The third Age.

The third Age.
Before Genesis XII. land of Canaan, which God promiseth | B. C. Genesis Hagar and Ishmael, at Sarah's re.

3. to give unto his seed, and that in his 1892. XXI. 9.

quest are cast forth.
seed (viz. Christ Jesus our Lord) all 1878. XI. 15. Salah, the fourth from Noah, dieth.
the families of the earth should be 1871. XXII. God tempteth Abraham to offa

Isaac. Abraham giveth proof of his
1920. 10. In the following year a famine in

faith and obedience.
the land of Canaan forceth Abram with 1859. XXIII. Sarah dieth at Hebron in Canaan in
Gal. III. 17. his family to go into Egypt. From

the 127th year of her age.
Ex. XII. 40. this first coming into Egypt to the de- 1856. XXIV. Isaac marrieth Rebekah the daugt.
parture of the children of Israel out of

ter of Bethuel, the son of Nahor, in
lit are reckoned 430 years.

the 40th year of his age.
Genesis Abram and Lot in this same year 1846. XI. 11. Shem, the son of Noah, dieth.
XIII. return into Canaan ; but the land not 1837. XXV. 24. Jacob and Esau born in the 60:h
being sufficient for both their flocks,

year of their father Isaac's age.
they part asunder. Lot goeth to So- 1821. XXV. 7. Abraham dieth, aged 175 years.
dom, God reneweth his promise to 1817. XI. 17. Heber, the fifth from Noah, dieth:
Abram ; he removeth to Hebron, and

from him Abraham and his posterity
there buildeth an altar.

were called Hebrews. Gen. xix. 13.
1913. XIV. 4. Bera the king of Sodom with four 1796. XXVI. 34. Esau, aged forty years, marrieth
other kings rebelagainst Chedorlaomer,

Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hit-
but are overcome by him in the valley

tite, and Bashemath the daughter of
lof Siddim. Lot being taken prisoner,

Elon the Hittite.
19. Abram rescueth him, slayeth Chedor- 1773. XXV. 17. Ishmael dieth, aged 137 years,

laomer and his confederates, and in his 1760. XXVII. Jacob by his mother's instructica
return is blessed by Melchisedec king

obtaineth the blessing from Isaac kis
of Salem, and priest of God, to whom

father, which was designed for Esau.
20. Abram gives tithe. The rest of the

Upon which he is forced to flee into
spoils, his partners having had their

Mesopotamia, to shun his brother's
portions, he restoreth to the king of

XXVIII. rage. Upon the way are foretold unto

him in a vision the blessings of his
XV. 2. Abram complaineth for want of an

XXIX. posterity. At length he cometh to he
heir ; God promiseth him a son, and

uncle Laban's house, and covenante
a multiplying of his seed. Canaan is

to serve him seven years for his daugt-
promised again, and confirmed by a

ter Rachel, but Laban deceiverb him

with Leah; the marriage week being
1911. XVI. 1, 2, Sarai, being barren, giveth Hagar

completed, Rachel also is given him to
her bandmaid, to Abram.

wife, upon condition of serving seren
Ishmael, Hagar's son, born.

years more.
1908. XI. 13. Arphaxad, the third from Noah,

Of Leah are born,

1758. 32, Reuben,
1897. XVII. 5. God maketh a covenant with Abram, 1757. 33, Simeon,

and in token of a greater blessing|| 1756. 34, Levi,
changeth his name into Abraham. As 1755. 35, Juda, from whom the Jews receive
a seal of this covenant, Circumcision

their denomination.
is ordained. Sarai her name also is 1745. XXX. 23. Rachel, having been long barren, 2:
changed into Sarah, and she is blessed.

length beareth Joseph : Jacob, desirang
God promiseth to them a son, and

to depart, is persuaded by Laban 19
commandeth that his name be called

serve six years more for some part of
Isaac; in him God promiseth to esta-

his flock.
blish his covenant.

