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Chap. 1. 3. 5. 7. 9.


Collection and Publication of Statistics.
Offenses and Penalties.
Collection and Publication of Foreign

Commerce and Trade Statistics.
Exchange of Census Information.




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PART I-REGULAR COAST GUARD 1. Establishment and Duties. 3. Composition and Organization. 5. Functions and Powers. 7. Cooperation With Other Agencies. 9. Coast Guard Academy. 11. Personnel. 13. Pay, Allowances, Awards, and Other

Rights and Benefits. 15. (Repealed). 17. Administration. 19. Environmental Compliance and Restora

tion Program. PART II-COAST GUARD RESERVE AND AUXILIARY 21. Coast Guard Reserve. 23. Coast Guard Auxiliary. 25. General Provisions for Coast Guard Re

serve and Auxiliary.

12. Discrimination Against Farmers' Coopera-

tive Associations by Boards of Trade.
13. Textile Foundation.
13A. Fishing Industry.
14. Reconstruction Finance Corporation (Re-

pealed, Omitted, or Transferred). 14A. Aid to Small Business. 14B. Small Business Investment Program. 15. Economic Recovery. 15A. Interstate Transportation of Petroleum

Products. 15B. Natural Gas. 15C. Alaska Natural Gas Transportation. 16. Emergency Relief (Omitted or Repealed). 16A. Emergency Petroleum Allocation (Omit

ted). 16B. Federal Energy Administration. 16C. Energy Supply and Environmental Co

ordination. 17. Production, Marketing, and Use of Bitu

minous Coal (Repealed). 18. Transportation of Firearms (Repealed). 19. Miscellaneous. 20. Regulation of Insurance. 21. National Policy on Employment and Pro

ductivity. 22. Trade-Marks. 23. Dissemination of Technical, Scientific,

and Engineering Information. 24. Transportation of Gambling Devices. 25. Flammable Fabrics. 26. Household Refrigerators. 27. Automobile Dealer Suits Against Manu

facturers. 28. Disclosure of Automobile Information. 29. Manufacture, Transportation, or Distribu

tion of Switchblade Knives. 30.

Hazardous Substances. 31. Destruction of Property Moving in Com

merce (Repealed, See Section 80501 of

Title 49). 32. Telecasting of Professional Sports Con

tests. 33. Brake Fluid Regulation (Repealed). 34. Antitrust Civil Process. 35. Seat Belt Regulation (Repealed). 36. Cigarette Labeling and Advertising. 37. State Technical Services. 38. Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety (Re

pealed, See Chapter 301 of Title 49). 39. Fair Packaging and Labeling Program. 39A. Special Packaging of Household Sub

stances for Protection of Children. 40. Department of Commerce. 41. Consumer Credit Protection. 42. Interstate Land Sales. 43. Newspaper Preservation. 44. Protection of Horses. 45. Emergency Loan Guarantees to Business

Enterprises. 45A. Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee


1. Monopolies and Combinations in Re-

straint of Trade.
2. Federal Trade Commission; Promotion of

Export Trade and Prevention of Unfair

Methods of Competition. 2A. Securities and Trust Indentures. 2B. Securities Exchanges. 2B-1. Securities Investor Protection. 2C. Public Utility Holding Companies. 2D. Investment Companies and Advisers. 2E. Omnibus Small Business Capital Forma

tion. 3. Trade-Marks. 4. China Trade. 5. Statistical and Commercial Information. 6. Weights and Measures and Standard

Time. 7. National Institute of Standards and Tech

nology. 7A. Standard Reference Data Program. 8. Falsely Stamped Gold or Silver or Goods

Manufactured Therefrom. 9. National Weather Service. 9A. Weather Modification Activities or At

tempts; Reporting Requirement. 10. War Finance Corporation (Omitted). 10A. Collection of State Cigarette Taxes. 10B. State Taxation of Income From Interstate

Commerce. 11. Caustic Poisons (Repealed).


