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(OCTOBER, 1804.)

The Correspondence of Samuel RICHARDSON, Author of Pamela, Cla

rissa, and Sir Charles Grandison; selected from the original Manuscripts bequeathed to his family. To which are prefixed, a Biographical Account of that Author, and Observations on his Writings. By Anna LÆTITIA BARBAULD. 6 vols. 8vo. Phillips, London : 1804.

THE public has great reason to be satisfied, we think, with Mrs. Barbauld's share in this publication. She has contributed a very well written Introduction; and she has suppressed about twice as many letters as are now presented to our consideration. Favourably as we are disposed to think of all for which she is directly responsible, the perusal of the whole six volumes has fully convinced us that we are even more indebted to her forbearance than to her bounty.

The fair biographer unquestionably possesses very considerable talents, and exercises her powers of writing with singular judgment and propriety. Many of her observations are acute and striking, and several of them very fine and delicate. Yet this is not, perhaps, the general character of her genius; and it must be acknowledged, that she has a tone and manner which is something formal and heavy; that she occasionally delivers trite and obvious truths with

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