1739. XXXI. Jacob, after he had been twenty
XVIII. Abraham entertaineth three angels,

years in Mesopotamia, sets forward on
who renew the promise to him of hay-

his journey homewards, without ac-
ing a son, God revealeth to Abraham

quainting his father or brothers in law.
the destruction of Sodom, with whom

32. Rachel stealeth her father's gods, and
Abraham intercedes for Lot and his

XXXII. is pursued by Laban. Jacob by his
family. See Gen. xix. 29.

prudence is reconciled to his brother
XIX. Lot is commanded, for the preserva-

Esau. He wrestleth with an angel at
tion of himself and his family, to get

Peniel, and is called Israel.
out of Sodom, and to flee to the moun-

XXXIV. About this time Dinah, Jacob's
tain; but by much intreaty he obtaineth

daughter, is deflowered by Sichem the
leave to go into Zoar. Sodom, Gomor-

son of Hamor. Simeon and Levi, Di-
rah, and all the cities in the vale of

nah's brethren, revenge their sister's
Siddim, with all the inhabitants of

quarrel, by putting all the males ef
them, are for the most horrible sins

Sichem to the sword; for which thing
destroyed by fire and brimstone from

Jacob reproveth them.
Heaven. The Dead sea remains a mo-

XXXV. 16. Rachel is delivered of Benjamin m
nument thereof unto this day. Lot's

the way betwixt Beth-el, or Bett-
wife for looking back upon Sodom,

lehem, and Ephrath, and dies in child-
contrary to God's command, is turned

bed. Some think that Job lived about
into a pillar of salt; and Lot himself,

this time.
fearing to continue at Zoar, leaves the

XXXVIII. Judah lieth with Thamar his daugh-
plain country, and betakes himself to

16. ter in law in disguise.
the mountain, carrying his two daugh-|| 1729. XXXVII. Joseph is hated by his brethren, and
ters with him.

is sold to merchantmen, Ishmaelites
1896. XXI. 2. Isaac born in the 100th year of

and Midianites, who carry him into
XIX. 36. Abraham's age. Not long after to Lot

Egypt, where he is sold to Potiphar, an
are born Moab and Ammon, his sons

officer of Pharaoh, and by him made
at the same time, and his grandsons.

overseer of his house.


The third Age.

The fourth Age.
Before Genesis Joseph resisteth the temptations of Before Exod. II. 11. contending with an Hebrew, fleeth into
XXXIX. his master's wife ; he is falsely accused


Midian, where he marrieth Zipporah

by her, and cast into prison. He in-

the daughter of Reuel, or Jethro, a
terpreteth the dreams of Pharaoh's

priest, and liveth with him forty years.
butler and baker, which come to pass

1530. Joshua Caleb, the son of Jephunneh born.
according to his interpretation.

XIV. 7, 10. Whilst Moses keeps his father in
1716. XXXV. 28. Isaac dieth, aged 180 years, and is 1491. Exodus III. law's sheep at mount Horeb, God ap-
buried by his sons, Jacob and Esau.

1, 2, &c. peareth to him in a burnis; ish, and
1715. XLI. 25,
Joseph interpreteth Pharaoh's two

sendeth him to deliver Is
dreams; he giveth Pharaoh counsel,

V. Moses and Aaron having ucuare to
and is made governor of the whole land

Pharaoh the message, on which they
of Egypt.

are sent unto him from God, are
47, Here begin the seven years of plenty

charged by him as heads of a mutiny,
50, in the land of Egypt. About this time

and sent away with many bad words;
Manasseh and Ephraim, Joseph's two

and more grievous labours are forth-
sons, are born of Asenath, the daugh-

with laid upon the Israelites.
ter of Potipherah, priest of On.

VII. 7.

Moses being now eighty, and Aaron
1708. 54, Here begin the seven years of fa-

eighty-three years of age, urged there-

unto by God, return again to Pharaoh,
1707. XLII. Jacob sendeth his ten sons to buy

where the magicians by their sorcery,
1, 2, 3 corn in Egypt; they are imprisoned

imitating the miracle of Aaron's rod
by Joseph for spies; but are set at

turned into a serpent, make Pharaoh
liberty on condition of bringing Benja-

Psalm more obstinate than he was before.
min ; and Simeon is kept as a pledge.