Chap. 46. Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Sav

ings (Repealed, See Chapters 321 to 331

of Title 49). 46A. Automobile Title Fraud (Repealed, See

Chapter 305 of Title 49). 47. Consumer Product Safety. 48. Hobby Protection. 49. Fire Prevention and Control. 50. Consumer Product Warranties. 51. National Productivity and Quality of

Working Life. 52. Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Research, De

velopment, and Demonstration. 53.

Toxic Substances Control. 54. Automotive Propulsion Research and De

velopment. 55. Petroleum Marketing Practices. 56. National Climate Program. 56A. Global Change Research. 57. Interstate Horseracing. 58. Full Employment and Balanced Growth. 59. Retail Policies for Natural Gas Utilities. 60. Natural Gas Policy. 61. Soft Drink Interbrand Competition. 62. Condominium and Cooperative Conver

sion Protection and Abuse Relief. 63. Technology Innovation. 64. Methane Transportation Research, Devel

opment, and Demonstration. 65. Liability Risk Retention. 66. Promotion of Export Trade. 67. Arctic Research and Policy. 68. Land Remote-Sensing Commercialization

(Repealed). 69. Cooperative Research. 70. Comprehensive Smokeless Tobacco

Health Education. 71. Petroleum Overcharge Distribution and

Restitution. 72. Semiconductor Research.

Export Enhancement. 74. Competitiveness Policy Council. 75. National Trade Data Bank. 76. Imitation Firearms. 77. Steel and Aluminum Energy Conservation

and Technology Competitiveness. 78.

Superconductivity and Competitiveness. 79. Metal Casting Competitiveness Research

Program. 80. Fasteners. 81. High-Performance Computing. 82. Land Remote Sensing Policy. 83. Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Reso

lution. 84. Commercial Space Competitiveness. 85. Armored Car Industry Reciprocity. 86. Children's Bicycle Helmet Safety. 87. Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and

Abuse Prevention. 88. International Antitrust Enforcement As


TITLE 16-CONSERVATION Chap. 1. National Parks, Military Parks, Monu

ments, and Seashores. 1A. Historic Sites, Buildings, Objects, and An

tiquities. 1B. Archaeological Resources Protection. 2. National Forests. 3. Forests; Forest Service; Reforestation;

Management. 3A. Unemployment Relief Through Perform

ance of Useful Public Work (Omitted or

Repealed). 3B. Soil Conservation, 3C. Water Conservation. 4. Protection of Timber, and Depredations. 5. Protection of Fur Seals and Other Fur

Bearing Animals. 5A. Protection and Conservation of Wildlife. 5B. Wildlife Restoration. 5C. Conservation Programs on Government

Lands. 6. Game and Bird Preserves; Protection. 7. Protection of Migratory Game and Insec

tivorous Birds. 8. Upper Mississippi River Wild Life and

Fish Refuge. 9. Fish and Wildlife Service. 9A. Preservation of Fishery Resources. 10. Northern Pacific Halibut Fishing. 10A. Sockeye or Pink Salmon Fishing (Re

pealed). 10B. Fish Restoration and Management Proj

ects. 10C. Fish Research and Experimentation Pro

gram. 10D. State Commercial Fisheries Research and

Development Projects (Repealed). 11. Regulation of Landing, Curing, and Sale

of Sponges Taken From Gulf of Mexico

and Straits of Florida. 12. Federal Regulation and Development of

Power. 12A. Tennessee Valley Authority. 12B. Bonneville Project. 12C. Fort Peck Project. 12D. Columbia Basin Project. 12E. Niagara Power Project. 12F. Pacific Northwest Consumer Power Pref.

erence; Reciprocal Priority in Other Re

gions. 12G. Pacific Northwest Federal Transmission

System. 12H. Pacific Northwest Electric Power Plan

ning and Conservation. 13. Regulation of Transportation in Inter

state or Foreign Commerce of Black

Bass and Other Fish (Repealed). 14. Regulation of Whaling. 14A. Whale Conservation and Protection. 15. Predatory Sea Lampreys in the Great

Lakes (Omitted). 15A. Great Lakes Fisheries.




