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the French blouse descend perpen- | Silk, poplin, and barèges are now dicularly from the bust to the feet, | the materials most fashionable in din. are, in the English dress, placed in | ner dress, muslin being very little a sloping direction, and rounded off worn. Dinner gowns are cut someat the bottom, so as to give the blouse || thing lower than last month, and are something of the appearance of an generally rounded at the bust. We open gown and petticoat: the sleeve have seen some draped at each side is wider at top, and the fulness is of the bosom à la Duchesse de Berarranged at bottom in perpendicular || ry: this is a kind of stomacher, formplaits, which reach nearly half way || ed by full folds, which fasten on the to the elbow: this part of the sleeve shoulder with a silk or pearl ornasits almost close to the arm. ment, and slope down on each side

Cornettes of sprigged or spotted || of the bosom to the waist, where they lace, of our own manufacture, are terminate in a point under the giran indispensable appendage to the dle. This kind of stomacher is very breakfast-table. We have noticed advantageous to a slight figure. one of rather a whimsical but becom- | Sashes now begin to be worn fastening form: the caul is of a melon shape, ed by a brilliant buckle at the side, and the border arranged in a spiral and the ends hang down. direction, with very small knots of The colours most in favour are, ribbon placed in the windings under different shades of dark brown, the lace which shades it; a full bow orange, crimson, scarlet, purple, rose, of ribbon is attached to the right || lavender, and grey. side of the caul, and the strings tie at" the left side.


TWO DESIGNS FOR CHAIRS. Tie first is intended as a library if executed in white and gold; or if chair; and would have a good effect this was thought too delicate, zebra if executed in oak,with pillow-cushion wood, relieved with burnished gold, covered with fine crimson cloth, and would have a good effect: the seat tufts of the same colour: the back is covered with damask or satin, with intended to be a little hollow,and stuff an appropriate gimp, &c. ed in unison with the seat-cushion. We are indebted for these designs

The other, on the right, is an ele- to drawings executed by Mr. John gant design for a drawing-room chair; || Taylor, upholsterer, Bedford-court, and would look extremely handsome || Covent-Garden.

INTELLIGENCE, LITERARY, SCIENTIFIC, &c. ... - On the 1st of December will appear il a companion volume to Ackermann's the sixth number of the Picturesque Picturesque Tours of the Rhine and Tours of the Gunges and Jumna, by Lieu- Seine; illustrated with twenty-four colourtenant-Colonel Forrest, which will com- ed views, besides vignettes and a map. plete that interesting work. It will form 1! Tules of Irish Life are nearly ready

for publication. They will be illustrated judges, barristers, &c. and with copious with engravings by Messrs. Thompson, notes. Hughes, and Bonner, in their best style, A second edition of the Poctical Mcfrom designs by George Cruikshank.moirs and the Erile, a tale, by Mr. James These tales will exhibit a faithful picture Bird, author of “ The Vale of Slanghof the manners, habits, and condition of den,” &c. is in the press. the people, being written from actual ob- || A lady will shortly publish Urania's servation during a residence of several Mirror, or a View of the Heavens ; conyears in various parts of Ireland. sisting of thirty-two large cards, on

Suicide and its Aniidules; a series of which are represented all the constellaanecdotes and narratives, with sugges- | tions visible in the British empire, on a tions on mental distress, by the Rev. plan perfectly original; accompanied with Solomon Piggott, will appear in a few a familiar Treatise on Astronomy, by J. days.

Aspin. In the press, The Proceedings of the The Historical Works of Sir James Agricultural Society of Sumatra, consist- Balfour, Lord Lyon King at Arms to ing of the First and Second Reports of the Charles I. and II. are about to appear in Society; with an appendix, containing the four 8vo. volumes. principal paper therein referred to, and Mr. Ugo Foscolo has issued proposals also the Reports of the Education Com- || for publishing by subscription the Ancient mittee and Bible Society, in one volume Italian Poets; with Biographies, Histo8vo.

rical Views of their respective Times, Nearly ready for publication, a Map and other illustrations. The work is to of India, compiled from the latest sur- consist of 20 volumes, and to appear at veys and other authentic sources; en-i the distance of not more than three months graved by John Walker on four large between each volume. sheets : the scale, 2 inches to a degree; | Colonel Leicester Stanhope is prepar. and the size 5 feet in length by 4 feet 4. ing a publication on the Actual State of

