fice. Donna Mirabella, with tears here, now you are white as a sheeted in her beautiful eyes, withdrew from corpsę. Do come forward to the the garden where her parents per- saloon, and be seated. The Donna mitted the interview. I stood some is taking her siesta: sweet soul, she minutes petrified by the agony of re-sleeps poorly at night.' signing all I held most dear. I be- “ I proceeded towards the saloon, lieve my first movement was to follow but could neither stand nor walk. I Mirabella, and to assent to her pro- leaned against the wall, till Dorah posals; but honour, stern honour, assisted me to the apartment, and withheld me: I returned to my lodg brought some wine. ing, and as I passed the threshold, a I “. Is my father with the French messenger from the chief of our con- | troops?' I asked. federacy put a letter into my hand, "'Lord love you, senhor,' anrequiring me to go instantaneously swered Dorah, ' have you forgot to the frontier, to meet delegates that the old Don is dead long ago? from the French emperor. I ordered No, it is I that am a forgetful tatmy horse and a trusty servant, and tling old woman: I should have rein fifteen minutes was on my way to membered, that in prison you could the eastern boundary of Spain. Be- not have heard that my lord, your fore I made the nearest stage I was father, sent the false messenger to arrested, cast into prison, and re-take you to the eastern frontier; he mained for some years in close du- got an order for arresting you, to rance, until liberated by the English keep you from plunging deeper in arms, when I flew on the wings of ruinous schemes, hoping he could eager affection to inquire how Donna soon obtain your release; and when Mirabella had fared amidst the strug- all the interest he could make was gles which convulsed the state. I ineffectual to shorten the term of could not trace her; but a house your confinement, he broke his heart. which was said to be occupied by Your family and ours have had grief the lady of Don Miguel Avallos upon grief. Colonel O'Niel was happened to be pointed out, and I killed in a skirmish with the patrithought my son's wife might give lots. Mrs. O'Niel pined away with some intelligence regarding Colonel sorrow, and died soon after the O'Niel's family. I may literally say, French overran this country. Donthat my heart died within me when na Mirabella was left without forDorah Moran, the wife of an Irish tune, and far, far from all her relasoldier, who nursed Donna Mira tions. When her mother died she bella, appeared at the door. paid every debt, but little remained.

"! Senhor!' she said, wiping her | She parted with all the household tearful eyes, Dorah, widowed and | except Dorah, and we took a small old, is the only domestic left to the house, or more properly a room, to Lady Mirabella. Her lord, Donserve us both; but poverty could Miguel, is with the French army: I not take away nor hide the fair face, the British, God bless them! have the charming person of my dear, neither pillaged nor disturbed the dear lady. A French officer saw Donna. But you are ill, senhor! You and followed her. She behaved to was thin and pale when you came him with the most distant civility; but he was not to be disheartened. He est anxiety to resume the possession forced himself upon her day after was, that I might secure Donna Miday, though she several times shifted rabella from privations. I remitted her dwelling to another part of the to her a handsome income, till the town, to avoid him. He made dis- restoration of Ferdinand gave him graceful proposals to her, and but power to resent all former attempts for the strength of my old arms to limit the king's absolute authority. would have torn her from me, to put The political and warlike 'events in her into a carriage that waited his this distracted country are known to orders. He, however, kept hold of all Europe. I need not detail them. her, and we were struggling at the Ferdinand must have been conscious, door, which he had opened, when that, with my sword, and as a negoDon Miguel, passing to a serenade, ciator with our defenders, the British with servants carrying flambeaux, ob forces, I had served his interests, and served the contest, and joined us. promoted his restoration: however, In happier times he had asked Don- || he has shewn himself more disposed na Mirabella in marriage, and was to remember my early opposition, rejected. He was now her deliver- | than the more important services of er, her only friend, and in her res- | later date. He could not, in comcue hazarded his own life. He kill- | mon decency, refrain from acknowed the French officer; his servants || ledging, by my reception at court, put his body into the carriage, and that my wounds, niy pen, and my set it down in a distant part of the tongue had contributed to replace city, and it was never known who || him on the throne. In the presencedealt the mortal blow. Donna Mi-| chamber I first saw my son, after a rabella had only herself to give in separation of years. My temper recompence for Don Miguel's ser- | was warm, but never revengeful. I vices. She was raised to the pin accosted Don Miguel with paternal nacle of greatness and riches. All fondness: he has since confessed, believed you dead, and the fortune that having learned from his domeswas enjoyed by your son since the tic spy, that I was at his house imold Don had been no more; but too mediately when released from the sure Donna Mirabella and Don Mi- | state prison, and that Donna Miraguel were never formed for each bella had regular remittances from other.'

