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Chap. 60. Fund for the Improvement and Reform of

Schools and Teaching (Repealed). 61. Education for Native Hawaiians (Re

pealed). 62. Education and Training for American

Competitiveness (Repealed). 63. Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship Pro

gram. 64. Excellence in Mathematics, Science, and

Engineering Education (Repealed). 65. National Environmental Education. 66. Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excel

lence in National Environmental Policy

Foundation. 67. Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foun

dation. 68.

National Education Reform. 69. School-to-Work Opportunities. 70. Strengthening and Improvement of Ele

mentary and Secondary Schools. 71. National Education Statistics.

Chap. 26A. Indemnity for Exhibitions of Arts and Ar

tifacts. National Vocational Student Loan Insur

ance (Repealed). 28. Higher Education Resources and Student

Assistance. 29. International Studies and Research

(Omitted or Repealed). 30. Basic Education for Adults. 31. General Provisions concerning Educa

tion. 32. Vocational Education (Omitted or Re

pealed). 33. Education of Individuals with Disabil

ities. 34. National Commission on Libraries and In

formation Science. 35. Environmental Education (Omitted). 36. Emergency School Aid (Repealed). 37. Assignment or Transportation of Stu

dents. 38. Discrimination Based on Sex or Blindness. 39. Equal Educational Opportunities and

Transportation of Students. 40. Consolidation of Education Programs

(Omitted, Repealed, or Transferred). 41. National Reading Improvement Program

(Repealed). 42. Harry S Truman Memorial Scholarships. 43. American Folklife Preservation. 44. Vocational Education. 45. Career Education and Career Develop

ment. 46. Career Education Incentive (Repealed or

Strengthening and Improvement of Ele-

mentary and Secondary Schools (Omit

ted, Transferred, or Repealed). 48. Department of Education. 49. Asbestos School Hazard Detection and

Control. 50. National Center for the Study of Afro

American History and Culture. 51. Elementary and Secondary Education

Block Grant (Repealed). 52. Education for Economic Security. 53.

Emergency Immigrant Education Assist

ance (Repealed). 54.

Leadership in Educational Administration

(Repealed). 55. Education of the Deaf. 56. American Indian, Alaska Native, and

Native Hawaiian Culture and Art Devel

opment. James Madison Memorial Fellowship Pro

gram. 58. Drug-Free Schools and Communities (Re

pealed or Transferred). 59. Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excel

lence in Education Program.


TITLE 21-FOOD AND DRUGS 1. Adulterated or Misbranded Foods or

Drugs. 2.

Teas. 3. Filled Milk. 4. Animals, Meats, and Meat and Dairy

Products. 5. Viruses, Serums, Toxins, Antitoxins, and

Analogous Products. 5A. Bureau of Narcotics (Omitted). 6. Narcotic Drugs (Repealed or Trans

ferred). 7. Practice of Pharmacy and sale of Poisons

in Consular Districts in China. 8. Narcotic Farms (Repealed). 9. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. 10. Poultry and Poultry Products Inspection. 11. Manufacture of Narcotic Drugs (Re

pealed). 12. Meat Inspection. 13. Drug Abuse Prevention and Control. 14. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Educational Pro

grams and Activities (Repealed). 15. Egg Products Inspection. 16. Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment, and

Rehabilitation. 17. National Drug Enforcement Policy (Re

pealed). 18. President's Media Commission on Alcohol

and Drug Abuse Prevention. 19. Pesticide Monitoring Improvements. 20. National Drug Control Program.



INTERCOURSE 1. Diplomatic and Consular Service General

ly (Repealed, Transferred, or Omitted). 2. Consular Courts (Repealed or Omitted).



Chap. 3. United States Court for China (Repealed

or Omitted). 4. Passports. 5. Preservation of Friendly Foreign Rela

tions Generally (Repealed or Trans

ferred). 6. Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Offi

cers. 7. International Bureaus, Congresses, etc. 8. Foreign Service Buildings. 9. Foreign Wars, War Materials, and Neu

trality. 10. Hemispheral Relations. 11. Foreign Agents and Propaganda. 12. Claims Commissions (Omitted). 13. Service Courts of Friendly Foreign

Forces. 14. Foreign Service (Repealed, Omitted, or

Transferred). 14A. Foreign Service Information Officers

Corps (Repealed). 15. The Republic of the Philippines. 16. Greek and Turkish Assistance (Repealed). 17. Relief Aid to War-Devastated Countries

[Repealed). 18. United States Information and Education

al Exchange Programs. 19. Foreign Assistance Program (Repealed). 20. Mutual Defense Assistance Program (Re

pealed or Omitted). 20A. Mutual Defense Assistance Control Pro

gram (Omitted).

