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the Flute, with an original Varia- | duction, as a whole, bespeaks much tion, composed expressly for his less the tender age of its author, Pupil, Master Minasi, when only than a striking degree of instinctive four years of age, by L. Drouet; | good taste, the birthright of south

to which are annexed additional ern organization in general, and, in · Variations, composed by Master this case, the hereditary distinction · Antonio Minasi, by whom they are of the Compositoriello's race. The most humbly dedicated, with per- minore, is throughout unobjection

mission, to his Patron, H. R. H. able, fluent, and pleasing; and the · the Duke of York. Price Is. 6d. || distance between Drouet's variation

-(C. Wheatstone, 436, Strand.) || and those of the young aspirant, is

A musical curiosity-four varia | by no means immeasurable. Master tions composed by a little fellow nine || Antonio has also given us a cadence, years old! This consideration alone which shews that he is at home in would disarm the critic's pen, were chromatics; and which, if he can exthere occasion to wield it seriously: ecute it himself, affords evidence of but the case is really otherwise. greater practical skill than we should There are one or two places suscep | like our own little boy to possess on tible of smoother diction, such as a wind instrument. var.2, bars 8 and 16; but the pro


LONDON FASHIONS. MORNING DRESS. || let in near the edge of the brim and Dress of fawn-colour Thibetcloth, || round the crown, which is high and or English twilled cachemire; a warm Il circular, and trimmed with shaded and beautiful article for winter wear, ribbon to correspond, arranged in falling into graceful folds, and unaf- puffs behind: in the front is a fanfectedly displaying the elegance of like trimming of gros de Naples, cut form: the corsage, epaulette, and bias, with shaded terry velyet near sleeve, are all à la blouse; the cuff | the edge; the choicest flowers of the finished with three bands, and work- winter season are disposed between, ed muslin ruffles. The skirt has five as the scarlet fuchsia, the sweete cross or bias tucks, the same width scented everlasting, and the China as the ceinture, which fastens behind rose. Plain gold ear-drops. Emwith a plain gold buckle; collarette broidered blue silk shawl, and fawnof richly worked deep vandykes, tied colour morocco shoes. in front with a cord and tassels. The hair en grandes boucles. French

EVENING DRESS. bonnet of gros de Naples, of the Dress of white worked barège : same colour' as the dress; circular the corsage cut bias, and ornamented broad front, with a small rouleau of at the top, which is circular, by a shaded terryvelvet, or relours épingle, folding of tulle, with a gold embroiVol. IV. No, XXIII.

S.S. .

everlastond eatent ar

dered trimming à l'antique, and a deal across, and is ornamented only narrow tucker of fine blond: the with an edging of the lining and a front is also embroidered with gold, corded wave, which goes all round: in the form of a stomacher; and a high collar, thickly corded, and a pegold embroidered band round the lerine, rounded behind and pointed waist corresponds with the bands in front. that confine the long full sleeves, | Bonnets are more of the demi-saiwhich are arranged in seven bouf- son style than they have been for fants, and are fastened at the wrist some time back. We still see Legwith topaz clasps. The skirt has an horn bonnets adorned with winter elegant trimming composed of three flowers. Black satin ones begin to tucks of barège, with bands of tulle appear, but as yet they are not genecut bias, and embroidered in gold à ral; they are lined with coloured sal'antique; beneath is a bouillonné of tin, and are usually trimmed with an barege, finished with a white satin intermixture of ribbons and flowers. rouleau. The hair is dressed in large Damask roses, clove pinks, and the and separate curls, or boucles à la different kinds of geranium are Française; and on the right side is among the favourite flowers. Some placed a cluster of rose-coloured pas- black bonnets are trimmed with feasion-flowers, where a superb plume thers, which are either of the colour of white ostrich feathers is attached, of the lining, or are tipped at the and falls over to the left. Necklace edge to correspond with it. and ear-rings of turquoise. White Furs are expected to be very gekid gloves and white satin shoes. nerally adopted; but the only kind

that has yet appeared is swansdown, GENERAL OBSERVATIONS ON FASHION which has been used both for manAND DRESS.

tles and pelisses in carriage dress. Promenade dress offers, as is usu- White satin and white gros de Naally the case this month, little mat- ples bonnets still continue to be worn ter for observation. The white dress in carriage costume; but they are and light-coloured silk spencer give trimmed in a style which takes off the place to the poplin gown and rich | lightness of their appearance, though shawl or mantle. White dresses, || in our opinion it is more glaring than however, are not yet wholly explod- elegant: shaded ribbons, of two veed; but they are now worn with silk ry strongly, contrasted colours, as spencers of rich full colours, or else ponceau and yellow, gold colour and with shawls or mantles: the latter, brown, scarlet and purple, form their made in Merino of a peculiarly light trimming, intermixed with flowers to and fine texture, are likely to become correspond. Some are finished at fashionable, and are certainly very | the edge with folds of shaded ribappropriate for walking dress. We bon; others with a demi-veil of our have seen one which we consider pe- own lace, in imitation of that of Vaculiarly calculated for the morning || lenciennes or Brussels. promenade: it is a bright chesnut || The French blouse à la réligieuse colour, lined with crimson sarsnet; is has made its way to our breakfastshort enough to shew a little of the table, but with some difference in the trimming of the gown, wraps a good form. The folds in front, which in

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