LXXVIII. Wherefore God by the hand of Moses
XLIII. Jacob is with much difficulty per-

CV. lays ten plagues upon the Egyptians.
XLV. suaded to send Benjamin. Joseph
maketh himself known to his brethren,

The fourth Age of the World.
and sendeth for his father by com- 1491. Exodus PON the fourteenth day of the
mand from Pharaoh.

XII. 11,
1706. XLVI. Jacob, having offered sacrifice to God

4th, upon Monday with us) in the even-
for that his son Joseph is yet alive,

ing, the passover is instituted.
goes with all his family into Egypt in

29, 41.

Upon the fifteenth of the same month,
the third year of famine, and 130th

at midnight, the firstborn of Egypt
year of his age. He is seated in the

being all slain, Pharaoh and his ser-
land of Goshen.

vants make haste to send away the
1704. XLVII. Joseph getteth all the money, lands,

Israelites; and they, the selfsame day
and cattle, of the Egyptians for bread;

wherein they were let go out of bond-
only the lands belonging to the priests

age, being the complete term of 430
he buyeth not.

years from the first pilgrimage of their
1689. XLVIII. Jacob adopteth Ephraim and Ma-

ancestors, reckoning from Abraham's
XLIX. nasseh, and blesseth them and all his

departure out of Charran, take their
sons: prophesieth the descent of the

Numbers journey, and march away, being 600,000
Messiah from Judah, and dieth, aged

XXXIII. men, beside children, and come to Ra-
147 years; seventeen whereof he lived

meses, from whence by several encamp-
in Egypt. He is with great pomp car-

ings they come to the Red sea, the
ried into Canaan, and burie

in the

Lord conducting them in a pillar of
sepulchre of his father.

cloud by day, and in a pillar of fire by
1635. L. Joseph on his deathbed prophesieth

night. They carry Joseph's bones with
unto his brethren their return to Ca-

naan; takes an oath of them to carry

Exod. XIV. At the Red sea Pharaoh with his
his bones out of Egypt, and dieth,

host overtakes them ; Moses divides
aged an 110 years.

the waters with his rod, and the chil-
The book of Genesis endeth in the

dren of Israel pass through on dry
death of Joseph, containing the history

ground unto the desert of Etham;
of 2369 years: next to which in order

whom when Pharaoh and his army
of time the book of Job follows, written

would needs follow, they are all over-
(as it is generally believed) by Moses.

whelmed by the waters coming together
1619. Exodus Levi dieth in Egypt, aged 137 years;

at the dawning of the day, whereby the
VI. 16. he was grandfather to Moses and

Israelites are wholly freed from the

XV. bondage of the Egyptians; whose car-
1577. I. 8. Here begins the bondage of the chil-

cases when they see floating all the sea
dren of Israel, when a king rose up in

over, and cast upon the shore, they
Egypt, who knew not Joseph.

sing a song of praise and thanksgiving
1574. VII. 7. Aaron born three years before his

unto God.
brother Moses, eighty-three years be-

XVI. Upon the fifteenth of the second
fore the departure of the children of

month (our June the 4th, being Thurs-
Israel out of Egypt.

day) the Israelites come to the wil.
1573. I. 15, 22. Pharaoh having in vain commanded

derness of Zin, which lieth between
the Hebrew midwives to destroy all

Elyma and Sinai, where for want of
the males of the Israelites, sets forth

food they murmur against God and
an edict, charging that they be all cast

their leaders : about the eventide God
into the river.

sends them quails, and the next morn-
1571. II. 1, 5, Moses is born, who, being hid in the

ing rains upon them manna from hea-
flags by the river's side, is found by

ven ; and upon that kind of bread they
Pharaoh's daughter; and becomes her

lived afterward by the space of forty
adopted son.

years, even till they came to the bor-
1531. 11. Moses in the 40th year of his age,

ders of the land of promise. Anomer
having slain an Egyptian, whom he saw

of it is preserved for a memorial.

The fourth Age.