Settlement of International Claims. 21A. Settlement of Investment Disputes. 22. Mutual Security Assistance (Repealed). 23. Protection of Citizens Abroad. 24. Mutual Security Program. 24A. Middle East Peace and Stability. 25. Protection of Vessels on the High Seas

and in Territorial Waters of Foreign

Countries. 26. Armed Forces Participation in Interna

tional Amateur Sports Competitions

[Repealed). 27. International Cultural Exchange and

Trade Fair Participation (Repealed). 28. International Atomic Energy Agency Par

ticipation. 29. Cultural, Technical, and Educational Cen

ters. 29A. Inter-American Cultural and Trade

Center. 30. International Cooperation in Health and

Medical Research. 31. International Travel. 32. Foreign Assistance. 33. Mutual Educational and Cultural Ex


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change Program.
34. The Peace Corps.
35. Arms Control and Disarmament.

36. Migration and Refugee Assistance.
37. Foreign Gifts and Decorations.
38. Department of State.
39. Arms Export Control.
40. International Expositions.
41. Study Commission Relating to Foreign

Policy (Omitted).
42. International Economic Policy (Omitted).
43. International Broadcasting (Repealed).
44. Japan-United States Friendship.
45. Commission on Security and Cooperation

in Europe. 46. International Investment and Trade in

Services Survey. 46A. Foreign Direct Investment and Interna

tional Financial Data. 47. Nuclear Non-Proliferation. 48. Taiwan Relations. 49. Support of Peace Treaty Between Egypt

and Israel. 50. Institute for Scientific and Technological

Cooperation. 51. Panama Canal. 52. Foreign Service. 53. Authorities Relating to the Regulation of

Foreign Missions. 53A. Disposition of Personal Property Abroad. 53B. Foreign Relations of the United States

Historical Series. 54. Private Organization Assistance. 55. Research and Training for Eastern

Europe and Independent States of

Former Soviet Union.
56. United States Institute of Peace.

United States Scholarship Program for

Developing Countries.
58. Diplomatic Security.
59. Fascell Fellowship Program.
61. Anti-Terrorism-PLO.

International Financial Policy.
63. Support for East European Democracy

(SEED). 64. United States Response to Terrorism Af.

fecting Americans Abroad.
Control and Elimination of Chemical and

Biological Weapons.
66. United States-Hong Kong Policy.

Freedom for Russia and Emerging Eura

sian Democracies and Open Markets

Support. 68. Demilitarization of Former Soviet Union. 68A. Cooperative Threat Reduction With

States of Former Soviet Union. 69. Cuban Democracy. 70. Mansfield Fellowship Program. 71. United States International Broadcasting.

Anti-Apartheid Program (Repealed).




1. Federal-Aid Highways.
2. Other Highways.
3. General Provisions.

[blocks in formation]

27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.


Indian Land Consolidation.
Old Age Assistance Claims Settlement.
Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Pre-

vention and Treatment.
Tribally Controlled School Grants.
Indian Education Program (Repealed).
Indian Gaming Regulation.
Indian Law Enforcement Reform.
Native American Languages.
Native American Graves Protection and

Repatriation. National Indian Forest Resources Man

agement. Indian Child Protection and Family Vio

lence Prevention. Indian Higher Education Programs. Indian Employment, Training and Relat

ed Services. Indian Energy Resources. Indian Tribal Justice Support. American Indian Agricultural Resource

Management. Indian Dams Safety. Indian Lands Open Dump Cleanup. American Indian Trust Fund Manage

ment Reform.

TITLE 24-HOSPITALS AND ASYLUMS 1. Navy Hospitals, Naval Home, Army and

Navy Hospital, and Hospital Relief for

Seamen and Others. 2. Soldiers' and Airmen's Home (Repealed). 3. National Home for Disabled Volunteer

Soldiers. 4. Saint Elizabeths Hospital. 5. Columbia Institution for the Deaf (Omit

ted), 6. Freedmen's Hospital (Omitted). 7. National Cemeteries. 7A. Private and Commercial Cemeteries (Re

pealed). 8. Gorgas Hospital. 9. Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Nationals

Returned From Foreign Countries. 10. Armed Forces Retirement Home.


