But I must not omit upon this Occafion my most Humble Thanks to that Excellent Good Lord, the Right Honourable the Lord Digby, whó. upon an Acquaintance happily contracted at the College, was pleafed at that time to afford me, (at his Seat in Warwickshire) a Comfortable Place of Refuge from that Storni; Though the Government then frown'd upon all that Countenanc'd or Receivd vis; and had Decreed us to be Uncapable of Receiving, or being adniitted to, any Ecclesiastical Dignity, Benefice or Promotion -- Such a Seasonable and Generous Act of Friendship ought never to be forgotten, though it had been single ; But his Lordship has been pleased ever since to receive me with such distinguisbing Kindness, as I can never sufficiently Acknowledge.

As for the Discourses on the Re: surrection, the Groundwork of them


was all One Sermon, preach'd before the University of Oxford on EasterTuesday, An. 1686; ; which was afterwards enlargd into Four Difcourses at Lincolns-Inn; with a particular Eye to the Socinians, (so far as their Doctrine is concern'd in that Article of the Refurre&ion,) for Reasons which I need not at this Distance of Time trouble the Reader withal,

But upon the mention of LincolnsInn, (fince Societies never die,) I gladly lay hold of this, (tho late, ) Opportunity, of Returning Publickly my Thankful Acknowledgments to that Honourable Society, for their Con. ftant Kindness and Respects to me, all the Eight Tears that I had the Honour and Happiness to be their Preacher : Which were indeed such, that if my Health would have permitted, I ought in Gratitude never to bave left them.


As for the Quotations made use of in any of the following Discourses, some Few, I see, were taken from Books which I have not nov by me in the Country, to Examine. But in those I have, I find I was sufficiently Careful in the Vse I made of them; and therefore I have reason to hope that I made no Mistakes in Quotations, nor any Misconstructions or Misapplications of Any of them. .

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. THE :


SERMON I, II. Of Judging Others as to their Final

State. : i Cor. iv. 5. Therefore Judge nothing bebefore the Time, until the Lord come.

Pag. 1. 23.

SERMON III, IV. The Obligations we have of Grati

tude to God, for his many Mer

cies and Deliverances. Luke xvii. 17. Were there not Ten cleansed,

but where are the Nine ? p. 59. 84.

SERMON V. Vertue and Piety, the likeliest way

to Profperity and Happiness, e

ven in this World. 1 Kings ii. 2, 3. I go the way of all the

Earth; Be Thou strong therefore, and fbow thy self a Man;


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