which the devils bodily inhabit. Prussia self in this way? The soldier's money has many of these devils. Not far from is in thy bed, under the canvas. Go, Lucerne, in Switzerland, and on the officer ! and you will find that I speak summit of a high mountain, there is a the truth." When the host heard this pond, called Pilate's pond, where the he swore 6 If I have received the devil resides in a terrible manner. In money, may the devil fly away with me!" my own country there is a pond similarly The officers found it exactly in the place placed. If you throw a stone into it, there indicated, and brought it before the is a terrible storm, and the whole country tribunal. Then the man in the blue around trembles. It is the prison of many cap said " I knew very well that I devils. At Sussen, on Good Friday, the should catch one of the two-either the devil carried bodily away three men, who soldier or the innkeeper!” So he twisted had devoted themselves to him.” At Lu- the culprit's neck, and flew away with ther's table, one day, a story was told of him. a horseman who was riding with other A young good-for-nothing, much adhorsemen, and who, as he pricked the dicted to brutality and drinking, was one animal he rode with his spurs, cried out, day fuddling with his comrades in a • The devil take the hindmost!' Now, wine-shop. When the cash was spent, he led one horse by the bridle, and this he said that he would find somebody to he left; but he never again saw it, for pay another reckoning, if he sold his the devil flew away with it. Luther ob- soul for it. Soon after a man entered served, “ We must beware of inviting the tavern, began to drink with the rake, Satan to our table ; he is ready enough and asked him if he was really willing to to come without invitation. The atmo- dispose of his soul. “ Yes ! ” replied the sphere around us is filled with devils." other boldly ; and the man paid for him

“An aged ecclesiastic, while one day the whole of the day. Towards night, occupied in prayer, heard behind him when the fellow was drunk, the unknown the great enemy, who, in the view of addressed the other topers : " Gentleobstructing his devotions, grunted as what think you ? when any one loud as a whole herd of swine. Without has bought a horse, do not the saddle the least fear, the clergyman turned and bridle go into the bargain ?” They round, and said : • Master devil, thou were much alarmed at the question, and art justly punished ! once thou wast a for some time hesitated to reply ; but shining angel ; now thou art a vile pig! being urged to speak, they allowed that The grunting immediately ceased, for the saddle and bridle did belong to the the devil cannot bear to be despised!!!" purchaser. Then the devil (for it was

Another time, Luther related to us he) seized the poor caitiff, and sank with the story of a soldier, who had left some him; and from that day to this, nothing money in the care of his host in Brande- is known of him. bourg. When the money was demanded, At Erfurth there were two scholars, the latter denied that any had been left of whom one was madly in love with a with him. In a transport of fury, the young girl. The other, who was a soldier fell on the knave and beat him; magician, thought his companion was but for this he was seized and accused ignorant of the fact, said " If thou wilt before the authorities of the place, as a promise me not to kiss her, not to, emviolator of the hausfriede, or household brace her, I will bring her to thee." peace. While in prison, the devil ap- Accordingly, she was made to come. peared to him, and said—“ To-morrow The lover, a fine youth, received her Thou wilt be condemned and executed, with so much affection, and spoke to her unless thou deliver body and soul to me. so eagerly, that the magician was in Do this, and I will save thee !" The great fear lest he should embrace her. soldier refused. The devil proceeded At length he could not restrain himself; "If thou wilt not, hear, at least, the he did take her in his arms, and she inadvice I have to give thee. To-morrow, stantly fell dead on the floor. When when thou art before the judges, I shall they saw what had happened, they were be near thee, with a blue cap and a white mightily afraid ; and the scorcerer obfeather on my head; ask the judges to served, “We must now employ our last allow me to plead thy cause, and I will resource !” She was carried back to save thee.” The next day the soldier her own house, and made to discharge followed the advice; and as the host per- her domestie duties as usual; but she sisted in denying all knowledge of the looked very pale, and never opened her money, the advocate in the blue cap said lips. In three days, her parents went

Friend, how canst thou perjure thy- to consult some learned divines; and no


sooner did these speak to the girl, than One more story, and we have done she fell to the earth, a stinking corpse. with these absurdly superstitious tracts.

