LSPENCER, a flourishing township in Wor. Sea, near the coast of the province of New Jercester County, Massachusetts, taken from Lei- sey, between Cape May and Five Mile Island. cester, and incorporated in 1753, and contains (SPRING-COLD Cove. See COLD-SPRING 1322 inhabitants, and lies 12 miles w. of Wor- Cove.] cester, on the post-road to Springfield, and 48w. (SPRINGFIELD, a township of Vermont, of Boston.

Windsor County, on the w. side of Connecticut [SPESŪTIE, a small island at the head of River, opposite to Charleston in New HampChesapeak Bay.]

shire. It has Weathersfield n. and Rockingham [SPIRITU SANTO, a town on the s. side of on the s. and contains 1097 inhabitants. ] the island of Cuba, opposite to the n.w. part of [SPRINGFIELD, a post-town of Massachusetts, the cluster of isles and rocks called Jardin de la Hampshire county, on the e. side of Connecticut Reyna, and about 45 miles n. w. of La Tri. River; 14 miles s. by e. of Northampton, 74 nidad.)

W. 8. w. of Boston, 23 n. of Hartford, and 178 [SPIRITU Santo, or TAMPAY BAY, called n. e. of Philadelphia. The township of Springalso Hillsborough Bay, lies on the w. coast of field was incorporated in 1635 or 1645. It conthe peninsula of E. Florida. Some account of tains 1574 inhabitants, a Congregational church, it may be found under the title Espiritu Santo, a court-house, and a number of dwelling-houses, but this is the more proper name.

It has a num many of which are both commodious and elegant. ber of shoals and keys at its mouth, and is nine The town lies chiefly on one long spacious street, leagues n. N. w. one-quarter w. of Charlotte Har which runs parallel with the river. A stream bour, and 56 s. €. by s. three-quarters e. of the from the hills, at the e. of the town, falls into Bay of Apalache. Lat. 27° 45' n. long 82° this street, and forms two branches, which take 38' w.]

their course in opposite directions, one of them [SPIRITU SANTO, a town of Brazil in S. Ame- running n. and the other s. along the e. side of rica. It is situate on the sea coast, in a very the street, and afford the inhabitants, from one fertile country, and has a castle and harbour. end to the other, an easy supply of water for doLat. 13° 41's. long. 38° 41' w.]

mestic uses. Here a considerable inland trade [Spiritu Santo, a lake towards the extre is carried on; and there is also a paper-mill. mity of the peninsula of E. Florida ; s. from the The original superintendant and some of the chain of lakes which communicate with St. John's principal workmen in the armoury here, were River.]

manufacturers in Bridgewater, which is famous (Spiritu Santo. See EspirITU SANTO, also for its iron works.] Santo Espiritu.]

[SPRINGFIELD, a township of New York, [SPLIT ROCK, a rocky point which projects Otsego County, 11 miles n. of Otsego, and beinto Lake Champlain, on the w. side, about 56 tween it and the lake of that name. It is 50 miles miles n. of Skeensborough, bears this name. The w. of Albany, has a good soil, and increases in lake is narrow, and no where exceeding two population.] miles from Skeensborough to this rock, but here (SPRINGFIELD, a township of New Jersey, it suddenly widens to five or six miles, and the Burlington County, of a good soil, and famed for waters become pure and clear.]

excellent cheese ; some farmers make 10,00lbs. SPOTSILVANIA, a county of Virginia in in a season. The inhabitants are principally N. America. (See SporSYLVANIA.]

Quakers, who have three meeting-houses. The [SPOTSWOOD, a small town of New Jersey, chief place of the township, where business is Middlesex County, near the w. side of South transacted, is a village called Job's-Town, 10 River, which empties into the Rariton in a s. e. miles from Burlington, and 18 from Trenton. In direction. The situation is good for extensive this township is a hill three miles in length, callmanufactories, and there is already a paper-milled Mount Pisgah, which furnishes stone for buildhere. It is on the Amboy stage-road, nine miles ing. Here is also a grammar school.] s. e. of Brunswick, and 10 w. by s. of Middleton [SPRINGFIELD, a township in Essex County, Point.]