35. 36.

37. 38. 39.

40. 41. 42.

[blocks in formation]

SUBTITLE A-INCOME TAXES Normal Taxes and Surtaxes. Tax on Self-Employment Income. 'Vithholding of Tax Nonresident


TITLE 25-INDIANS 1. Bureau of Indian Affairs. 2. Officers of Indian Affairs. 2A. Indian Claims Commission (Omitted or

Repealed). 3. Agreements With Indians. 4. Performance by United States of Obliga

tions to Indians. 5. Protection of Indians. 6. Government of Indian Country and Res

ervations. 7. Education of Indians. 7A. Promotion of Social and Economic Wel


Rights-of-Way Through Indian Lands. 9. Allotment of Indian Lands. 10. Descent and Distribution; Heirs of Allot

Aliens and Foreign Corporations.
Tax on Transfers To Avoid Income Tax.
Consolidated Returns.



Estate Tax.
Gift Tax.
Tax on Generation Skipping Transfers.
Special Valuation Rules.

11. Irrigation of Allotted Lands.
12. Lease, Sale, or Surrender of Allotted or

Unallotted Lands. 13. Ceded Indian Lands (Transferred). 14. Miscellaneous.

Constitutional Rights of Indians. 16. Distribution of Judgment Funds. 17. Financing Economic Development of Indi

ans and Indian Organizations. 18. Indian Health Care. 19. Indian Land Claims Settlements. 20. Tribally Controlled Community College

Assistance. 21. Indian Child Welfare. 22. Bureau of Indian Affairs Programs. 23. Development of Tribal Mineral Re.



SUBTITLE C-EMPLOYMENT TAXES 21. Federal Insurance Contributions Act. 22. Railroad Retirement Tax Act. 23. Federal Unemployment Tax Act. 23A. Railroad Unemployment Repayment Tax. 24. Collection of Income Tax at Source on

Wages. 25. General Provisions Relating to Employ.

ment Taxes. SUBTITLE D-MISCELLANEOUS EXCISE TAXES 31. Retail Excise Taxes. 32. Manufacturers Excise Taxes. 33. Facilities and Services. 34. Policies Issued by Foreign Insurers. 35. Taxes on Wagering. 36. Certain Other Excise Taxes. 37. (Repealed). 38. Environmental Taxes. 39. Registration Required Obligations.




Chap. 99.

Coal Industry Health Benefits.

[blocks in formation]

TITLE 27–INTOXICATING LIQUORS 1. General Provisions (Repealed). 2. Prohibition of Intoxicating Beverages

(Repealed, Omitted, or Transferred). 2A. Beer, Ale, Porter, and Similar Fermented

Liquor (Repealed or Omitted). 3. Industrial Alcohol (Omitted). 4. Penalties (Repealed). 5. Prohibition Reorganization Act of 1930

(Repealed). 6. Transportation in Interstate Commerce. 7. Liquor Law Repeal and Enforcement Act

[Omitted). 8. Federal Alcohol Administration Act. 9. Liquor Enforcement Act of 1936 (Re



OTHER EXCISE TAXES 51. Distilled Spirits, Wines, and Beer. 52. Cigars, Cigarettes, Smokeless Tobacco,

Pipe Tobacco, and Cigarette Papers and

Tubes. 53. Machine Guns, Destructive Devices, and

Certain Other Firearms. 54. Greenmail.


1. 3. 5. 6. 7. 9. 11. 13. 15. 17.

SUBTITLE P-PROCEDURE AND ADMINISTRATION 61. Information and Returns. 62. Time and Place for Paying Tax. 63.

Assessment. 64. Collection. 65. Abatements, Credits, and Refunds. 66.

Limitations. 67. Interest. 68. Additions to the Тах, , Additional

Amounts, and Assessable Penalties. 69. General Provisions Relating to Stamps. 70. Jeopardy, Receiverships, Etc. 71. Transferees and Fiduciaries. 72. Licensing and Registration. 73. Bonds. 74. Closing Agreements and Compromises. 75. Crimes, Other Offenses, and Forfeitures. 76. Judicial Proceedings. 77. Miscellaneous Provisions. 78. Discovery of Liability and Enforcement of

Title. 79. Definitions. 80. General Rules.