Luther says that the devils in Ger. During the night, when I happen many were in the habit of playing the to lie awake, the devil comes, disputes, same pranks as the Brownies in Scote and fills me with strange thoughts, until land.

I grow angry, and tell him to “ Eight years ago," says he, “I my- This very morning, on my awaking, the self when at Dessau, touched one of devil came and said, • Thou art a sinner!" these changelings, which had no parents, I replied, "Tell me something new, but was the devil's brat. It was twelve devil! I have known that long ! years old, and was in everything like an •What hast thou done with the cloisters?" ordinary child. It did nothing but eat; What is that to thee, devil! enough, it ate as much as four ploughmen or after all, are left for thy worship !' thrashers ; and it performed the cus- Sometimes, when he comes at night to tomary functions.

But when any one tempt me, I say— Devil, I must sleep; touched it, it cried out like one possessed; for God has commanded us to labour by if anything unfortunate happened in the day, and sleep by night.' Jf he calls me house, it rejoiced and laughed aloud ; a sinner; to spite him, I say to him, but if everything went on prosperously, • Sancte Satan, ora pro me!' and someit continually moaned. I said to the times, · Physician, cure thyself !”” Prince of Anhalt, • Were I sovereign here, I would throw this little wretch NOTES OF A READER. into the Moldau, at any risk.' But the Elector of Saxony and the Prince were not of my opinion. I then advised them A clever woman in her chamber with to pray in all the churches, that the her physician, is like a minister of state. demon might be removed. They did so in a representative assembly; when he is during a year, when the child died. sure of his majority, he adroitly humours When the doctor had related this story, its fancies; and, while pretending to he was asked the reason of his advice in yield himself to its will, in effect bends regard to the child and the river. He it to his previous determination. А replied, “Because, in my opinion, chil. female patient can make her medical atdren of this description are neither more tendant prescribe whatever she pleasesnor less than a mass of flesh without quiet or amusement; retirement in counsoul. The devil is very capable of such try, or winter in town; Brighton, or creations.""

horse-exercise-just as her whim or Here is another story :

caprice fluctuates, so does the complai“ Near Halberstadt, in Saxony, there sant doctor conform to her fancy. The

a man who had a Kilkroff, which following is an authentic relation of what

so voracious at the breast, that it recently occurred in one of these clinical could drain its mother and five other consultations, and shews pretty clearly women, and it devoured besides every- that a doctor is very frequently but a thing else offered to it. The man was mere plaything : advised to go on pilgrimage to Holckel- “ Mrs.

sent for Dr. stadt, to devote his child to the Virgin her of a cold, attended with some sympMary, and to rock it there. Away he toms of dyspepsia. He prescribed cerwent with the child in a pannier ; but in tain remedies, and on his fourth or fifth passing over a bridge, another devil in visit, said to his patient, on coming into the river cried out, “ Kilkroff! Kilkroff !” her room :The child in the pannier, which had

“« Well, madam, how do we get on hitherto not uttered a sound, replied, to-day?' « Oh! oh! oh!” The river demon “Why,' said the lady, "I can't exactly asked, "Where art thou going?' The say, but you must judge for yourself,' child answered, “ To Holckelstadt, to presenting her arm, which as it was a be rocked at the shrine of our blessed remarkably plump one, the doctor reMother!' The peasant, in great fear, tained for some time while he felt her threw the basket and the child into the pulse. river; and the two demons flew away, Ah,' said he, with apparent satiscrying, “Oh! oh! oh!'"**

faction, 'in five or six days I will answer for your thorough establishment;

in the meantime, go on with my former * See the Notes to Sir W. Scott's · Lay of the

directions: chicken-broth, light nourishLast Minstrel.'