me, his infatuated jealousy ascribed “ Dorah ceased speaking. She | my frank cordiality to a device for might have talked many hours with securing easy access to her. How out interruption from me. All my ill did he appreciate her pure virtue, senses, all my powers, were benumb- and my principles of rigid honour! ed by anguish. Donna Mirabella Let me, however, check this rising rung her bell. I could not bear to indignation, and forgive the penitent. see her, and telling Dorah I had an Our errors and our miseries have engagement, I threw my agitated arisen from the ever-fertile cause of frame into my carriage, with orders woe, a contrariety of political sentito drive to the British head-quarters. ments in a family. Let parents and My offers of service were accepted. children shudder at disunion! I recovered my estates, and my great- “My son and I were at variance

city, and it was distant part of the toncu my wounds, miyi

which led the tied join the Coners revolt, and I did

from his earliest years, and fatal to || I escaped to this province, aware that both have been the consequences. my enemies would least suppose it to Even after we accorded in loyalty | be my chosen place of refuge. I found to Ferdinand, Don Miguel created faithful hearts to conceal me, and food for dissension. He was envi- hands ready to take arms in my deous of my distinguished considera- fence. But I had no wish to raise tion at the court. A junto of young the standard of revolt, and I did not men, his avowed intimates, flattered join the Constitutionalists until the the prejudices which led the king tyranny of the court made à comto acts oppressive to the subject, and I promise in behalf of the people a derogatory to his own character. hopeless attempt. My son and I They influenced him to give me a were again opposed in warfare. If command of troops in this province, the highest and lowest classes in for the purpose of aiding the tax- Spain had been true to their own collectors. This was an invidious cause, with the spirit and determinaduty. To extort from the peasantry tion of which the intermediate ranks all the produce of their labour I gave an example, the sanguinary could not endure; but the king's re- conflict must have terminated happivenue did not suffer from my lenity. ly for the king and for his subjects. When a labourer or artisan was too But desertion and treachery paralizpoor to pay the impost, I advanced ed the patriotic efforts, and the hosts the money for him; and thus furnish- of France are the dictators of our ed my enemies with grounds to de- || laws, the devourers of our substance. nounce me as seeking popularity, | All the limitations of the royal prewith some dangerous secret view. I rogative required by the Constitution was summoned to Madrid, to answer would not have crippled the power for any conduct, and did not shrink of Ferdinand so much as it is, and from the investigation. I went fur- | will be, thwarted by the domination ther. In a private audience I re of France.

:ir presented to Ferdinand the discon- | "I can only console myself by retents of his people, and the abuses flecting, that while I could wield a frequently bearing his name. On sword, I was true to the good cause. my knees I besought him to consi- | Wounded and bereft of sense, I fell der, that being the seat of war so into the hands of my son. He sent long, his kingdom was impoverished, me to a castle on our estate in Murand required his fostering tender cia. Unhappily, Doma Mirabella ness. He heard me with seeming had come thither for sea-bathing the complacency; but he is an accom- day before my litter reached the casplished dissimulator. He desired tle. She first saw me a captive;iapme to return next day to Guipuscoa. parently dying, after the lapse of