New Jersey, on Rahway River, which furnishes [SPOTSYLVANIA, a county of Virginia, fine mill-seats ; six or eight miles n. w. of Elizabounded n. by Stafford, and e. by Caroline Coun- beth Town. Turf for firing is found here.] ty. It contained, by the census of 1792, 11,252 SPRINGFIELD, the name of four townships of inhabitants, of whom 5939 were slaves.

Pennsylvania, viz. in Buck's, Payette, Delaware, SPRING-COLD, a small island of the N. and Montgomery counties.]

[SPRUCE Creek, urges its winding course pointed for that purpose. The governments and through the marshes, from the mouth of Piscata courts of justice of both settlements have been qua River, five or six miles up into Kittery, in consolidated, in consequence of the instructions York County, district of Maine.

carried out by Governor Carmichael; and all SPRUIGHT, a small river of the province of legal proceedings are in future to be carried on in Guayana, in the part possessed by the Dutch. It the English language. The Court of Policy passed runs into the sea near the river Poumaron. an act, on the 29th April, for changing the name

[SPURWING, a river of the district of of this town from Staebroeck to George Town.) Maine, which runs through Scarborough, to the (STAFFORD, a county of Virginia, bounded w. of Cape Elizabeth, and is navigable a few n. by Prince William County, and e. by the Pa. miles for vessels of 100 tons.]

towmac. It contains 9588 inhabitants, including SPYKES, a city of the island of Barbadoes. 4036 slaves.]

[SQUAM, a lake, part of which is in the (STAFFORD, a township of Connecticut, in township of Holderness, in Grafton County, New Tolland County, near the s. line of MassachuHampshire; but the one half of it is in Strafford setts, 10 or 12 miles n. e. of Tolland. In this County. It isabout five miles long, and four broad.] town is a furnace for casting hollow ware, and a

[SQUAM, a short river of New Hampshire, the medicinal spring, which is the resort of valetudioutlet of the above lake, which runs a s. w. narians.] course, and joins the Pemigewasset at the town [STAFFORD, New, a township of New Jersey, of New Chester, and 10 miles above the mouth in Monmouth County, and adjoining Dover on of the Winnipiseogee branch.]

the s. w. It consists chiefly of pine barren land, [SQUAM Beach, on the sea-coast of New Jer and contains 883 inhabitants.] sey, between Barnegat Inlet and Cranbury New [STAGE Island, in the district of Maine, lies Inlet.]

s. of Parker's and Arrowsike Islands, on the n. TSQUAM Harbour, on the n. e. side of Cape side of Small Point, consisting of eight acres, Ann, Massachusetts. When a vessel at anchor not capable of much improvement; and is only off Newbury Port Bar, parts a cable and loses remarkable for being the first land inhabited in an anchor with the wind at n. e. or e. n. e. if she New England by a civilized people. It is not can carry double-reefed sails, she may run s. s.e. now inhabited.] five leagues, which course, if made good, will [STAMFORD, a township of Vermont, in carry her a little to the e. of Squam Bay. Squam Bennington County; it borders on Bennington (Pigeon Hill) lies in lat. 42° 48' n. and long to the s. e. and contains 272 inhabitants, and has 70° 39'.]

good intervale land.] [SQUARE HANDKERCHIEF, (Mouchoir [STAMFORD, a post-town of Connecticut, FairQUARRE) an island of some extent in the W. field County, on a small stream called Mill River, Indies, which lies between lat. 21° 5' and 21° 24' which empties into Long Island Sound. It conn. and between long. 70° 19' and 70° 49' w. tains a Congregational and Episcopal church, and

[SQUEAUGHETA Creek, in New York, about 45 compact dwelling-houses. It is 10 miles a n. head water of Alleghany River. Its mouth s. W. of Norwalk, 24 s. w. of New Haven, 30 is 19 miles n. w. of the Ichua Town.]

n. c. of New York, and 99 n. e. of Philadelphia. [STAATESBURGH, in New York State, The township was formerly called Rippowams, lies on the e. side of Hudson's River, between and was settled in 1641.] Rhynbeck and Poughkeepsie ; about 28 miles s. [STAMFORD, a township of New York, in Ulof Hudson, and 71 n. of New York City.] ster County, taken from Woodstock, and incor

