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Manufactures, &c.


· Vol. IV.

NOVEMBER 1, 1824.


VIEWS OF COUNTRY SEATS. WOBURN ABBEY, BEDFORDSHIRE, THE SEAT OF THE DUKE OF BEDFORD. · WOBURN ABBEY was founded in 1 The west front is of the Ionic or1145 by Hugh de Bolebeck, a ba- der, with a rusticated basement. The ron who had large possessions in principal floor on this side consists of the vicinity, for monks of the Cister- a saloon, state bed-room, drawing cian order. On the suppression of and dining-rooms. The south conreligious houses, its revenues, accord tains the library, breakfast-room, and ing to Dugdale, amounted to 3911. the duke and duchess's apartments; 88.2d. In the first year of Edward VI. the east the vestibule, servants' offiit was granted, with many other ec- ces, &c.; and the north the French clesiastical estates, to Sir John, after-bed-rooms and various other chamwards Lord Russell and Earl of bers. Most of the apartments are Bedford, who had been honoured | embellished with fine paintings, awith several employments by Henry | mong which, portraits form a very VIII. In his family the possession prominent feature. The gallery, in has ever since remained.

which most of them are placed, is The extensive and magnificent || 111 feet long, 17 wide, and 15 high. mansion, which stands on the site of Among the British portraits are the old abbey, was erected by John, the following: the fourth duke of the Russell fami

Queen Elizabeth, represented with a fan

of feathers in her left hand, and a ring on ly. The ground-plan forms a square

her thu tub. of more than 200 feet, containing a Lady Jane Seymour. quadrangular court in the centre. Queen Mary, by Sir Antonio More. The original mansion has experien

Killigrew, commonly called Charles the

Il Second's Jester. ced many considerable alterations and William Lord Russell, that memorable improvements, particularly in the time i victim to the intrigues of an abandoned court. of the predecessor of the present no

Sir Nicholas Bacon, father of Lord Chan

cellor Bacon. ble owner; and Henry Holland dis

Edward Clinton, Earl of Lincoln, by Cor. played much taste and talent in the nelius Ketel; and Lady Elizabeth Fitzgedesigns for the additional buildings, rald, third wife of that nobleinan, better which were executed under his direc

known as the Fair Geraldine.

Edward Courteney, the last Earl of Detion.

vonshire, by Sir Antonio More. Vol. IV. No. XXIII.


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Philip of Spain and Queen Mary. # James Earl of Carlisle.

Sir William Russell, K. B. afterwards ere. Sir Edward Stradling. ated Earl of Bedford by King William, paint. The learned Lady Anne Askew, who, fur ed by Priwitzer; and supposed to be the on- her religion, was barbarously burnt at the ly picture in England by that artist, li stake, at the arbitrary bidding of the king,

Lady Aune Carr, wife of the preceding || Henry VIII.

Francis, fourth Earl of Bedford, the prin- | Comptroller Rogers, anno ætat. 69. cipal promoter of the plan for draining the Sir William Russell, Lord-Deputy of Irefens since called the Bedford Level.

land, whose gallant behaviour at the battle Sir Philip Sidney, in his 22d year.

of Zutphen is so siugularly set forth by George Digby, Earl of Bristol, and Sir Stowe in his Chronicle. William Russell, mentioned above, in one Ratcliffe, Earl of Sussex. picture.

John Russell, the first Earl of Bedford of Lady Cook, wife of Sir Anthony Cook, that name; a finished gentleman, scholar, tutor to Edward VI. and mother of the four | soldier, and negociator. learned females, Lady Burleigh, Lady Ba I Sir Thomas More. con, Lady Russell, and Mrs. Killigrew. Algernon Percy, Lord High-Admiral of Robert Earl of Essex.

England. General Monk, afterwards Duke of Albe- || Elizabeth Marchioness of Tavistock, momarle.

ther to the present Duke of Bedford, as Henry Danvers, Earl of Danby.

bridesmaid to the queen; a painting of conWilliam Cecil, Lord Burleigh, the favour summate beauty, which we may perhaps venite minister of Queen Elizabeth.

ture to pronounce the chef-d'auure of Sir Christiana, Countess of Devonshire; a la Joshua Reynolds' pencil. dy of distinguished abilities, and in her youth

The saloon, drawing, and diningthe Platonic mistress of the Earl of Pembroke, who wrote a volume of poems in her rooms, which are of suitable dimenpraise,

sions for such a mansion, are adorned Thomas Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton. || with capital paintings by eminent Rachel Lady Russell, wife to the patrio

masters of the foreign schools, the tic martyr, William Lord Russell, whose excessive grief for the fate of her husband is principal of which are: supposed to have occasioned her subsequent Joseph interpreting the Baker's Dream, and blindness.

Flemish Girl, by Rembrandt. Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland. The Death of Abel, by Rubens.

Henry Earl of Southampton, the patron Christ in the Garden, by Annibal Caracci. of Shakspeare.

The celebrated Dogs of. Titian, in Lucy Countess of Bedford, so celebrated Hawking Party, by Paul Potter. . by Spenser, Ben Jonson, Daniel, Donne, and I Christ's Vision, by Luca Giordano. the other wits of her day.

Group of sporting Angels, and a beautiful The Earls of Salisbury and Exeter, sons | Madonna and Child, by Murillo. to Cecil, Lord Burleigh

Albertus Miræus, a learned Dean of AntSir Nicholas Throckmorton.

werp, by Vaudyke. Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, the chivalric Benvenuto Cellini, in his youth, a curious favourite of Henry VIII.

|| aud interesting painting. Margaret Countess of Cumberland, daugh Adrian Paulido Pareja, commander of the ter to Francis second Earl of Bedford, and Spanish Armada, by Velasquez. mother of the spirited Anne Clifford.

Louis XV. of France. Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick, and l . Various Flemish pieces by Teniers, Jan his countess, daughter to the same Francis | Steen, Van Staverow, and Both. Earl of Bedford.

Two magical views, one of Nimeguen, by Francis second Earl of Bedford, whose li- | Cuyp; and some magnificent landscapes by berality led Queen Elizabeth to say, that he Claude, the Poussins, Wilson, Ruysdael, made all the beggars.

Salvator Rosa, Berghem, Pyraker, Wynants, Sir Francis Russell, his son, slain by the land Ostade; with sea-pieces by WouverScots on a day of truce at a border meeting. mans, Backhuysen, Vande Capelle, and De Giles, Lord Chandos.

Vlujen ; and, finally, various subjects from The young and handsome Duke of Mon- | the pencils of Schedoni, Mola, Castiglione, mouth,

and Guercino.

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