Chap. 44B. Antarctic Mineral Resources Protection. 45. Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Pro

gram. 46. Public Utility Regulatory Policies. 47. Small Hydroelectric Power Projects. 48. National Aquaculture Policy, Planning,

and Development. 49. Fish and Wildlife Conservation. 50. Chesapeake Bay Research Coordination

[Omitted). 51. Alaska National Interest Lands Conserva

tion. 52. Salmon and Steelhead Conservation and

Enhancement. 53. Control of Illegally Taken Fish and Wild

life. 54. Resource Conservation. 55. Coastal Barrier Resources.

North Atlantic Salmon Fishing. 56A. Pacific Salmon Fishing. 57. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, 57A. Partnerships for Wildlife. 58. Erodible Land and Wetland Conservation

and Reserve Program.

Wetlands Resources. 59A. Wetlands. 60. Fish and Seafood Promotion. 61. Interjurisdictional Fisheries. 62. African Elephant Conservation.

Federal Cave Resources Protection. 64. North American Wetlands Conservation. 65. International Forestry Cooperation. 66. Take Pride in America Program. 67. Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control. 68. Pacific Yew Conservation and Manage


Wild Exotic Bird Conservation. 70. North Pacific Anadromous Stocks Con

vention. 71. Atlantic Coastal Fisheries Cooperative

Management. 72. Recreational Hunting Safety. 73. Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation. 74. National Maritime Heritage.



Chap. 15B. Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restora

tion. 15C. Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Tissue

Bank. 16. Tuna Conventions. 16A. Atlantic Tunas Convention. 16B. Eastern Pacific Tuna Fishing. 16C. South Pacific Tuna Fishing. 17. Northwest Atlantic Fisheries (Repealed). 18. Watershed Protection and Flood Preven

tion. 19. North Pacific Fisheries (Repealed or

Transferred). 20. National Fisheries Center and Aquarium. 21. Prohibition of Foreign Fishing Vessels in

the Territorial Waters of the United

States (Repealed). 21A. Fisheries Zone Contiguous to Territorial

Sea of the United States (Repealed). 21B. Prohibition of Certain Foreign Fishing

Vessels in United States Fisheries

(Omitted). 21C. Offshore Shrimp Fisheries (Omitted). 22. International Parks. 23. National Wilderness Preservation System. 24. Conservation and Protection of North Pa

cific Fur Seals. Jellyfish or Sea Nettles, Other Such

Pests, and Seaweed in Coastal Waters:

Control or Elimination. 25A. Crown of Thorns Starfish. 25B. Reefs for Marine Life Conservation. 26. Estuarine Areas.

National Trails System. 27A. National Recreational Trails Fund. 28. Wild and Scenic Rivers. 29. Water Bank Program for Wetlands Pres

ervation. 30. Wild Horses and Burros: Protection, Man

agement, and Control. 31. Marine Mammal Protection. 32. Marine Sanctuaries. 32A. Regional Marine Research Programs. 33. Coastal Zone Management. 34. Rural Environmental Conservation Pro


Endangered Species. 36. Forest and Rangeland Renewable Re

sources Planning. 37. Youth Conservation Corps and Public

Lands Corps. 38. Fishery Conservation and Management. 39.

Mining Activity within National Park

System Areas. 40.