The fourth Age
Before Exodus

At Rephidim, which was the eleventh || Before Exodus God renews his covenant with his

XVII. 1, place of their encamping, the people XXXIV. 10. people, and upon certain conditions

murmur for want of water: Moses

gives them his laws again.
gives them water by striking the hard 1490. XXXIX. In the first six months of this year,
rock in Horeb with his rod.

the tabernacle, the ark of the covenant,
8, 9, &c. The Amalekites falling upon the rear

the altar, the table of shewbread, the
of the Israelites are discomfited by

priests' garments, the holy ointments,
Joshua, whilst Moses holds up his

the candlestick, and other utensils and
hands to God in prayer.

vessels belonging to the sacrifices, are
God publisheth his Law contained

finished in the desert at mount Sinai,
in the Ten Commandments with a ter-

and are brought unto Moses.
rible voice from mount Sinai.

XL. The tabernacle is set up and anointed
XXI. XXII. The people being in great fear, God

with holy oil. Aaron and his sons are
gives them sundry other laws, all which

consecrated for the priesthood.
being written in the book of the cove-

Lev. X. Nadab and Abihu for offering strange
nant, Moses proposeth them to the

fire are struck dead in the place by
people: which done, rising early in

fire from heaven.
XXIV. the morning, he builds an altar at the

Numb. VII. The princes of the tribes present
foot of the mountain, and sets up

their offerings toward the dedication
twelve statues, according to the twelve

of the tabernacle. God speaketh to
tribes of Israel, and sends twelve young

Moses from the mercy seat.
men of the firstborn (whom the Lord

IX. The second passover is instituted.
had consecrated to himself as ministers

X. 29. Jethro, who is also called Hobab,
of those holy things, before the Levi-

Exodus brings his daughter Zipporah, with ber
tical priesthood was ordained) which

XVIII. two sons, Gershon and Eliezer, which
offer sacrifice, first for sin, and then

were left with him, to his son in la
for thanksgiving, to the Lord : and

Moses: and having congratulated his
when Moses had read the Book of the

and the whole people of Israel's deliver-
Covenant, he takes the blood of the

ance out of bondage, he openly declara
calves and goats so offered, and with

his faith and devotion toward the true
water, scarlet wool, and hyssop,

God. By his advice Moses imparts
sprinkles the book therewith, and all

the government of the people to some
the people, or those twelve statues

others, and ordains magistrates for the
representing them; and so performs a

deciding of lesser causes.
solemn covenant between God and his

Numb. XI. Moses complains to God of the orer

great burden of his government; Gol,
9, 18.
Moses and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu,

to ease him of his charge, gives him far
and seventy men of the elders of Israel,

assistance the court of seventy Elders.
go up into the mount, and there be-

31. The people lust for flesh, God gires
hold the glory of God: the rest return-

them quails in wrath; and sends witbal
ing, Moses with his servant Joshua

a most grievous plague among then.
abides there still, and waits six days,

XII. God rebukes the sedition of Miriam
and upon the seventh day God speaks

and Aaron, and maintaineth Moses bis
unto him, and there he continues forty

days and forty nights (reckoning those

XIII. From the wilderness of Paran, nez:
six days which he waited for the ap-

Kadesh-barnea, twelve men are sent
pearance of the Lord) eating no meat

(among whom are Caleb and Joshua)
all that while, nor drinking water ;

to discover the land of Canaan. Re-
|(Deut. ix. 9.) where he receives God's

turning, they bring with them the
command touching the frame of the

branch of a vine, with a cluster of
tabernacle, the priests' garments, their

grapes upon it; ten of the twelve sa
| XXV, &c. consecration, sacrifices, and other things

sent speak ill of the country, declare i:
comprised in this and the six following

barren, and magnify the cities for their

strength, and the giantly stature of the
XXXI. 18. At the end of forty days God gives

Moses the two tables of the Law in

XIV. The people, terrified with this rela.
stone, made by God's own hand, and

tion, are about to return into Egips
written with his own finger; bidding

from which Caleb and Joshua endea-
him withal quickly to get him down,

vouring to dissuade them are like to be
for that the people had already made

stoned. At this God is so provoked,
to themselves a molten calf to worship.