[STAEBROECK, a town of Dutch Guayana in porated in 1792. Of its inhabitants, 127 are S. America, on the e. side of Demarara River, a electors.] mile and a half above the post which commands [STANDISH, a township of the district of its entrance. It is the seat of government, and Maine, on the w. line of Cumberland County, the depository of the records. The station for between Presumscut and Saco Rivers. It was the shipping extends from the fort to about two incorporated in 1785, and contains 716 inhabi. miles above the town. They anchor in a line tants. Seventeen miles n. w. of Portland, and 86 from two to four abreast.

n. of Boston.] The long-existing differences between the co [STANFORD, a township of New York, lonies of Demerary and Berbice have been very Duchess County, taken from Washington, and lately finally adjusted, by commissioners ap- incorporated in 1793.]

[STANFORD, the capital of Lincoln County, Sweet Springs, 78 miles s. w. by s. of WinchesKentucky; situate on a fertile plain, about 10 ter, and 89 w. n. w. of Richmond.] miles s. š. e. of Danville, 28 s. by w. of Lexing (STAUNTON, a large river of Virginia, ton, and 33 s. s. e. of Frankfort. It contains a which rises on the w. side of the Blue Ridge, and stone court-house, a gaol, and about 40 houses.] breaks through that mountain in lat. about 37°

[STANWIX, Old Fort, in the State of New 10 n. and uniting with Dan River, forms the York, is situate in the township of Rome, at the Roanoke, above the Occoneachy Islands, about head of the navigable waters of Mohawk River. 98 miles from its source. It is also called Smith's Its foundation was laid in 1759, by General River.] Broadstreet, and built upon by the troops of the [STAUSEE, Fort, just above the Falls of NiUnited States, during the late war. The British agara, and eight miles above Queen's Town.] made an unsuccessful attempt to take it in 1777.] [STEADMAN'S Creek, in the State of New

[STARKS, a plantation in Lincoln County, York. The main fork of this creek empties into Maine, situate on the w. side of Kennebeck Ri Niagara River, above Fort Schlosser.] ver, near Norridgewalk.]

[STEEP ROCKS, a curious ledge of perpen[STARKSBOROUGH, a township in Addi- dicular shelly rocks, which form the w. bank of son County, Vermont, 12 miles e. of Ferrisburg. Hudson's River, with some interruptions, for 12 or It contains 40 inhabitants.]

13 miles from the Tappan Sea, to within 11 miles STATEN Island, lies six miles s. w. of the of New York City. Some of these ledges are city of New York, and constitutes Richmond from 150 feet to 200 feet high. As you pass down County. The island is about 15 miles in length, the river from the Tappan Sea, by these rocks, and at a medium six or seven in breadth, and the prospect on every side is enchanting. On contains 3835 inhabitants. On the s. side is a the n. of the Tappan Sea, a fine broad bay opens considerable tract of level good land; but the to view, skirted with bigh hills; on the si the island in general is rough, and the hills high. river lies under the eye as far as it distinguishes Richmond is the only town of any note, and that objects; on the w. are the Steep Rocks, before is an inconsiderable place. The inhabitants are described; and on the e. a fine cultivate counchiefly descendants of the Dutch and French; try.] and are noted for their hospitality to strangers, (STEPHENS, a cape s. w. of Cape Denbigh, and love of their native spot.]

on the n. w. coast of N. America, and is at the STATEN-LAND, an island near Cape Horn, s. e. part of Norton Sound. Stuart's Island is formed by the e. part of the Straits of Maire. It opposite to it. Lat. 63° 40' n. long: 162° 19' w. is about 40 miles in length, and 12 in width; it Between this and Shoal Ness is shoal water.] is entirely barren and desert. The captain, Ja [STEPHENS, a short river of Vermont, which cob Le Maire, who discovered it, together with empties into Connecticut River, from the the straits, gave it this name, in compliment to the town of Barnet.] the states of the Republic of Holland, his native [Stephens, St. a parish of Charleston district, country. It is included between lat. 54° 45' and S. Carolina ; containing 2733 inhabitants, of 54° 56s. and between long. 63° 40' and 64° whom 226 are whites.]