Soil and Water Resources Conservation. 41. Cooperative Forestry Assistance. 42. Emergency Conservation Program. 43. Public Transportation Programs for Na

tional Park System Areas. 44. Antarctic Conservation. 44A. Antarctic Marine Living Resources Con






TITLE 17-COPYRIGHTS 1. Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright. 2. Copyright Ownership and Transfer. 3. Duration of Copyright. 4. Copyright Notice, Deposit, and Registra

tion. 5. Copyright Infringement and Remedies. 6. Manufacturing Requirements and Impor

tation. 7. Copyright Office. 8. Copyright Aribtration Royalty Panels. 9. Protection of Semiconductor Chip Prod.

ucts. 10. Digital Audio Recording Devices and

Media. 11. Sound Recordings and Music Videos.



PART 1-CRIMES Chap. 1. General Provisions. 2. Aircraft and Motor Vehicles. 3. Animals, Birds, Fish, and Plants. 5. Arson. 7. Assault. 9. Bankruptcy. 10. Biological Weapons. 11. Bribery, Graft, and Conflicts of Interest. 11A. Child Support. 12. Civil Disorders. 13. Civil Rights. 15. Claims and Services in Matters Affecting

Government. 17. Coins and Currency. 17A. Common Carrier Operation Under the In

fluence of Alcohol or Drugs. 18. Congressional, Cabinet, and Supreme

Court Assassination, Kidnapping, and

Assault. 19. Conspiracy. 21. Contempts. 23. Contracts. 25. Counterfeiting and Forgery. 26. Criminal Street Gangs. 27. Customs. 29. Elections and Political Activities. 31. Embezzlement and Theft. 33. Emblems, Insignia, and Names. 35. Escape and Rescue. 37. Espionage and Censorship. 39. Explosives and Other Dangerous Articles. 40. Importation, Manufacture, Distribution

and Storage of Explosive Materials. 41. Extortion and Threats. 42. Extortionate Credit Transactions. 43. False Personation. 44. Firearms. 45. Foreign Relations. 46. Forfeiture. 47. Fraud and False Statements. 49. Fugitives From Justice. 50. Gambling. 50A. Genocide. 51. Homicide. 53. Indians. 55. Kidnapping. 57. Labor. 59. Liquor Traffic. 61. Lotteries.

Mail Fraud. 65. Malicious Mischief. 67. Military and Navy. 68. (Repealed). 69.

Nationality and Citizenship.

Obscenity. 73. Obstruction of Justice. 75. Passports and Visas. 77. Peonage and Slavery. 79. Perjury. 81. Piracy and Privateering. 83. Postal Service,

Chap. 84. Presidential and Presidential Staff Assas

sination, Kidnapping, and Assault. 85. Prison-Made Goods. 87. Prisons. 89. Professions and Occupations. 91. Public Lands. 93. Public Officers and Employees. 95. Racketeering. 96. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Orga


Railroads. 99. (Repealed). 101. Records and Reports. 102. Riots. 103. Robbery and Burglary. 105. Sabotage. 107. Seamen and Stowaways. 109. Searches and Seizures. 109A. Sexual Abuse. 110. Sexual Exploitation and Other Abuse of

Children. 110A. Domestic Violence. 111. Shipping. 113. Stolen Property. 113A. Telemarketing Fraud. 113B. Terrorism. 113B. Torture. 114. Trafficking in Contraband Cigarettes. 115. Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activi.

ties. 117. Transportation for Illegal Sexual Activity

and Related Crimes. 119. Wire and Electronic Communications

Interception and Interception of Oral

Communications. 121. Stored Wire and Electronic Communica

tions and Transactional Records Access. 123. Prohibition on Release and Use of Certain

Personal Information From State Motor
Vehicle Records.

PART II-CRIMINAL PROCEDURE 201. General Provisions. 203. Arrest and Commitment. 204. Rewards for Information Concerning Ter

rorist Acts and Espionage. 205. Searches and Seizures. 206. Pen Registers and Trap and Trace De

vices. 207. Release and Detention Pending Judicial

Proceedings. 208. Speedy Trial. 209. Extradition. 211. Jurisdiction and Venue. 213. Limitations. 215. Grand Jury. 216. Special Grand Jury. 217. Indictment and Information. 219. Trial by United States Magistrates. 221. Arraignment, Pleas and Trial. 223. Witnesses and Evidence. 224. Protection of Witnesses. 225. Verdict. 227. Sentences. 228. Death Sentence.




