty arm, and still
To courage in distress exhorted loud.
The flocks, the herds, the birds, the streams, the

Attuned the heart to melody and love.
Mercy stood in the cloud, with eye that wept
Essential love! and from her glorious bow,
Bending to kiss the Earth in token of peace,
With her own lips, her gracious lips, which God
Of sweetest accent made, she whispered still,
She whispered to Revenge, Forgive, forgive.
The Sun, rejoicing round the earth, announced
Daily the wisdom, power, and love of God.
The Moon awoke, and from her maiden face,
Shedding her cloudy locks, looked meekly forth,
And with her virgin stars walked in the heavens,
Walked nightly there, conversing, as she walked,
Of purity, and holiness, and God.
In dreams and visions, sleep instructed much.
Day uttered speech to day, and night to night
Taught knowledge. Silence had a tongue; the

grave, The darkness, and the lonely waste, had each

A tongue that ever said, Man! think of God!
Think of thyself ! think of eternity!
Fear God, the thunder said-Fear God, the

waves ;
Fear God, the lightning of the storm replied;
Fear God, deep loudly answered back to deep.
And in the temples of the Holy One,
Messiah's messengers, the faithful few,
Faithful ’mong many false, the Bible opened,
And cried, Repent! repent, ye sons of men !


Without thy Presence Heaven's no

Veaven for me. I LOVE (and have some cause to love,) the

earth, She is my Maker's creature, therefore good : She is my mother, for she gave me birth;

She is my tender nurse, she gives me food: But what's a creature, Lord, compared with Thee? Or what's my mother or my nurse to me? I love the air; her dainty fruits refresh

My drooping soul, and to new sweets in

vite me;

Her shrill-mouthed choirs sustain me with

their flesh, And with their polyphonian notes delight


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