Food Banks and the Welfare Crisis

James Lorimer & Company, 1986 - 176 pagina's
In this prescient book first published in 1986, Graham Riches documents the proliferation of emergency food services in Canada, arguing that food banks represent the collapse of the social safety net.

Riches points the finger squarely at governments 'neglect of their social obligations under federal legislation and international conventions, and laments many food banks' reluctance to take .a stand against inadequate social assistance benefits. While food banks receive corporate donations and government grants, corporate interests perpetuate a wasteful food marketing system and governments cut cash benefits.

By showing such contradictions in social policy, Food Banks and the Welfare Crisis challenges head-on popular notions about hunger, poverty, and the adequacy of the welfare system.


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Why Study Food Banks?
A Origins of Food Banks in Canada
B Models of Food Banks
A National Crisis?

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