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Pagina 27 - When the ducks and green peas came, we looked at each other in dismay ; we had only two-pronged, black-handled forks. It is true the steel was as bright as silver; but what were we to do 1 Miss Matty picked up her peas, one by one, on the point of the prongs, much as
Pagina 31 - Does Miss Matilda know of his illness?" asked I—a new light as to the cause of her indisposition dawning upon me. "Dear! to be sure, yes! Has not she told you? I let her know a fortnight ago, or more, when first I heard of it. How odd she shouldn't have told you
Pagina 53 - It is very gratifying to me," whispered Miss Barker at the card-table to her three opponents, whom, notwithstanding her ignorance of the game, she was "basting" most unmercifully—"very gratifying indeed, to see how completely Mrs. Jamieson feels at home in my poor little dwelling; she could not have paid me a greater compliment.
Pagina 15 - Oh, Jessie! Jessie! How selfish I have been! God forgive me for letting you sacrifice yourself for me as you did! I have so loved you—and yet I have thought only of myself. God forgive me!" She was conscious of her sister's presence, though not, I think, of ours. We stood a little behind the
Pagina 109 - opening and shutting the door, and coughing and blowing her nose. Then she arranged us all round the table, taking care to place me opposite to her; and last of all, she inquired of me if the sad report was true, as she feared it was, that Miss Matty had lost all her fortune
Pagina 28 - being consequently silent. He turned sharp round. "Ay! you may say 'wonderful.' Why, when I saw the review of his poems in ' Blackwood,' I set off within an hour, and walked seven miles to Misselton (for the horses were not in the way) and ordered them. Now, what colour are ashbuds in March
Pagina 70 - and make her third finger flexible. At last Miss Matty and Mrs. Forrester became perfectly awestricken. They whispered together. I sat just behind them, so I could not help hearing what they were saying. Miss Matty asked Mrs. Forrester "if she thought it was quite right to have come to see such things
Pagina 37 - as if they had been MT Ciceronis Epistolx) were more satisfactory to an absent husband and father than his could ever have been to her. She told him how Deborah sewed her seam very neatly every day, and read to her in the books he had set her ; how she was a very " forrard,
Pagina 54 - The card-table was an animated scene to watch; four ladies' heads, with niddle-noddling caps, all nearly meeting over the middle of the table in their eagerness to whisper quick enough and loud enough: and every now and then came Miss Barker's " Hush, ladies! if you please, hush ! Mrs. Jamieson is asleep.
Pagina 49 - enabled the proprietor to go straight to (Paris, he said, until he found his customers too patriotic and John Bullish to wear what the Mounseers wore) London, where, as he often told his customers, Queen Adelaide had appeared, only the very week before, in a cap exactly like the one he

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