"I took my measures accordingly, years since we parted in the garden. and was prepared to depart, if the To her care and the "assiduity of intimation from a true friend had not Dorah I owed the prolongation of apprised me, that an order for my life, and I lived, though to tell the arrest was to be executed that night. | truth, I wished to die.."kuloja To expect a fair trial would have been "I had been about ten days able to self-deception. By 'mountain paths" sit up in the afternoons; when my son came to the fortress. I had ne- touched the hilt of a poniard. I was ver seen Donna Mirabella ; for when glad to meet any weapon, and tried she beheld me carried from the litter, to take it with me. It held fast. I I was insensible to her presence. felt for the obstruction, and discoDon Miguel scarcely took the trou- vered that it stuck in a dead body, I ble of throwing a veil of decency had perceived a putrid effluvia, but over his chagrin at seeing I could | ascribed it to the confined air. In leave my pillow. That same night this place not a ray of light appearfour ruffians broke my rest, dragging ed; nor had I any guide in my peme from my bed. I was so weak that rilous adventure, except where a I could not walk across the room, moonbeam pierced the few ventilaunless supported by Dorah, my in | tors in the massive walls. I again defatigable attendant; my arms were handled the corpse; its delicate pronot within reach, or the villains should portions told me it was a female, and not have approached me with impu- | a dreadful presentiment seized me. nity. I did resist, but resistance on- | I took the sad remains on my shoully exhausted my strength. I was der, and pursued my way. A door thrown into a waggon, and after se- stood ajar, and shewed the moon veral hours' jolting, the conductors gliding before a large window. I adhalted, forced me to alight, having vanced, and soon recognised the chatied a bandage over my eyes, and pel of the castle. A monument of conveyed me to a dungeon. A man white marble appeared to be newly with a black crape over his face erected. Wax candles burned on brought daily a pittance of food to each side. I laid down my burden my damp and noisome cell. . to examine the features. My fore.." I was so ill that little sustenance boding soul could no longer doubt sufficed for me; but a determination that the victim of assassination was to burst my bonds roused every ener Donna Mirabella. I raised her again gy of my nature. I felt returning in my arms, came round the high vigour; but $o conducted myself that monument, and beheld Dorah kneetthe gaoler supposed I was dying. He ing in fervent prayer before it. I put became negligent in securing the my hand on her mouth, while the doors, and I was all ear to observe other placed Mirabella in her view. whether the locks and bolts were The ecstasy of devotion was sus. fixed. I seemed to him near disso- pended. Dorah would have screamlution. He looked over me, and re ed if I had taken less precaution to tired without undergoing the labour stifle her voice. She took her belovof drawing the ponderous bars. Ied nursling to her bøsom; then, with waited till past midnight. I knew admirable presence of mind, revertthere could be no sentinel on the ing to my danger, she said in low ac-northern side of the fortress, where cents, ' Take, take us from this acthe rock was too steep to require it, cursed den of murder!' She openif, as I suspected, I was a prisoner ed a wicket, and we were soon far in my own castle. I ascended stairs; from the castle, which stood on the stole through several daors and pas- confines of Valencia. We got into sages: in a recess of the last, while an unfrequented part of the moungroping my way in the dark, my hand tains. The heat was extreme. The state of the corpse made interment || murderer of his lady. - He had kept necessary without delay; and besides, | her body, intending to place it in my if strangers as we were should have dungeon, as a perpetual memento of been detected carrying a dead body, my supposed crime; but bearing from we must have been detained as mur- || his confidential gaoler that I was dyderers.

ing, he went to the recess to throw .. "I had drawn the dagger from the the remains of Mirabella into the Donna's breast; I employed it to dig sea. They were gone, gone he beher grave; Dorah gathered grass and lieved by miracle. I had also by suflowers to form a last bed for the pernatural means escaped through child of her love, and when I cover-bolts and locks impenetrable. The ed in the earth, she said, 'Here will gaoler on missing me made all fast, I also be laid. I cannot live, since I and gave no notice of my evasion till have the certainty that Mirabella fell | Don Miguel, going to visit my cell, by the hand of Don Miguel. His made the discovery for himself. poniard gave the death-stroke. I Gracious God! Spain has been, durshould know it among ten thousand. ing years, the theatre of imposition, Fool that I was to go at his order to of crime, and tragedy: yet there I Madrid, to take papers from his ca- || must wearout a melancholy existence. binet! I might have suspected harm, | I live like a wild beast in his den, when he gave his carriage and an though I am not, would not be, subescort to bring me thither. At my sisted by rapine: the common bounreturn, I was told my dear lady died ty of nature alone supplies my nusuddenly, and her body was in a state triment." to require instant burial: the hypo- “ If you wish to leave Spain, we crite murderer placed a marble mo- will endeavour to assist your escape," nument over her, and I have prayed said the Russians. . and mourned beside a pile of stone " I must now see the event of my where she was never laid. But I had young patient's condition," answered a hand in her death by leaving her, the hermit. . " If he lives, will you, and my heart is broken!'

generous strangers, assist him to ac“Dorah's heart was broken. She company me to England ? I have lived but a few days, and never mov- friends among the gallant officers of ed from beside the Donna's grave. that blessed land, and I would preI brought water from limpid streams fer the toil of a peasant under a free and a variety of fruits to my compa government, to affluent leisure as the nion in sorrow; she hardly tasted subject of a despot.” . them. Death was to her a messen- The Russians revealed their name ger of joy. I buried her with the and rank, and explained the means dearest sharer of her faithful cares. they possessed for the security of the I watered the earth with parting tears, venture they proposed. They reand took my course towards Guipus-turned from time to time to concert coa. On the way I fell in with a their plans with the hermit. The traveller, who had no suspicion of grandson of Don Zelos was cured of my name; he had come from Mur- his wounds. The Russians hired a cia, and told me that Don Miguel vessel for a short excursion to EngAvallos had accused himself as the land. Don Ignatius and the grand

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