ment, keep yourself warm, and don't go out of doors.'

was was

to cure

,56 What did you say, doctor, not go beauty or wit, will please equally at out? Why, to tell you the truth, I cal. least, and is certainly more durable. culated upon going to a concert this We often see objects, which appear reevening where my nieces are to sing; in pulsive at first, but if we see them fact, î have promised. Of course, I every day we become accustomed to shall wrap myself up well, and I shall them, and at length yot only view them have only one step to take from my car. without aversion, but with feelings of riage to the concert-room.'

attachment. The impression which ««« Well, well, if you have promised, goodness makes on the heart is gradual ; you may just drop in-but you must but it remains for ever. Listen, and I not stay.

will tell you how I came to marry my “What may I not stop, when I am husband. there, to see the dancing begin ?'

“I was quite young when he was in "Why, yes — you may remain five troduced for the first time into the house minutes but you must not be im- of my parents. He was awkward in prudent.'

his manner, uncouth in his appearance, ««« Oh! I'll take great care of myself and my companions used often to ridi-I shan't waltz, and will not join a gallo. cule him, and I confess that I was frepade—I will only just walk through one quently tempted to join them, but was or two contre-dances.'

restrained by my mother, who used to "Well, I have no objection to that; say to me in a low voice, 'He is so amia, but I expressly prohibit supper.' ble, and then it occurred to me, that he

"Oh, doctor, what difference does it was always kind and obliging; and make whether I eat my wing of a chicken whenever our villagers assembled tohere or there?'

gether at our fêtes and dances, he was «« There is something in that, cer- always at the disposal of the mistress of tainly; but, at all events, no champagne!' the house, and was profuse in his atten,

"O! now, my dear Doctor, but one tions to those whose age or ugliness glass of champagne, or a wine-glass of caused them to be neglected. Others punch to soften my cough!'

laughed at his singularity in this respect, Well, well, you may try it; but but I whispered to myself, “He is so don't stop too late.'

amiable.' “ The lady danced all night, supped “ One morning my mother called me heartily, swallowed three glasses of cham- to her boudoir, and told me that the pagne, and drove home at four o'clock in young man who is now my husband, had the morning. ! ! Next day, she gave the made application for my hand.

I was doctor a faithful account of her exploit; not surprised at this, for I already sushe thought it an excellent joke, and they pected that he regarded me with an eye had a hearty laugh together at this novel of affection. I was now placed in a treatment for a cold."

dilemma, and hardly knew how to act. When I recollected his ill-favoured look

and bis awkwardness, I was on the point Contentment is the talisman of happi- of saying, "I will not wed him, and I ness, the spell which works more won- blushed for him, which is a strong proof ders than all the enchantment of all the that I even then felt interested in him ; magicians of Arabian fiction. So happy but when I recalled the many excellent an illustration of the effects of this virtue traits in his character, and dwelt on his is afforded in the following little narra- benevolent and good actions, I dismissed tive, and the touching reflections arising the idea of banishing him from my preout of it, that we cannot refrain from sence. I could not resolve to afflict him, incorporating it into our columns. and I whispered to myself, "He is så

A beautiful girl, gay, lively, and amiable.' agreable, was wedded to a man of a “ He continued to visit me, encouclumsy figure, coarse features, and a raged by my parents, and cheered by stupid looking physiognomy. A kind my smiles. My other admirers, one by friend said to her one day :

one, left me, but I did not regret their “My dear Julia, how came you to absence. I repeated the expression, he marry that man ?'

is so amiable,' so often, that it seemed to “The question is a natural one. My me to carry the same meaning as, he is busband, I confess, is not graceful in his so handsome.' I loved him, and took appearance, nor attractive in his conver- him as my husband. Since then I have sation. But he is so amiable. And not only been resigned to my fate, but goodness, although less fascinating than happy. My husband loves me devotedly,

and how can I help loving him?




