Thomas Carlyle: His Life, His Books, His Theories

D. Appleton, 1879 - 219 pagina's

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Pagina 80 - And now to that same spot in the south of Spain, are thirty similar French artisans, from a French Dumdrudge, in like manner wending; till at length, after infinite effort, the two parties come into actual juxtaposition; and Thirty stand fronting Thirty, each with a gun in his hand. Straightway the word 'Fire...
Pagina 64 - Generation after generation takes to itself the Form of a Body; and forthissuing from Cimmerian Night, on Heaven's mission APPEARS. What Force and Fire is in each he expends : one grinding in the mill of Industry ; one hunter-like climbing the giddy Alpine heights of Science; one madly dashed in pieces on the rocks of Strife, in war with his fellow: — and then the Heaven-sent is recalled; his earthly Vesture falls away, and soon even to sense becomes a vanished Shadow. Thus, like some wildflaming,...
Pagina 66 - ... them all is the vast, void Night. The proud " Grandee still lingers in his perfumed saloons, or reposes " within damask curtains ; Wretchedness cowers into " truckle-beds, or shivers hunger-stricken into its lair of "straw: in obscure cellars, Rouge-et-Noir languidly emits " its voice-of-destiny to haggard hungry Villains ; while " Councillors of State sit plotting, and playing their hih "chess-game, whereof the pawns are Men.
Pagina 67 - Thief, still more silently, sets-to his picklocks and crowbars, or lurks in wait till the watchmen first snore in their boxes. Gay mansions, with supper-rooms and dancingrooms, are full of light and music, and high-swelling hearts ; but, in the condemned cells, the pulse of life beats tremulous and faint, and blood-shot eyes look out through the darkness, which is around and within, for the light of a stern, last morning. Six men are to be hanged on the morrow ; comes no hammering from the Rabenstein...
Pagina 150 - Glorious islets, too, I have seen rise out of the haze; but they were few, and soon swallowed in the general element again.
Pagina 80 - What, speaking in quite unofficial language, is the net purport and upshot of war? To my own knowledge, for example, there dwell and toil, in the British village of Dumdrudge, usually some five hundred souls. From these, by certain 'natural enemies' of the French there are successively selected, during the French war, say thirty able-bodied men: Dumdrudge, at her own expense, has suckled and nursed them: she has, not without difficulty and sorrow, fed them up to manhood, and even trained them to...
Pagina 83 - Two men I honour, and no third. First, the toilworn Craftsman that with earth-made Implement laboriously conquers the Earth, and makes her man's.
Pagina 72 - Pecus) ; put it in his pocket, and call it Pecunia, Money. Yet hereby did Barter grow Sale, the Leather Money is now Golden and Paper, and all miracles have been outmiracled : for there are Rothschilds and English National Debts ; and whoso has sixpence is sovereign (to the length of sixpence...
Pagina 144 - For the first time for many months it seems possible to send you a few words ; merely, however, for Remembrance and Farewell. On higher matters there is nothing to say. I tread the common road into the great darkness, without any thought of fear, and with very much of hope. Certainty indeed I have none. With regard to You and Me I cannot begin to write ; having nothing for it but to keep shut the lid of those secrets with all the iron weights that are in my power. Towards me it is still more true...
Pagina 142 - He sings rather than talks. He pours upon you a kind of satirical, heroical, critical poem, with regular cadences, and generally catching up near the beginning some singular epithet, which serves as a refrain when his song is full, or with which as with a knitting-needle he catches up the stitches if he has chanced now and then to let fall a row.

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