The Pennyles Pilgrimage Or The Money-lesse Perambulation of John Taylor: Alias the Kings Majesties Water-poet. How He Travailed on Foot from London to Edenborough in Scotland Not Carrying Any Money to Or Fro

E. Allde, 1618 - 68 pagina's

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Pagina 50 - Then after we had stayed there three hours or thereabouts, we might perceive the deer appear on the hills round about us (their heads making a show like a wood), which being followed close by the...
Pagina 49 - ... compass, they do bring, or chase in the deer, in many herds, (two, three, or four hundred in a herd,) to such or such a place, as the noblemen shall appoint them ; then, when day is come, the lords and gentlemen of their companies...
Pagina 29 - So leaving the castle, as it is both defensive against my opposition, and magnific for lodging and receite, 1 descended lower to the city, wherein I observed the fairest and goodliest street that ever mine eyes beheld, for I did never see or hear of a street of that length, which is half an English mile from 'the castle to a fair port which they call the...
Pagina 50 - Irish greyhounds, they are let loose as the occasion serves upon the herd of deer, so that with dogs, guns, arrows, dirks, and daggers, in the space of two hours, fourscore fat deer were slain, which after are disposed of some one way, and some another, twenty and thirty miles, and more than enough left for us to make merry withal at our rendezvous.
Pagina 5 - In one of Ben Jonson's plays Nobody is introduced, "attyred in a payre of Breeches, which were made to come up to his neck, with his armes out at his pockets and cap drowning his face.
Pagina 47 - Their habit is — shoes, with but one sole a-piece ; stockings, (which they call short hose...
Pagina 46 - Their habit is shoes with but one sole apiece ; stockings (which they call short hose) made of a warm stuff of divers colours, which they call tartan: as for breeches, many of them, nor their forefathers never wore any, but a jerkin of the same stuff that their hose is of, their garters...
Pagina 48 - I saw in those parts ; for I was the space of twelve days after, before I saw either house, corn-field, or habitation for any creature, but deer, wild horses, wolves, and such like creatures, — which made me doubt that I should never have seen a house again.

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