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Manufactures, &c.


Vol. IV.

July 1, 1824.

No. XIX.

into lakeses. In parte perly be


starrORD. · This beautiful estate derives its , Levesons. Our View of the House name from the river Trent, that winds embraces the Entrance - Front and through the grounds, lingering as if the Garden-Front. What may prolothe to depart from the exquisite | perly be termed the pleasure-gar, scenes which it traverses. In parts den is limited, but it contains some it expands into lakes, which, with fine specimens of ancient sculpture. the overhanging woods and islands, The edifice is of considerable extent, produce a fine effect, as viewed from | and has been built about a century; the principal apartments of the man- but considerable alterations and imsion. The woods are beautiful and provements have been made by the diversified, from the fine disposition present marquis, who had recourse of the ground, and here and there to the assistance of Holland. The swell into the richest possible masses. dining-room and private apartments Some fine drives extend through the to the east, as well as the drawingdomain. .

room to the west, are a portion of The mansion is situated on the the admirable additions. The house verge of the park, about four miles is extensive, compact, and truly comfrom Newcastle-under-Line, and five || fortable. The effect is pleasing, and miles from Stone. It has been in | as seen from various parts of the the possession of the present noble grounds, truly grand. The interior family from the beginning of the is fitted up with infinite taste; but 17th century, prior to which it was what particularly deserves attention for many, ages the property of the Il is the superb collection of paintings,

Vol. IV. No. XIX.

both ancient and modern, that adorns i Portrait of Lady Jane Leveson Gower. the various suites of rooms. * sont all. --Wissing. - The hall is a fine room, about 39 Portrait of Lady Jane Countess of feet by 27. and contains some fine | Bath. Wissing. !*:758. full-lengths, the frames forming part ! Village-Politicians.--Bird. " of the embellishments of the wall. The Virgin, Christ, and St. John.viz. the late King by Sir Joshua Rey

Scarzellino de Ferrara. . tionis

Virgin and Child, after Vandyke. nolds; the late Queen by the same;

St. Stephen.-Annibale Caracci. the Marquis of Stafford and Lord

Girl's Head. ---Mrs. Hakewill."Chancellor Thurlow, both by Rom

Moonlight.--Hofland. ney; and Sir Richard Leveson, Vice

Landscape. -Miss Palmer.', Admiral of England, by Vrouw.

Pyramus and Thisbe. --- Wright of This hall communicates with the old

Derby. library, a fine room, and the ceiling is highly ornamented. It contains a

1- Some frames containing fine mininumber of fine portraits by Phillips: and a few fine paintings by Watteau

atures, with some casts and mosaics, among them are,

and Giulio Clovio, finish the producPortrait of Henry Charles Earl of

tions contained in this room, which Surrey. Portrait of Charlotte Countess of

communicates with the drawing-room, Surrey.

delightfully fitted up with some chaste Portraits of Lady Elizabeth and Lord

pieces of inlaid work and ebony Francis Leveson Gower.

bookcases; the furniture blue and - Portrait of George Granville, Earl

gold. This room alone contains a Gower.

charming collection of paintings, Portrait of Charles James Fox.-Jack- |which are as follows:


Old Man's Head.- Sir Wm. Beechey. Portrait of Frederick Earl of Car

Young Fifer.-Collins. lisle.--Jackson.

Hare-Skin Man.T. Barker. , Portrait of his present Majesty when

Two Children.-T. Barker.. Prince Regent.

Landscape.-B. Burker. Portrait of George Granville, Marquis ||

Landscape.-B. Barker totis of Stafford, Romney.

St. Peter.-Shce...?,61119" Portrait of King Henry VIII.-Hol.


Cottage-Girl. --Sheer osti bein.

Cobblers.-D. Guest. Portrait of Caroline Countess of Car-|| Vulture and Serpent.-Northcote. . lisle.-Romncy.

Christ and Mary Magdalen.-Westalt. Portrait of Elizabeth Marchioness of Ruins at Rome. Paolo Panini. Ti Bath.-Mrs. Mee. "

Ruins at Rome.--Paolo Panini, e Portrait of Mademoiselle de Charo Fruit-Seller. Lecount. Hiervr,!! lois.-- Nattier. '

Moses in the Bullrushes.--Jacksona' Portrait of Thomas Earl of Arundel. View at Lewisham.-Nasonytha -Miss M. Mure.

Portrait of Edward Wortley Monta- A copy from Vandyke's painting at gue, Esq.-Peters. Cleveland-House, from the Orleans col- | Belisarius.--Opie, ingrijes oss site lection. Iloidi in oderni Artist Reading.--Bone. in box

Portrait of Mary Queen of Scots, co A Calm.Hoppuer. pied from a picture in the possession of View near Scarborough.-Hopland. che Earl of Morton – Boyle.



- Home.-6. Joncs. ; " in .ll Portrait of Thomas Wentworth, Earl The Circumcision.—Guido.

of Strafford. Satyr and Nymph.--X. Poussin, Portrait of Christian Duke of BrunsDescent from the Cross.

wick. Chevy Chase.—Bird.

Portrait of Robert Devereux, Earl of Sea Piece.--Morland.

Essex. St. Catherine Dominichino.

Portrait of a Burgomaster.-Moore Female Artist.-Watson.

veldi. Flowers.--Hewlet,

A Consistory.Tintoret... ? A Sorceress.-- Teniers.