that he threatens to destroy them: bur
XXXII. Moses by prayer pacifieth God, and

is prevailed upon by Moses his prayers
goes down from the mount, and seeing

to spare them. Nevertheless he de-
the people keeping a festival in honour

nounceth that all who are now twenty
of their idol in the camp, he breaks the

years old and upward (except Caleb
tables of the law at the foot of the

and Joshua) shall die in the wilderness
mount : for which the Jews keep a

The men who raised the evil report
solemn fast unto this day.

are all destroyed by sudden death
20, 28. Moses, having burnt and defaced the

Some endeavouring to enter upon the
idol, puts 3000 of the idolaters to death

promised land, contrary to the con.
by the hands of the Levites.

mand of God, are smitten by the Ama.
XXXIV. God commands Moses to frame new

lekites and Canaanites.
Tables of stone, and to bring them 1489. Deut. I. 46. In this place, viz. Kadesh-barnea,
with him into the mount: Moses brings

the Israelites continue many days; but
them the next morning, and whilst he

that in some places they continued
stands in the cleft of a rock, God pass.

many years, appeareth, for that in the
etli by, and sheweth him glimpse of

space of thirty-seven years there are
his glory.

but seventeen encampings mentioned.

The fourth Age.

The fourth Age.
Before Numb. | To their long continuance in Kadesh, Before Num. princes of the Midianites his neigh-
XXXIII. and the encampings from thence, all CHRIST XXII. 2, 3. bours, and sends for Balaam a sooth-
that we find delivered in the 15th and

Josh. sayer out of Mesopotamia to come and
four next ensuing chapters of Numbers

XXIV. 9. curse the Israelites, promising him
1471. XVI. seems to refer; as how Korah, Dathan,

great rewards for his labour ; purpos-
and Abiram, for raising a mutiny

Jing afterwards to make war upon them.
against Moses and Aaron, were swal-

Numb. Balaam, forewarned of God, refuseth
lowed alive into the earth, and 250 of XXII. 7, 35. at first to come ; but being sent for a
their associates ; and how the people,

second time, he importuneth God to let
murmuring against Moses and Aaron


go, and goes with a purpose indeed
for the calamity which had befallen

to curse Israel; but God, offended there.
their brethren, were destroyed by God

2 Pet. II. at, makes the dumb ass of this wizard,
XVII. to the number of 14,700 men; and how

15, 16.

on which he rode, speaking in a man's
twelve rods being brought by twelve

voice, to reprove his folly.
princes, and laid in the sanctuary,

Numb. Balaam twice offers sacrifice, and
Aaron's rod only budded, and brought

XXIII. would fain have cursed Israel, to gra-
forth almonds, and was laid up before

Deut. tify Balak therein ; but being forced
the Ark, for a memorial to those who

XXIII. 5. thereto by the Spirit of God, instead of
should afterwards be given to rebel-

Joshua cursing, he blesseth them altogether ;

XXIV. 10. foretelling what felicity attended them,
1452. XX. In these thirty-seven years the Is-

and what calamities should befall their
raelites by seventeen encampings hav-

ing compassed the hill country of Seir

Numb. By his advice the women of Moab
and Edom, they come to the wilderness

XXV. and Midian are set on work to turn the
of Zin in the first month of the 40th

1, 2, 3, &c. Israelites away to idolatry. Wherefore
year after their departure out of

God commands Moses first to take all

the ringleaders of this disorder, and to
1, Here Miriam, the sister of Moses

hang them up before the sun, and then
and Aaron, dieth.

gives order to the judges to put to
2, The people again for want of water

death all such as had joined themselves
murmur against Moses and Aaron, Deut. IV. 3. to Baal-peor. Last of all God sends
whom when God had commanded to

Psalm a plague upon the people, whereof die
call water out of the rock only by

CVI. 28. 23,000 men in one day: which, added
speaking to it, Moses, being moved in

Rev. II. 14. to them which were hanged and kill-
his mind through impatience and dif-

1 Cor. X. 8. ed with the sword, amount in all to
fidence of the thing, speaks something,

whatever it was, unadvisedly with his

Numb. Phinehas the son of Eleazar, by kill-
lips, and strikes the rock thrice with

XXV. ing Zimri, the chief of his father's fa-
Aaron's rod, and thereby draws water

Psalm mily, and Cozbi the daughter of Zur,
from it; but for transgressing God's

CVI. 30. a prince of the Midianites, appeaseth
command they are both debarred from

Numb. the wrath of God, and the plague ceas-
entering into the land of Canaan.