(STEPHENTOWN, a township of good land [STATES Island. See Staten ISLAND.] in New York, in Rensselaer County, between STATES, United. See UNITED STATES.] Lebanon and Scoodack. It is about 14 miles

[STATESBURG, a post-town of S. Carolina, square, and lies 20 miles e. of Albany. Of its and the capital of Clermont County, situate on inhabitants 624 are electors. The timber on the the e. side of Beech Creek, which unites with low land is pine, hemlock, beech, birch, ash, maShanks Creek, and empties into the Wateree, a ple. On the hills, pine, hemlock, black and few miles below the town. It contains 10 or 12 white oak, walnut, and poplar.] houses, a court-house and gaol. It is 26 miles [STERLING, a plantation in Lincoln County, s. by e. of Camden, and 76 n. byw. of Charleston.] district of Maine; n. w. of Hallowell, and at no (STAUNTON, a post-town of Virginia, and great distance.

great distance. It contains 166 inhabitants.] the capital of Augusta County. It is situate on [STERLING, in Worcester County, Massachuthe s. e. side of Middle River, a water of Patow- setts, was formerly a parish of Lancaster, called mack, a little to the n. of Maddison's Cave. It Chockset, incorporated in 1781 ; situate 12 miles contains about 160 houses, mostly built of stone, n. e. of Worcester, and 38 w. of Boston, and cona court-house, and gaol. It is 68 miles from the tains 1428 inhabitants. Near the neck of land

48' w.



which divides Waushacum Ponds, on the s. side, [STOCKBRIDGE, a township in Windsor was formerly an Indian fort, of which the ves County, Vermont, on White River, and contains tiges are nearly disappeared. On this spot was 100 inhabitants. the palace and royal seat of Sholan, sachem of [STOCKBRIDGE, a post-town of Massachusetts, the Nashaways, proprietor of Nashawogg.] Berkshire County, 31 miles w. by n. of Spring

(STEUBEN, a small fort in the N. W. Ter field, 101 w. of Boston, and 23 e. by s. of Kinritory, situate at the Rapids of the Ohio, a short derhook in New York. The township is the distance above Clarksville.]

chief of the county ; was incorporated in 1739, [STEUBEN, a new county of New York, taken and contains 1336 inhabitants.] from that of Ontario; being that part of Ontario [STOCKBRIDGE, New, a tract of land six miles County, bounded by the Pennsylvania line on the square, lying in the s. e. part of the Oneida Res. by the north bounds of the six range of town- servation, in the State of New York, inhabited ships on the n. by the pre-emption line on the e. by the Indians, 300 in number, who, some years and by the Indian line on the w.]

since, removed from Stockbridge, Massachusetts, (Steuben, a township of New York, in Her- and from this circumstance are called the Stockkemer County ; taken from Whitestown, and in- bridge Indians. This tract was given to these corporated in 1792. In 1796 the towns of Floyd Indians by the Oneidas, as an inducement to and Rome were taken off of this township. Of its them to settle in their neighbourhood; and is inhabitants 417 are electors. The centre of the seven miles s. e. of Kahnonwolohale, the princitown is about 12 miles n. e. of Fort Schuyler, and pal village of the Oneidas. These Indians are 27 n. w. of the mouth of Canada Creek.]

under the pastoral care of a missionary, the Rev. [STEVENS, a short navigable river of the Mr. Sarjeant, whose pious labours have been district of Maine. It rises within a mile of Merry attended with considerable success. They are Meeting Bay, with which it is connected by a ca generally industrious, especially the women, and nal lately opened. See GEORGETOWN.]

employ themselves in agriculture, and breeding [STEVENSBURG, a post-town of Virginia, of cattle and swine. Their farms are generally situate on the road from Philadelphia to Staun- inclosed with pretty good fences, and under toton. It contains about 60 houses; the inhabi lerable cultivation. In the fall of 1796, almost tants are mostly of Dutch extraction. It is 10 every family sowed wheat; and there was a sinmiles n. by e. of Strasburg, 71 n. e. by n. of gle instance this year, of one of the Indian woStaunton, 40 s. w. by s. of Williamsport, and 160 men, named Esther, who wove 16 yards of s. w. of Philadelphia.]

woollen cloth; who is here mentioned as an ex[STEVENTOWN, W. Chester County, New ample of industry, and as having led the way to York; is bounded w. by York Town, and n. by improvements of this kind. There is little doubt Dutchess County. It contains 1297 inhabitants, but her example has been followed by others. of whom 178 are electors.]