Landscape. -Gaspar Poussin.. Hannah and Samuel, a copy by Rein Landscape.-Gaspar Poussin. agle of the painting at Cleveland-House Landscape.--Gaspar Poussin, by Rembrandt.

Landscape.-Claudes · From the drawing-room the visitor


Virgin, Christ, and St. John.Pietra recrosses the old library through | Per the saloon, along which stretches the

es the Holy Family.-Rottenhamer and D.

Holy Fam conservatory, forming a pleasing fea- || Seyers. ture as connected with the flower | Marriage of St. Catherine.-Venetian garden and lawn, with the sweet School. views that extend beyond, embel- Christ crowned with Thorns.-L. Ca. lished with a fine sheet of water. racci. This portion of the estate has been Virgin and Child. considerably improved of late by the l Subject.-Watteau. formation of islands, which, when Four paintings in one frame by Muwell covered with woods, will have a || rillo and a Spanish painter unknown." rich effect, with their fine and ever. A Sketch. Velasquez. . . varying reflections on the bosom of This library communicates with the lake, as viewed from the house. the anti-room and a noble dining

On a line and connected with the room. The pictures are, saloon is the new library, fitted up | Head of Titian.— Tintoret. , in a tasteful style, containing an ex- || Head of Aretino.- Tintoret. cellent collection of the works of the Education of Cupid. Titian. best authors, and some paintings,

Christ and the Disciples at Emmaus, --chiefly portraits.


St. Margaret.-School of Caracci. :Portrait of Elizabeth Marchioness of

Rape of Proserpine.- Nicolo del Abate. Stafford.-Sir Thomas Lawrence.

Portraits. - Paul Veronese, Portrait of George Granville, Marquis Portrait of Robert Dudley, Earl of of Stafford.-Phillips .

Leicester.-Zucchero, Portrait of a Venetian Senator.

tor. Portrait of Don Garcia.Sarmiente Titian.

d'Acuna. Portrait of Cardinal Barberini.

Ratcliff Earl of Sussex,., Portrait of Cromwell Earl of Essex.-||

Mrs. Siddons, a copy on Worcester. Holbein.

china, after Sir Joshua Reynolds.. .; Portrait of the Elector Palatine.

Portrait of Lord Chancellor Elles- || The billiard-room contains a beau. mere.

tiful landscape by Vincent, and busts Portrait of Charles Brandon, Duke of of the Roman emperors. Suffolk.-Girolamo da Traviso. ". In the gallery, besides the Entomto


of Christ by bs of the Frith of

Caerpinting: -Var

ment of Christ by Hilton, there are| A Gate at Edinburgh.-Runciman. some excellent views of the Frith of View of Scheveling.- Van Goyen. Forth by Elizabeth Marchioness of Caerphilly Castle.Ibbetson. Stafford. The state rooms are rich

A Painting. Vander Meulen. and powerful in effect, and contain

A Painting in imitation of Salvator a number of fine paintings by the

Rosa.- Lingelbach. best masters. The bed is canopied,

A Painting in imitation of Salvator and crimson and gold, and the room

Rosa.—Lingelbach. hung with fine old tapestry.

A Painting.-Le Duc.

Christ on the Mount.

Portraits of King Charles II. James II. Landscape.-Clennell.

and Princess Henrietta Maria.-After Landscape.-Vincent.

Vandyke, by Old Stone. Landscape.-Cranmer.

Portrait of Sir John Leveson Gower. Landscape.--Barrett.

-Marc Garrard. Landscape.-Barrett.

Portrait of Robert Devereux, Earl of Venus and Cupid.—Coypel.

Essex. A Painting.-Watteau.

Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Belgrave. A Painting.–Watteau.

- After Sir Thomas Lawrence, by GumThis room contains also a beauti

mow. ful bust of the late Queen of Prussia. | THE MARCHIONESS OF STAFFORD'S Connected with the state bed-room

BED-ROOM. is the state dressing-room, which Children. Rising. contains the following paintings: Game.—Reinagle.

Portrait of Elizabeth Marchioness of Sea Piece.--Brooking. Stafford. Hoppner.

A Subject after Titian.-Cantrill. Portrait of Caroline Countess of Car Head.-Miss Geddes. lisle.---- Angelica Kauffman.

Dunrobin Castle. Williams. Portrait of Lady Louisa Macdonald. Portrait of Sir Bevil Granville. -Angelica Kauffman.

Walker. Portraits of Lady Ann Vernon, Lady Portrait of Frances Countess of Mar. Georgiana Elliot, the Duchess of Beau--C. K. Sharp, Esq. fort, the Countess of Harrowby, and Viscount Granville.-— Romney.

THE MARQUIS OF STAFFORD'S SITPortrait of George Granville, Mar

TING-ROOM. quis of Stafford.—Owen.

Athens.-Casus. The Standard.—Cooper,

Ephesus.-Casas. Horse and Boa.-Ward.

Tivoli.-Du Croz. Landscape.-De Marne.

Terni.-Du Croz. Landscape.--Wynants.


View of Nimeguen.-Van Goyen. Croyland Abbey.-Cotman.
A Painting.-F. Mill.

Wetherby Bridge.--Girtin,
A Painting.–Londonio.

Cauldron Linn.-Glover, The Marchioness of Stafford's Boys and Game.—Heaphy. sitting-room is an elegant apartment, Interior of a Kitchen.--Pugin. and contains the following works: Landscape.-Du Croz. Landscape.-—Sir G. Beaumont.

Small Landscape.-Craig. Landscape. ---Patel.


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