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Manufactures, &c.


Vol. IV.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1824.

No. XXI.


STOKE - PLACE, THE SEAT OF COLONEL VYSE. STOKE-Place is situated in the pa- || carefully formed into the shape of rish of Stoke, about four miles north-breakfast-tables, with a representawest of Windsor. It is an old-fa- tion of a court breakfast of the

age, shioned but comfortable house, co- | all formed of the living box, to commevering a considerable space, and en- morate a royal breakfast that took livened by some very fine trees of place on the lawn. These absurdithe acacia and cedar species, that ties disappeared before the genigrow most luxuriantly a few yards us of Brown, and if he had left from the mansion. The cedars are no other work, this charming place remarkably fine; their dark tone ad- would have sufficed to stamp his mirably contrasts with the variety of fame for landscape-gardening. woods that embellish the lawn.

The walks are natural, and extend Before Field-Marshal Sir George a considerable distance, at times Howard, K. B. (grandfather to the striking into the woods, and at others present owner), became the posses- continued by the water, of which sor, the grounds were laid out in the there is a fine sheet, that adds conold-fashioned villa taste, of which siderably to the embellishment and happily few specimens now exist in beauty of the grounds. In a line this country. Besides birds, quad- with the edifice is a handsome greenrupeds, and bipeds, that seemed to house, near which a rustic bridge is exist in these grounds, of box and thrown across the water, imbosomed other shrubs, here were holly-hedges in woods. This leads to a small but Vol. IV, No. XXI.


tiful scene.

pleasing temple, from which the home , interior of which is a grotto of conscenes and the overhanging woods,siderable magnitude, formed with a with a delightful turn of the lake, great variety of fine specimens of form a sequestered and truly beau-Bristol spar and other minerals. To

this grotto is attached an inner chamThe embellishments in the park ber, which forms a bath : the whole and pleasure-grounds are numerous is sequestered, and the water apand in the best taste. The walk con- proaches its side in serpentine forms. tinues from the temple to a wood, in Hence the principal walk continues which stands an ice-house, surmount- by the water in its approach to the ed by a Gothic tower, forming a pic- house, passing some flower-gardens, turesque object. The woods are so with their embellishments. Windsor interwoven as to constitute groves Castle, Stoke church, and Gray's mothat exclude the mid-day sun; af- nument, are pleasing objects as seen fording in summer cool delicious from various parts of the grounds. walks, leading among a variety of The mansion contains several good woods to a considerable distance, em- paintings, and among them is a fine bracing a picturesque rustic covered portrait of Sir George Howard, by seat on a wooded eminence: a wind- Sir Joshua Reynolds. ing path leads round to the base, the

MRS. PALMER'S VILLA, RICHMOND. This classical little villa was built Our View is from the river Thames, by Sir Robert Taylor for Sir Charles shewing the principal Front. It is Asgill. The elevation is of the Tus- built of Bath stone, and forms one can order, and after a design by Pal of the chief embellishments of the ladio. For chaste and simple elegance neighbourhood of Richmond. The it far surpasses all the other works of grounds are limited, and the whole this architect, who was remarkable is formed into what may be termed only in his cumbrous structures for a lawn, which is terminated by a giving space and grandeur to his pretty Grecian green-house. The apartments; and notwithstanding the kitchen - garden, attached, contains comparative smallness of this villa, an excellent hot-house and conserthe apartments are large and hand-vatory.




(Continued from p. 97.) Ar length the fiera begins, and | enchanting Signora Lodola; all the with it the incessant jubilation. The ladies are equally fascinated by Sig. general rehearsal is over, and the nur Gallinaccio; and the music of reports made of it are extremely fa- the celebre maestro Zanzara is exvourable. All the gentlemen are al- tolled as a sublime master-piece. ready prepossessed in behalf of the They now repair full dressed to the

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