The Oriental Herald, Volume 13


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Pagina 239 - Not empire to the rising sun By valour, conduct, fortune won ; Not highest wisdom in debates For framing laws to govern states ; Not skill in sciences profound So large to grasp the circle round : Such heavenly influence require, As how to strike the Muse's lyre.
Pagina 264 - The Emperor of Russia is rendering himself obnoxious to his subjects by various acts of tyranny, and ridiculous in the eyes of Europe by his inconsistency.
Pagina 492 - ... now in your hands, committed to your trust, the only remains of free discussion in Europe, now confined to this kingdom ; addressing you, therefore, as the guardians of the most important interests...
Pagina 575 - This is the state of man : in prosperous fortune A shadow, passing light, throws to the ground Joy's baseless fabric : in adversity Comes malice with a sponge moistened in gall, And wipes each beauteous character away : More than the first this melts my soul to pity.
Pagina 79 - The huntsmen proceed to a large plain, or rather desert, near the sea-side : they have hawks and greyhounds ; the former carried in the usual manner, on the hand of the huntsman ; the latter led in a leash by a horseman, generally the same who carries the hawk. When the antelope is seen, they endeavour to get as near as possible ; but the animal, the moment it observes them, goes off at a rate that seems swifter than the wind ; the horsemen are instantly at full speed, having slipped the dogs. If...
Pagina 547 - Oxen, and that so little care was taken about their immortal souls ; he looked upon it as a Prodigy, that any wearing the Name of Christians should so much have the Heart of Devils in them, as to prevent and hinder the Instruction of the poor Blackamores, and confine the souls of their miserable Slaves to a Destroying Ignorance, merely for fear of thereby losing the Benefit of their Vassalage...
Pagina 314 - Trade in the appointment of a Committee of the House of Commons to investigate the subject.
Pagina 383 - Court, taking into consideration the continuance of human sacrifices in India, is of opinion that, in the case of all rites or ceremonies, involving the destruction of life, it is the duty of a paternal Government to interpose for their prevention ; and therefore recommends to the...
Pagina 490 - ... endangering that freedom of inquiry which is the first security of a free state. They knew that the offence of a political libel is of a very peculiar nature, and differing in the most important particulars from all other crimes. In all other cases the most severe execution of law can only spread terror among the guilty; but in political libels it inspires even the innocent with fear. This striking peculiarity arises from the same circumstances which make it impossible to define the limits of...
Pagina 103 - ... windmill) to all quarters at pleasure; capable of not much more than one man, as I conceive, and perhaps at no great ease ; exactly close and dark, — save at one hole, about an inch and a half in the diameter, to which he applies a long perspective Trunk, with...

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