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Containing an ACCOUNT of


Printed both at Home and Abroad,


DISSERTATIONS upon feveral Subjects,
Miscellaneous OBSERVATIONS, &C.

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Printed for WILLIAM and JOHN INNYS,
at the Weft End of St. Paul's. MDCCXXV.

Price One Shilling.


BOOKS printed for W. and J. INNYS.


Stronomical Principles of Religion, Natural and
Reveald. By William Whifton, M. A. fome time
Profeffor of the Mathematicks in the University of
Cambridge. The 2d Edit. 8vo. 1725.

2. The Works of that Learned and Judicious Divine,
Dr. Richard Hooker, in Eight Books, of the Laws of Ec-
clefiaftical Polity, &c. To this Edition is added a
large Alphabetical Index. Fol. 1723.

3. A fhort and plain Syntax for the Inftruction of
Children in the Latin Tongue, by few and easy Rules
in their own Language. (It being impoffible for them
to learn it by any other.) With Notes proper for the
higher Claffes, and an Alphabetical Lift of near fix
hundred Adjectives of various Structure; and an Ap-
pendix, containing fome Obfervations, which are not
to be found in any former Syntax or Grammar. For
the Ufe of Tamworth School. By Samuel Shaw, M. D.
and School-mafter of Tamworth, in the Counties of
Stafford and Warwick. Svo. 1724.

4. Opticks: Or, a Treatife of the Reflections, Re
fractions, Inflections and Colours of Light. The third
Edition. By Sir Ifaac Newton, Knight. Svo. 1721.

5. Pharmacopoeia Domeftica, in ufum eorum, qui
ruri medicinam facientes neceffe habent, ut pharmaco-
thecas privatas fibimet conftruant; fcholiis, viriumque
enarrationibus illuftrata, & in libros duos diftributa.
Per Thomam Fuller, M. D. Cantab. 120. 1723.

6. The Principles of Deifm truly reprefented and fet
in a clear Light, in two Dialogues between a Sceptick
and a Deift. The firft concerning the Chriftian Revela-
tion. The fecond concerning Natural Religion. The
third Edition. 8vo. 1724.


7. The Hiftory of cold Bathing, both antient and
modern, in two Parts. The firft written by Sir John
Floyer of Litchfield, Knight. The fecond treating of
the genuine Ufe of hot and cold Baths. Together with
the wonderful Effects of Bath Water, drank hot from
the Pump, in decay'd Stomachs, and in most Diseases of
the Bowels, Liver and Spleen, &c. Alfo proving that
the beft Cures done by the cold Baths, are lately ob-
ferv'd to arife from the temperate Ufe of the hot Baths
firft. To which is added an Appendix by Dr. Edward
Baynard, Fellow of the College of Phyficians, London,
The fifth Edit. Svo. 1722.

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New Memoirs



For JULY 1725.


HISTOIRE ROMAINE, depuis la Fondation de Rome. Avec des Notes hiftoriques, geographiques & critiques; des Gravûres en Taille-douce; des Cartes geographiques, & plufieurs Medailles authentiques. Par les RR. PP. CATROU & ROUILLE' de la Compagnie de Jefus. A Paris, chez Jacques Rollin, c. 1725.

That is,

The ROMAN HISTORY, from the Foun dation of Rome. With biftorical, geo` graphical and critical Notes; Copper-cuts; JULY 1725.



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