serve nor desire. They prefer instruction in those studies and pursuits which will elevate the character, and direct the mind to the most noble and useful objects; which will fit them for the station they are destined to occupy here, and for the happiness which they ardently hope for hereafter.

In preparing the present' Manual for the use of young ladies, the author has been guided, not more by a desire to offer that which might be really and permanently useful to them, than by a profound respect for the female character

-naturally prone, as he knows it to be, to all that is pure in sentiment and exalted in moral worth.

The materials of the work, which he has drawn from a variety of sources, have been selected with especial reference to actual utility. The directions for insuring mental improvement will be found consistent with the best authorities on the subject, and worthy of being treasured up to aid that great work of education which ends only with life; the hints on moral deportment and manners, and the instructions on the general conduct of life, in the relations most

I ix important to female happiness, namely, the social and domestic relations, while they approve themselves to the unsophisticated minds of the young, will, it is believed, secure the approbation of every judicious parent.

At a time when frivolity and show are but too fashionable, the author has dared to prepare a work of a solid character for the use of young ladies. He humbly hopes that the public may find it executed in a manner worthy of the design. Having called in the assistance of some of the ablest writers on life, education and manners, he will consider himself richly rewarded for the care he has bestowed in digesting and arranging their ideas, if the result of his labours shall meet the approbation of those who would award to the gentler sex what is justly their due, the highest advantages for intellectual and moral cultivation.

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