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I staid to watch, a little space,
Her parted lips if she would sing ;

The waters closed above her face

With many a ring.

And still I stay'd a little more,
Alas! she never comes again ;
I throw


flow'rs from the shore, And watch in vain.

I know


life will fade away, I know that I must vainly pine,

For I am made of mortal clay,
But she's divine !

[blocks in formation]

When the white cloud reclines

On the verge of the sea, I fancy the white cliffs,

And dream upon thee; But the cloud spreads its wings

To the blue heav'n and flies. We never shall meet, love,

Except in the skies !


O’er hill, and dale, and distant sea,
Through all the miles that stretch between,
My thought must fly to rest on thee,
And would, though worlds should intervene.

Nay, thou art now so dear, methinks
The farther we are forc'd apart,
Affection's firm elastic links

But bind the closer round the heart.

For now we sever each from each,
I learn what I have lost in thee;
Alas, that nothing less could teach,
How great indeed love should be !


Farewell! I did not know thy worth,
But thou art gone, and now 'tis priz’d:
So angels walk'd unknown on earth,
But when they flew were recogniz'd!



The stars are with the voyager

Wherever he may sail ;

The moon is constant to her time;

The sun will never fail; But follow, follow round the world,

The green earth and the sea ; So love is with the lover's heart,

Wherever he may be.


Wherever he may be, the stars

Must daily lose their light; The moon will veil her in the shade ;

The sun will set at night. The sun may set, but constant love Will shine when he's

away ; So that dull night is never night,

And day is brighter day.

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