XXV. eth. God therefore settleth the high
23, 28.
In the fifth month of this year Aaron

13, 17. priesthood for ever upon the house of
dieth at Mosera, on the top of mount

Phinehas, and commands that war be
Hor, at the age of 123 years, leaving

made upon the Midianites.
his son Eleazar his successor in the

Numb. Moses and Eleazar, by God's com-
high priesthood.

XXVI. mand, in the plain of Moab, near unto
XXI. 5, 9. The people murmuring are plagued

Jordan, over against Jericho, number
with fiery serpents, whereof many die;

the people from twenty years old and
upon their repentance God commands

upwards, and find them to be 601,730
III. 14. that a brasen serpent be made, and

men, besides the Levites, whose num-
I Cor. X. 9. lifted up upon a pole, that as many as

ber, reckoning them from one month
look on it may live.

old and upwards, come to 23,000; and
Numb. XXI. About the latter end of this year, all

then Moses receives command for the
those who at Kadesh-barnea mutinied

parting of the land of promise among
against God being wholly extinct and

the Israelites.
dead, the Israelites pass over Zared,

XXVII. The daughters of Zelophehad have
and come to the borders of Moab at Ar,

1, 2, their father's land parted among them,
and at length they arrive at Bamoth, a

for want of issue male ; this occasions
valley in the country of the Moabites,

the law for succession in heritages to
and pitch at mount Pisgah.

be made.
Sihon king of the Amorites, refusing

12, 23.

God signifies to Moses that he shall
them passage through his country, is

Deut. III. die; and Joshua thereupon is declared
slain, and the Israelites possess his 26, 27, 28. to be his successor; upon whom Moses

lays his hands, and gives him instruc-
33. Og the king of Basan, coming out

tions. Several laws are made.
against Israel, is destroyed with all his

Numb. Twelve thousand of the Israelites
people, not one left alive, and his

XXXI. under the command of Phinehas van-
country possessed by the Israelites.

quish the Midianites, and put to the
XXII. 1, After these victories the Israelites

sword all the males among them with
set forward, and encamp in the plains

their five princes, and among them
of Moab.

Josh. XIII. Zur, the father of Cozbi, and Balaam
Balak king of Moab, considering

21, 22. the wizard; but they save the women
what the Israelites had done to the

alive; at which Moses is wroth, and
Amorites, fears, lest under pretence

commands that every male child, and
of passing through his country they

all the women, except such as be vir-
should possess themselves of his whole

Numb. gins, be killed.
kingdom ; takes counsel with thell

XXXII. The lands which belonged to Sihon


2, 3.

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The fourth Age.

The fourth Age.

Deut. III. and Og, namely, all from the river Ar-|| Before Josh. IV. waters being for that present divided;

non to mount Hermon, Moses divides,

for a memorial of which miraculous

and gives to the tribes of Reuben and

passage Joshua sets up twelve stones
XXII. Gad, and the half tribe of Manasseh ;

in the very channel of Jordan, and
so that their possessions lay on this

taking twelve other stones out of the
side Jordan; nevertheless they assist

midst thereof sets them up at Gil-
the rest of the tribes in all their wars,

gal, the place where they text en-
till they had subdued the Canaanites,

and possessed the promised land.

V. The day following Joshua renews the
Deut. Moses commands the people, that in

use of circumcision, which had been
XXVII. their passage over Jordan they shall

omitted forty years.
XXVIII. set up great stones, and engrave the

10, Upon the fourteenth day of the same
Ten Commandments on them, with the

month, in the evening, the Israelites
form of blessing upon mount Gerizim,

celebrate their first Passover in the
and of cursing on mount Ebal; exhort-

land of Canaan.
ing them to observe the law of God, by

11, 12,

Next day after the Passover manna
setting before their eyes the benefits

that would ensue thereon.

