Transactions, Volume 4


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Pagina 220 - Mr. NEWCOMB. Anywhere within a range of five miles. Mr. SUTRO. The tunnel is not quite four miles in length, and a mile or a mile and a half either way would reach any mine? Mr. NEWCOMB. An hour would be the outside of the time required to get timbers in. They could have a telegraph established between the interior workings of the mine or the tunnel to the mouth of the tunnel. Q. How many men do they lower at a time into these shafts?
Pagina 80 - patent, whosoever will work, be tin at what price soever, " they have four shillings a week truly paid : there is no " poor that will work there, but may, and have that wages.
Pagina 79 - I take some imputation of slander offered to her Majesty, I mean by the gentleman that first mentioned tin; for that being one of the principal commodities of this kingdom, and being in Cornwall, it hath ever, so long as there were any, belonged to the Dukes of Cornwall, and they had special patents of privilege. It pleased...
Pagina 478 - I believe there is no other instance of a mine so worked, or of a mine, the working of which is attended with so little labour. In respect to the lodes or veins which are...
Pagina 237 - ... clay is next conveyed to the floor of the washing place : and is then ready for the first operation of the process. A heap of the clay being placed on an inclined platform, on which a little stream of water falls from the height of about six feet, the workman constantly moves it and turns it over with a piggle and shovel; by which means, the whole is gradually carried down into an oblong trench beneath, which is also inclined and which ends in a covered channel that leads to the catch-pits about...
Pagina 37 - ... part of this sand nearer the mouth of the harbour, the bones of a large whale were found. The sea at this time seems to have extended about a mile up the valley. (g) A bed of rough river-sand and gravel, here and there, mixed with sea-sand and silt. About 20 feet in thickness. In this sand was found "the remains of a row of wooden piles, sharpened for the purpose of driving, which appear to have been used for forming a wooden bridge for foot passengers : they crossed the valley, and were about...
Pagina 80 - will tell you, that before the granting of my patent, " whether the tin were but at seventeen shillings, " and so upward to fifty shillings a hundred, yet the " poor workman never had but two shillings a week, " finding himself. But since my patent, whosoever " will work, be tin at what price soever, they have " four shillings a week truly paid : there is no poor " that will work there, but may, and have that wages.
Pagina 80 - Yet if all others may be repealed, I will give my consent as freely to the cancelling of this, as any member of this house.
Pagina 238 - The water, still holding in suspension the finer and purer panicles of porcelain clay, next overflows into larger pits, called ponds, which are of the same depth as the first pits, but about three times as long and wide. Here the clay is gradually deposited, and the clear supernatant water is from time to time discharged by plug-holes on one side of the pond. This process is continued until, by successive accumulations, the ponds are filled. At this stage the clay is in the state of a thick paste...
Pagina 238 - The clay thus dried is next scraped perfectly clean, and is then packed up into casks , and carried to one of the adjacent ports to be shipped for the potteries.

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