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Chap. 229. Postsentence Administration. 231. (Repealed). 232. Miscellaneous Sentencing Provisions. 232A. Special Forfeiture of Collateral Profits of

Crime. 233. Contempts. 235. Appeal. 237. (Repealed).

PART III-PRISONS AND PRISONERS 301. General Provisions. 303. Bureau of Prisons. 305. Commitment and Transfer. 306. Transfer to or From Foreign Countries. 307. Employment. 309. (Repealed). 311. (Repealed). 313. Offenders With Mental Disease or Defect. 314. (Repealed). 315. Discharge and Release Payments. 317. Institutions for Women. 319. National Institute of Corrections.

PART IV-CORRECTION OF YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS 401. General Provisions. 402. (Repealed). 403. Juvenile Delinquency.


20. Andean Trade Preference.
21. North American Free Trade.
22. Uruguay Round Trade Agreements.


PART V-IMMUNITY OF WITNESSES 601. Immunity of Witnesses.

1. Office of Education (Repealed).
2. Teaching of Agricultural, Trade, Home

Economics, and Industrial Subjects.
3. Smithsonian Institution, National Muse-

ums and Art Galleries. 4. National Zoological Park. 5. Government Collections and Institutions

for Research, and Material for Educa

tional Institutions. 6. American Printing House for the Blind. 6A. Vending Facilities for Blind in Federal

Buildings. 7. Instruction as to Nature and Effect of Al

coholic Drinks and Narcotics. 8. Howard University. 9. National Training School for Boys (Omit

ted). 10. National Training School for Girls (Omit

ted). 11. National Arboretum. 12. Foreign and Exchange Students. 13. Financial Assistance to Local Educational

Agencies (Omitted or Repealed). 14. School Construction in Areas Affected by

Federal Activities (Transferred to Chap

ter 19). 15. Studies and Research on Problems in

Education (Omitted or Repealed). 16. Public Library Services and Construction. 17. National Defense Education Program

(Omitted or Repealed). 18. Grants for Teaching in the Education of

Handicapped Children (Repealed). 18A. Early Education Programs for Handi

capped Children (Repealed). 19. School Construction in Areas Affected by

Federal Activities (Repealed). 20. Grants for Teaching in the Education of

the Deaf (Omitted). 20A. National Technical Institute for the Deaf

(Repealed or Transferred). 20B. Gallaudet College (Repealed or Trans

ferred). 21. Higher Education Facilities (Omitted or

Repealed). 22. National Council on the Arts (Repealed). 23. Training and Fellowship Programs for

Community Development. 24. Grants for Educational Materials, Facili

ties and Services, and Strengthening of Educational Agencies (Omitted, Re

pealed, or Transferred). 25. Pay and Personnel Program for Overseas

Teachers. 25A. Overseas Defense Dependents' Education. 26. Support and Scholarship in Humanities

and Arts Museum Services.

1. Collection Districts, Ports, and Officers.
1A. Foreign Trade Zones.
2. The Tariff Commission (Repealed or

3. The Tariff and Related Provisions.
4. Tariff Act of 1930.

Smuggling. 6. Trade Fair Program. 7. Trade Expansion Program. 8. Automotive Products. 9. Visual and Auditory Materials of Educa

tional, Scientific, and Cultural Charac

ter. 10. Customs Service. 11. Importation of Pre-Columbian Monumen

tal or Architectural Sculpture or

Murals. 12. Trade Act of 1974. 13. Trade Agreements Act of 1979. 14. Convention on Cultural Property. 15. Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery. 16. Wine Trade. 17. Negotiation and Implementation of Trade

Agreements. 18. Implementation of Harmonized Tariff

Schedule. 19. Telecommunications Trade.

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