The novels, Volume 1;Volume 5

Chapman, Hall, 1902

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Pagina xii - Much more lively and affecting,' says one of the principal character, 'must be the style of those who write in the height of a present distress; the mind tortured by the pangs of uncertainty (the events then hidden in the womb of fate;) than the dry, narrative, unanimated style of a person relating difficulties and danger surmounted, can be; the relater perfectly at ease; and if himself unmoved by his own story, not likely greatly to affect the reader.
Pagina 212 - The harmony of their tongues hath into bondage Brought my too diligent ear : for several virtues Have I lik'd several women ; never any With so full soul, but some defect in her Did quarrel with the noblest grace she ow'd, And put it to the foil : But you, O you, So perfect, and so peerless, are created Of every creature's best.
Pagina 208 - O there's music in the name, That soft'ning me to infant tenderness, Makes my heart spring like the first leaps of life...
Pagina 249 - Till at the last, his time for fury found, He shoots with sudden vengeance from the ground...
Pagina xi - As far as is consistent with human frailty, and as far as she could be perfect, considering the people she had to deal with, and those with whom she was inseparably connected, she is perfect.
Pagina 208 - Love various minds does variously inspire; It stirs in gentle bosoms gentle fire. Like that of incense on the altar laid : But raging flames tempestuous souls invade; A fire which every windy passion blows, With pride it mounts, or with revenge it glows.
Pagina 59 - You are all too rich to be happy, child. For must not each of you, by the constitutions of your family, marry to be still richer? People who know in what their main excellence consists, are not to be blamed (are they) for cultivating and improving what they think most valuable? - Is true happiness any part of your family view? - So far from it, that none of your family but yourself could be happy were they not rich.
Pagina 7 - But then, stepping to the glass, she complimented herself, "that she was very well : that there were many women deemed passable who were inferior to herself ; that she was always thought comely, and comeliness, let her tell me, having not so much to lose as beauty had, would hold, when that would evaporate or fly off. Nay, for that matter," (and then again she turned to the glass) " her features were not irregular ; her eyes not at all amiss.
Pagina 250 - But his respectful behaviour soon dissipated those fears, and gave me others, lest we should be seen together, and information of it given to my brother; the consequences of which, I could readily think, would be, if not further mischief, an imputed assignation, a stricter confinement, a forfeited correspondence with you, my dearest friend, and a pretence for the most violent compulsion ; and neither the one set of reflections, nor the other, acquitted him to me for his bold intrusion.
Pagina 212 - Beauty ! thou wild fantastic ape, Who dost in ev'ry country change thy shape : Here black ; there brown ; here tawny ; and there white ! Thou flatt'rer, who comply'st with ev'ry sight 1 Who hast no certain what, nor where.

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