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28. Amending act authorizing issuance of stamp commemorative of 200th anni-
versary of founding of Alexandria, Va.

53. Approval of Gulf States marine fisheries compact.

54. Repeal prohibition rel. to employment in executive branch of former staff
members of congressional committees.

55. Continuing authority of Maritime Commission to sell, charter, and operate
ships, etc.

56. Relief of Ella L. Browning.

57. Relief of Edwin B. Anderson.

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95. Benefits for members of reserve components of armed forces who suffer from
injuries incurred while in training.

109. Amending act relating to appointment of postmasters under civil service.
110. Authorizing Canadian vessels to transport iron ore between United States
ports on Great Lakes.

111. Preventing disclosures concerning cryptographic systems and communica-
tion intelligence activities of U. S.

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