stances, are to be taken into account RESPECTABILITY! Mysterious word! before we can definitely pronounce upon indefinite term ! phantom! Who will the respectability of the possessor; and presume to say authoritatively what thou it behoves us to be cautious ; for, to a

What metaphysician or mental nice mind, ardently engaged in the purchemist will analyge thee, and expound suit of truth, a hair-breadth distinction to the world the curious substance or is found, at times, more obstinately essence of which thou art composed ? irreconcileable than a more manifest Where is the lexicographer gifted with discrepancy, powers, subtle and fine as the spider's Respectability! all-pervading power! thread, to define thee accurately, satis- like light and life, thou art everywhere ; factorily, so that the general voice shall or, at the least, wherever civilization is, cry aloud, " that is the meaning of the there art thou to be found, despotically word;" and every individual whisper to ruling the minds of men of every grade his neighbour, “ that was my meaning.” and station, from the doctor to the dustAs for the explanations of the existing man—from the lawyer to the labourer. race of dictionaries, they are mere eva- But of all the devotees, none, I think, sions of the question.

worship thee with the fervour—the inAbout the boldest and most decided tenseness, of shopkeepers and small opinion concerning this particle of the tradesmen. Thou art their idol- their English language that I am acquainted oracle! They cousult thee in all they with, was that given by a witness in a do or say, or in whatever in any shape swindling transaction, who, on being appertains to them.

Thou art ever upasked by the judge his reason for affirm- permost in their thoughts, and there is ing that the defendant was a respect- no sacrifice too great for them to makeable man; replied, "that he kept a no deprivation too severe for them to gig.” There is something in the un- endure, rather than to be banished either hesitating and undoubting confidence of in reality, or in the opinion of the world, this answer, that carries weight with it.

from thy presence. But though this The witness was well acquainted with race of people are more peculiarly thine the defendant's moral obliquities; he own, millions of others put in their claim knew that he had long been worthy the of kindred to thee on some trivial preattention of the laws of his country; he text or other. Thou hast more distant knew, moreover,

that he was only relations than a Scotchman likely to do enabled to maintain this two-wheeled well in the world, even though his name vehicle by a constant infringement of the be Campbell. And it is curious to right of meum and tuum ; he knew, in mark the different ways in which thy short, that he was rich by good manage- multitudinous kith and kin infer a conment and unbanged by good luck; but flexion. Some are respectable by destill, there was no getting over the sim- seent, some by dress, some by the situaple fact—he kept his gig; and so long tion of the dwellings in which they have as he did keep it, nothing could impugn temporarily located themselves. A man his respectability in the mind of the in very low circumstances, if he has no witness.

Yet, before we unthinkingly better claim, is consanguineous on the laugh at this man's tenacious adherence strength of a hat with a brim, or a to his beau ideal of respectability, let us stocking without a hole-"two precious cautiously examine our own thoughts on items in a poor man's eye;" the spruce the subject. A gig is respectable. A mechanic's dapper coat, or his wife's silk curricle may be dashing.

-a phaeton gown, leave no doubt, in his own eyes at stylish—a carriage gentle, lofty, magni- least, how closely he is allied; the small ficent—but a gig is respectable par excel- tradesman's snug house, tiny flowerlence. Yet, of itself, and independent spot before the door, and neat green railof other circumstances, it does not ings, distinctly mark him for thine own; wholly and safely constitute respectability, while the more aristocratical storekeeper and here lies the difficulty. It is not all in the wholesale or large retail way, getin all—" there's the rub," or the ques- ting above business, successful ship-brotion might be settled. Besides, its con- kers, speculators, haberdashers, and other dition must be looked to. It may be anomalies, forgetful of all thou hast done badly lined, and worse painted; the for them, look above thee, and creep into shafts and wheels may be in ill condition; the back ranks of gentility and fashion, it

may, in fact, have a disreputable ap- where they remain neither fish nor flesh pearance rather than otherwise ; it may - genteel in their own estimation, be second-handed. All these apparently simply respectable in that of their trivial, but in reality essential circum- neighbour's.