PART 1-ORGANIZATION OF COURTS Supreme Court. Courts of Appeals. District Courts. Bankruptcy Judges. United States Court of Federal Claims. (Repealed). Court of International Trade. Assignment of Judges to Other Courts. Conferences and Councils of Judges. Resignation and Retirement of Justices

and Judges. Distribution of Reports and Digests. General Provisions Applicable to Courts

and Judges. Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduc

tion Plans.

19. 21.


SUBTITLE G-THE JOINT COMMITTEE ON TAXATION 91. Organization and Membership of the

Joint Committee. 92. Powers and Duties of the Joint Commit


PART II-DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 31. The Attorney General. 33. Federal Bureau of Investigation. 35. United States Attorneys. 37. United States Marshals Service. 39. United States Trustees. 40. Independent Counsel.

PART III-COURT OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES 41. Administrative Office of United States

Courts. 42. Federal Judicial Center. 43. United States Magistrates. 44. Arbitration. 45. Supreme Court. 47. Courts of Appeals. 49. District Courts. 51. United States Court of Federal Claims. 53. (Repealed). 55. Court of International Trade.

[blocks in formation]

Chap. 3. National Trade Unions (Repealed). 4. Vocational Rehabilitation of Persons In

jured in Industry (Repealed or Omit

ted). 4A. Employment Stabilization (Omitted or

Repealed). 4B. Federal Employment Service. 4C. Apprentice Labor. 5. Labor Disputes; Mediation and Injunctive

Relief. 6. Jurisdiction of Courts in Matters Affect.

ing Employer and Employee. 7. Labor-Management Relations. 8. Fair Labor Standards. 9. Portal-to-Portal Pay. 10.

Disclosure of Welfare and Pension Plans

(Repealed). 11. Labor-Management Reporting and Disclo

sure Procedure. 12. Department of Labor. 13. Exemplary Rehabilitation Certificates

(Repealed). 14. Age Discrimination in Employment. 15. Occupational Safety and Health. 16. Vocational Rehabilitation and Other Re

habilitation Services. 17. Comprehensive Employment and Train

ing Programs (Repealed). 18. Employee Retirement Income Security

Program. 19. Job Training Partnership. 20. Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural

Worker Protection. 21. Helen Keller National Center for Youths

and Adults Who Are Deaf-Blind, 22. Employee Polygraph Protection. 23. Worker Adjustment and Retraining Noti

fication. 24. Technology Related Assistance for Indi

viduals with Disabilities. 25. Displaced Homemakers Self-Sufficiency

Assistance. 26. National Center for the Workplace. 27. Women in Apprenticeship and Nontradi

tional Occupations. 28. Family and Medical Leave. 29. Workers Technology Skill Development.

[blocks in formation]



Chap. 57.


81. 83. 85. 87. 89.

General Provisions Applicable to Court

Officers and Employees.
United States Sentencing Commission.

Supreme Court.
Courts of Appeals.
District Courts; Jurisdiction.
District Courts; Venue.
District Courts; Removal of Cases from

State Courts.
United States Court of Federal Claims.
Court of International Trade.
Jurisdictional Immunities of Foreign

General Provisions.



PART V-PROCEDURE 111. General Provisions. 113. Process. 115. Evidence; Documentary. 117. Evidence; Depositions. 119. Evidence; Witnesses. 121. Juries; Trial by Jury. 123. Fees and Costs. 125. Pending Actions and Judgments. 127. Executions and Judicial Sales. 129. Moneys Paid into Court. 131. Rules of Courts. 133. Review-Miscellaneous Provisions.

PART VI-PARTICULAR PROCEEDINGS 151. Declaratory Judgments. 153. Habeas Corpus. 155. Injunctions; Three-Judge Courts. 157. Interstate Commerce Commission Orders;

Enforcement and Review. 158. Orders of Federal Agencies; Review. 159. Interpleader. 161. United States as Party Generally. 163. Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures. 165. United States Court of Federal Claims

Procedure. 167. (Repealed). 169. Court of International Trade Procedure. 171. Tort Claims Procedure. 173. Attachment in Postal Suits. 175. Civil Commitment and Rehabilitation of

Narcotic Addicts. 176. Federal Debt Collection Procedure. 178. Professional and Amateur Sports Protec




Labor Statistics.
Women's Bureau.
Children's Bureau (Transferred).


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