Time's Telescope for the Year 1825 Greece in 1823-4. will be published in the course of next Mr. George Soane is employed upona month, and will contain a complete Guide History of Art, and Biography of its Proto the Almanack; an Explanation of ||fessors. Saints' Days and Holidays; Illustrations A work is announced, bearing the title of British History and Antiquities; the of Revelations of the Dead Alive, and Naturalist's Diary, with a description of said to be from the pen of a dramatic the principal culinary vegetables, their | writer. mode of culture, &c. : prefixed to which | Mr. J. H. Parry is preparing the Camwill be an Essay on English Sacred Poe- | brian Plutarch, or Lives of the most try, and two introductory poems by Mr. || eminent Welshmen, in an 8vo. volume. J. H. Wiffen and Mr. Alexander Bal- The Rev. J. R. Pitman, of the Foundfour.

| ling and Magdalen, announces a course A new edition of Zimmermann on Soli- of Sermons for the year, containing two tude will be published in the early part of for each Sunday, and one for each holiNovember, illustrated by T. Stothard, day; abridged from eminent divines of Esq. R. A.

the established church, and adapted to A poetical work, entitled The Bur, the service of the day, for the use of is in the press ; with sketches of eminent schools and families.

Printed by L. Harrison, 373, Strand.



Manufactures, ge.

. Vol. IV. .

DECEMBER 1, 1824.






. i to face the Title. 2. View Of NUTWELL-COURT, THE SEAT OF Sir T. T. F. E. DRAKE, BART. (ENTRANCE-FRONT) . . . . . . . . . . 307

(FROM THE River) ....... ..... 309 -- The Sicre Gullý Pass in BENGAL. . . . . 346 5. Ladies' EVENING Dress .

: : :

: : : 6.

• 359 - MORNING Dress.

. ib. 7. Muslin Pattern. CONTENTS.


Euterpe, a Collection of Polonaises and, Views of COUNTRY SEATS. -- Nutwell

Waitzes . ....... 332 Court, the seat of Sir T. T. F. E

Hotsr's Arrangement of Weber's OverDRAKE, Bart. (Entrance Front) . . 307

ture to Der Freyschütz . . . The same (from the River). . . . . 309 | GREEN's Domestic Concert . . . . . ib. Anecdotes of the Tiger and the Dog . ib

Sykes's Arrangement of Bishop's Airspor The Noviciate (concluded). .... 311

“Home, sweet home," and “ Should he Some Account of Richard Wilson, R. A.

upbraid” . . . . . . . . . . 354 (from “ Testimonies to the Genius and

Liliycrop's Arrangement of Rossini's Memory of RICHARD Wilsox, Esq. by

March in “ La Dorina del Lago' ib. T. WRIGHT, Esq."). ... .. . 320

"The Castilian Maid” ... ib. Extraordinary Effects of an Earthquake

WEner's “ The plain gold ring"... ib. in Scotland

HERBERT'S “ The voice of a stranger i 'ib. . . · · .

· · ·... 325

. . . . Jack Tars, . , . . .

. FINE ARTS. ; Theodoro Paleologus. . . . . . . 329 The Grave of the Suicide (from the

British Institotion . ... . . 355

Tapestry of the Cartvons ... , 356 ""* Forget me Not" for 1825). .. . 332

The Cosinorama . . . . . . 357 The Rival of a King: A Sketch from

Sir Walter Scott's Portraits : .858 olden Time . . . GAELIC Relics. No. xv. 'The Hebri:

FASHIONS. dean Battuecas .......... 339 London Fashions. - Ladies Evening Additional Particulars of Newstead-Abo

1 Dress . . . . . . . . 359 bey.. :: : :: ::.: 314, Ladies' Morning Dress . . . Description of the Sicre: Gully Pass in

. : ,

Child's Dress . . .'. . . . . . Bengal . . . . . . . . . . . 346

General Observations on Fashion and ANECDOTES, &c. HISTORICAL, LITERARY,

Dress . . . . . . . AND PERSONAL.-Effect of the Human

i . .

. .