13, Our Lord Jesus, Captain of his Fa-
He also renews the covenant made !

ther's host, appears to Joshua, the ty.
by God with them and their children

pical Jesus, before Jericho, with a
on mount Horeb, and again persuades,

drawn sword in his hand, and promis-
them to keep that covenant by all the

eth there to defend his people.
blessings and curses, which would un-

VI. Jericho, the ark of the Lord having
doubtedly follow the keepers or break-

been carried round about it, is taken
XXX. ers of it, yet with a promise of pardon

the seventh day, the walls thereof fall-
and deliverance, if at any time, having

ing down at the sound of the priests'
broken it, they shall repent them of

trumpets; all the inhabitants are put
their sin; and tells them further, that

to the sword, except Rabab and her
God had therefore thus declared his

will unto them, to the end that none

VII. The Israelites besiege Ai, and are
hereafter offending shall pretend igno-

smitten by their enemies, God having

abandoned them for sacrilege commit-
XXXI. Moses, having written this law, de-

ted by Achan; Achan's sin being disco-
livers it to the priests the sons of Levi,

vered by the casting of lots, and himself
and the elders of the people, to be

found guilty, he is stoned to death, and
XXXII. kept; the same day also he writes his

together with his children and cattle,
most excellent song, and teaches the

VIII. burned with fire. God being pacified
same to the children of Israel to be

hereby, Ai is taken by ambushment, and
sung; and having finished the book of

utterly destroyed.
the law, he takes order to have it laid

On mount Ebal, according to the
up in the side of the ark.

law made, is an altar erected, and the
XXXIII. Moses, now drawing near to his end,

Ten Commandments engraven on it;
blesseth every tribe in particular by

the blessings and cursings are repeated
way of prophecy, save only the tribe of

on mount Ebal and mount Gerizimi,

and the book of the law read in the ears
XXXIV. In the twelfth month of this year he

of the people.
goes up to mount Nebo, and from thence

IX. The kings of Canaan combine against
beholds the land of promise, and there

Israel ; only the Gibeonites craftily find
dieth, aged 120 years; the body of Moses

a way to save their own lives, by mak-
God translates out of the place where

ing a league with them : but are after-
he died into a valley of the land of Moab,

wards deputed to the servile offices of
over against Beth-peor, and there bu-

the house of God.
rieth it: nor doth any man know the

Joshua X. Adoni-zedek king of Jerusalem, with
place where he laid it unto this day.

the kings of Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish
The Israelites mourn for him thirty

and Eglon, hearing that Gibeon is fallen

off from them, join their forces toge
Here ends the pentateuch, or five

ther, and besiege it: but Joshua raiščih
books of Moses, containing the history

the siege, pursueth those five kings,
of 2552 years and an half, from the be-

and smiteth them as far as Azekah, the
ginning of the world; and the book of

Lord in the mean while killing more
Joshua begins with the 41st year after

with hailstones from heaven, than the
the departure of the children of Israel

Israelites with their swords. Joshua
out of Egypt.

commands the sun to stand still over
Josh. II. Joshua, being confirmed in his go-

Gibeon, and the moon over the valley
vernment by God, sends forth spies

of Ajalon, by the space almost of one
from Shittim to the city of Jericho, who,

whole day, until the Israelites are fully
being harboured by Rahab, are privily

avenged of their enemies. The fire
sent away, when search is made for

kings hide themselves in a cave at

Makkedah; from whence they are
III. Upon the tenth day of the first month,

brought forth, scornfully used, and
(April 30) to wit, the same day that the

Paschal Lamb was to be chosen out of 1450. Exodus From the autumn of this year,
the flock, the Israelites under the con-

XXIII. wherein, after the failing of manna,
duct of Joshua, a type of Jesus Christ,

10, 11. they began to till the ground, the rise
go up out of the river Jordan into the

of the sabbatical years is to be taken.
promised land of Canaan, a type of a 1445. Josh. XIII. Joshua, now grown old, is command-
more heavenly country. They pass

ed by God to divide all the land on the
through the river on dry ground, the

west of Jordan among the nine tribes

30, 35.

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