Department of Defense Appropriations, Partie 1


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Page 321 - Each Party undertakes not to develop, test or deploy ABM systems or components which are sea-based, air-based, space-based or mobile land-based.
Page 441 - I have the honor to refer to the Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation Between the United States of America and Spain concluded on this date.
Page 248 - American relations; joint charter schools, including the National War College, and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces...
Page 456 - DONE at Washington, this 7th day of September, 1977, in duplicate, in the English and Spanish languages, both texts being equally authentic. For the...
Page 313 - US would consider the deployment of operational land-mobile ICBM launchers during the period of the Interim Agreement as inconsistent with the objectives of that Agreement.
Page 182 - System (NMCS) , which consists of the National. Military Command Center (NMCC) , the Alternate National Military Command Center (ANMCC) and the National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACP) , along with their interconnecting telecommunications and Automated Data Processing (ADP) support.
Page 528 - Corps shall be organized, trained, and equipped to provide fleet marine forces of combined arms, together with supporting air components, for service with the fleet in the seizure or defense of advanced naval bases and for the conduct of such land operations as may be essential to the prosecution of a naval campaign.
Page 439 - To the Senate of the United States: With a view to receiving the advice and consent of the Senate to ratification...
Page 326 - Vietnam, and parts of India. The limited range of the aircraft suggests that it also might be used in a theater support role within the PRC.
Page 351 - Microbial or other biological agents, or toxins whatever their origin or method of production, of types and in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes; 2 Weapons, equipment or means of delivery designed to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes or in armed conflict.

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