French Female l'ashions . i ... 361 - Eye on Animals - Heaths - Dainty Dishes-Chevalier Turgot . . . . 347


LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC 363 WEBER's Rondeau for the Piano-forte 349

POETRY. - Dance from the Opera of Silvana : i . . . . . . . .

To Imagination. By J. M. LACEY .'. 364
Pleyel's Rondo alla Polacca on the On seeing a wild Flower growing in a
Duet" Amor possente Nome".. 351 desolate Spot. By X. X. . . . . ib.
– Three French Airs . . . . ib. || Index . . . . . . . . . . . 305


To whom Communications (post-paid) are requested to be addressed.

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Printed by L. Harrison, 373, Strand.

We cannot suffer the close of another year of our labours to pass without the er. pression of our grateful acknou lcdyments to all those by whose encouragement and patronage they have been so kindly fostered; and the assurance that our strenuous endeavours shall continue to be erërted for their gratification. To the Contributors, whose talents have assisted to give variety and interest to the pages of this Misecllany, during the past year, our best thanks are likewise due; and we trust that the prompt attention paid to their communications will ensure their future favours.

Publishers, Authors, Artists, and Musical Composers, are requested to transmit on or before the 15th of the month, Announcements of Works which they may have on hand, and we shall cheerfully insert them, as we have hitherto done, free of erpense. New Musical Publications also, if a copy be addressed to the Publisher, shall be duly noticed in our Review; and Extracts from new Books, of a moderate length and of an interesting nature, suitable for our Selections, will be acceptable.

We shall endeadour to satisfy J.C. (West-square) in our next.

The commencement of an interesting account of Hayti at the Conclusion of Christophe's Reign the first number of a Series of Popular Tales of all NationsThe Gaming House of the Palais Royal-Rover-Ymbric and Swina, Inventions, shall have a place in our nert Number.

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Directions to the Binder for placing the Plates in the

to face the Title il

. XXII. 19. View of the New Lodge, 1. Frontispiece,

Richmoud Park . . . . 185 2. View of Trentham-Hall. . 1

Greenwich Observathe Mausoleum at

tory . . . . . . . 186 Trentham . . . . . 5

21. Ladies' Promenade Dress , 243 4. Ladies' Promenade Dress. 56

22. - Dinner Dress .. 244 Opera Dress . . ib. 6. Alcove Window-Curtains

23. Sofa-Table, Chair, and Foot

stool. . . . . . . . ib. 7. Muslin Pattern.

24. Muslin Patterns.

XXIII. 25. View of Woburn Abbey . 247 8. View of Hampton-House.

26. Newstead Abbey .252 9. - Richings Lodge . 65

27. Ladies' Morning Dress. . 303 10. Ladies' Morning Dress . . 115

28. Evening Dress . . ib. ll. - Ball Dress .. . 116

29. Two Designs for Chairs . . 305 12. Muslin Pattern.

30. Muslin Pattern.

XXIV. 31. Nutwell - Court (Entrance13. View of Stoke-Place . . . 125

Front) ...... 307 14. of Mrs. Palmer's Vil


(from the River) 309 la, Richmond . . . . . 126

3:3. The Sicre Gally Pass in Ben15. Ladies' Morning Dress . . 179

gal . . . . . . . . 346 16. Evening Dress . . ib.

34. Ladies' Evening Dress . . 359 17. Drawing-Room Sofa . . . 183


Morning Dress . . ib. 18. Muslin Pattern.

36. Muslin Pattern.

Persons who reside abroad, and who wish to be supplied with this work every Month as published, may have it sent to them, free of Postage, to New-York, Halifax, Quebec, and to any part of the West Indies, at £4 12s. per Annum, by Mr. Thornhill, of the General Post-Office, at No. 21, Sherborne-lave; to Hamburgh, Lisbon, Cadiz, Gibraltar, Malta, or any Part of the Mediterranean, at £4 12s. per Annum, by Mr. Sergeant, of the General Post-Office, at No. 22, Sherborne-lane; and to the Cape of Good Hope, or any part of the East Indies, by Mr. Guy, at the East-India House. The money to be paid at the time of subscribing, for either 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

This Work may also be had of Messrs. Arron and Kraf, Rotterdam.

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