Free Gym Memberships: How to Get an Unbelievable Deal on Your Gym Membership

Action Health, 1 jun. 2015 - 100 pagina's
DON'T JOIN a health club until you read this!†
The #1 Consumer Awareness Guide for anyone looking to workout at a gym or health club†

As featured on CNN Money Edition†

Fitness Industry Veteran Reveals All In This Health Club Industry Exposť†

Introducing Industry Secrets to SAVE At Least $250 Right NOW on Your Gym Membership†

Are you looking for a free gym or fitness club membership?†
Are you shopping around in vain trying to find the best health club membership deal in your area?†
Looking for ways to waive pesky enrollment and "processing fees"?†
Are you frustrated with the way health clubs seem like used car lots with pushy sales people?†
Or maybe you are paying for a gym membership you rarely (if ever) use, and are frustrated about having to continually pay way too much?†
Wish you could get out of your contract and cancel your gym membership?†
Do you wish you could hire a trainer and sign up for all kinds of programs but can't afford it?†
Are you debating even joining a club, still trying to find a cheaper alternative?†
Then you need Free Gym Memberships to learn How to Get an Unbelievable Deal on Your Gym Membership and save on fitness services for life.†

It's easy, it works, and you can do it.

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Jesse Stoddard, CPT, started in sales for a small family-owned gym, soon became a personal trainer and manager, working both for large chains, small clubs, and eventually on his own, building a very successful training business. He worked the front desk of several clubs, worked as an administrator, an assistant manager, an outside marketer, a Corporate Sales Manager for a multi-state chain, and did all the nitty-gritty in-between, swabbing toilets and repairing equipment along the way. He has been an employee, an independent contractor, an owner, an investor, a customer, and has seen just about every angle of the fitness world possible, making him the ideal whistle-blower for this industry.†

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