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Some men neglect their personal ap- is, that doctors and lawyers shall wear pearance, and concentrate their claims black coats and white handkerchiefs, and to respectability in a brass knocker, à perhaps to this, in a large degree, is plate with their name engraved thereon, owing the respectability which is so venetian blinds, or any other pretty ad- generally conceded to those bodies. I ditament to their domiciles; others are speak not here of lawyerlings and doctorrespectable by virtue of their connex. lings-boys with scarcely a tinge of their ions; others by going to the private profession, who are injudiciously abanboxes at the theatre; others by a pew doned in those matters to their own weak next the parson at church; others by the judgments and perverted tastes, and who people they visit; others by having consequently go abroad in josephean garevery thing in season. Yet, difficult as

of many colours,” but of fullit is for the mind of man to comprehend grown responsible men of law and physic. all these things, and to decide properly Who would trust a life or a lawsuit of and justly, the women, taking advantage any importance to one of either profesof their superior powers of penetration, sion in a pea-green coat, fancy waistcoat, and delicacy of discrimination, divide and coloured handkerchief? the idea is and subdivide respectability as easily preposterous! There is more in those as quicksilver. They have their “re. black and white habiliments than the unspectable sort of people--yery respecta- thinking dream of. WILLIAM Cox, ble-highly respectable-extremely respectable most respectable," which

MARIE; makes the thing about as difficult to un- OR, THE BLUE KERCHIEF. derstand or explain, as political economy or electro-magnetism. Indeed, there are FROM THE FRENCH OF ETIENNE BEQUET. some men, otherwise not deficient in intellect, who never have even a glimmer.

(For the Parterre.) ing of light upon the subject. Think of the more than Egyptian darkness of Ar the latter end of October last year, Robert Burns, for instance-mark his I was returning on foot from Orleans to heterodoxies,

the Château de Bardy. In front of me, “What though on hamely fare we dine,

and along the same road, a regiment of Wear hodden gray and a' that,

German guards was under march. I Gie fools their silk, and knaves their wine, had quickened my pace in order to hear A man's a man for a' that.”

its military music, of which I am passionNo, sir, he is not a man; he is only a ately fond; but the band did not play: poor devil. Or, grant that he is so by a few beats of the drum only marked at courtesy, what is a man in these times, distant intervals, the measured and uniunless he is respectable according to some form tread of the soldiers. of the floating laws and regulations on After half an hour's march, I saw the the subject ? « Oh, better had he ne'er regiment enter upon a little plain surbeen born! for, as the Persian sage rounded by a wood of firs. I inquired of justly remarketh—" he shall drink of the a captain with whom I was acquainted, waters of bitterness all the days of his whether the regiment was going through life, and his bread shall be as ashés in its exercise. “ No," replied be, "we his mouth; his face shall be near unto are about to try, and probably shoot, a the earth; and he shall be so small that soldier of my company, for his friends will look over his head and bed the burgeois with whom he lodged.” see him not, even though the day be I inquired, “are you going to try, conlight--and his shadow shall be less than demn, and execute him at the same the shadow of a dog, or of a Russian, moment? " whom God destroy !

“Yes,” replied he,“ such are our Respectability is in and over all things. articles of war-such are our capitulaThere are respectable substances to eat, tions.” and drink, and wear ; there are respect- This latter phrase appeared to him an able towns and streets and situations- unanswerable one, as if all were provided for men and houses. There is a shade of for in those capitulations ; crime, punishrespectability in colours. A black coat ment, justice, and humanity to boot. is more respectable than a brown one- “ At all events, if you have any a white handkerchief decidedly more so curiosity to witness the proceeding, I than a red one. Why this is we cannot will procure you a place-it will not take tell, we only know that it is so.

long." One of the immutable laws of nature I have always taken great interest in



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