Their dividend of moneys, from the United (STEY Point, on the Labrador coast, and N. States, amounting to about 300 dollars, has Atlantic Ocean. Lat. 58° n. long. 61° 40 w.] hitherto been expended in erecting a saw-mill,

STILL WATER, a township of New York, and supporting an English school.) Albany County, bounded e. by Cambridge, and [STÖCK Creek, a branch of Peleson River. s. by Schachtekoke and Anthony's Kill. It con See Washington County, Virginia.] tains 3071 inhabitants; of whom 459 are elec [STOCKPORT, a village in Northampton tors, and 61 slaves. The village of Stillwater, County, Pennsylvania, on the w. side of the Poin this township, is situate on the w. bank of paxtunk branch of Delaware River. From this Hudson's River ; 12 miles from Cohoez Bridge, place is a portage of about 18 miles to Harmony, nine from Saratoga, 17 n. of Albany, and 11 from on the e. branch of the river Susquehannah.] Ballstown Springs. A canal is begun at this [STODDARD, a township of New Hampplace, to lead the water of the Hudson to the shire, Cheshire County, about 15 or 18 miles e. mouth of the Mohawk, 10 miles below.]

of Walpole, on Connecticut River. It was in[STINKING Islands, on the e. coast of corporated in 1774, and contains 701 inhabiNewfoundland Island. Lat. 49° 28' n. long. 52° tants.] 50' w.)

[STODHART Bay, near the n. w. point of [STISSIK Mountain, lies between the State the island of Jamaica, is to the e. of Sandy Bay, of Connecticut and Hudson's River, and near it and between it and Lucea Harbour.] the Mahikander Indians formerly resided.]

[STOKES, a county of Salisbury district, N.


Carolina ; bounded e. by Rockingham, and w. by America, extend from the s. to the n. and in a Surrey, and contains 8528 inhabitants, including n. w. direction, from lat. 48° to 68° n. The n. 787 slaves. Iron ore is found here in consider part of this range is called the Mountains of able quantities, and works have been erected on Bright Stones.] Iron Creek, which manufacture considerable (Sroney River, called by the French Bayouk quantities. Chief town, Germantown.] Pierre, empties into the Mississippi four miles

[Stokes, the chief town of Montgomery from Petit Goufre, and 10 from Louisa Chitto. County, N. Carolina, near Yadkin River. It From the mouth of what is called the fork of this contains a court-house, gaol, and about 20 river, is computed to be 21 miles. In this dishouses. ]

tance there are several quarries of stone, and the STONE ARABIA, a village and fine tract of land has a clayey soil, with gravel on the surface country so called, in Montgomery County, New of the ground. On the n. side of this river the York, on the n. side of Mohawk River, between land, in general, is low and rich; that on the s. 50 and 60 miles w. of Albany. This settlement side is much higher, but broken into hills and was begun by the Germans in 1709. The land vales; but here the low lands are not often overfrom the river rises on a beautiful and gradual flowed : both sides are shaded with a variety of ascent for four miles, and the principal settle useful timber.] ment is on a wide spreading hill, at that distance [STONINGTON, a post-town and port in from the river. The soil is excellent, and the New London County, Connecticut; 10 miles e. people industrious and thriving. It suffered by s. of New London city. The harbour sets up much from the Indians in the late war, particu- from the Sound, opposite to Fisher's Island. The larly in 1780.7

town is separated from Rhode Island by the e. (ŠTONEHAM, a township of Massachusetts, line of the state; and was settled in 1658. Here in Middlesex County, which was incorporated in are six places of public worship; and the number 1725, and contains 381 inhabitants. It is about of inhabitants, in 1790, was 5648.] 10 miles n. of Boston.

[STONO Ínlet, on the coast of S. Carolina, [STONE Indians, inhabit s. of Fire Fort, on is to the s. of the channel of Charleston, at the Assenebayne River, N. America.]

n. e. corner of John's Island, which is bounded [Stone Mountain, between the States of Ten by Stono River on the w. It is six miles from nessee and Virginia. The Virginia line inter the s. channel of Charleston, and from this inlet sects it in lat. 36° 30' n. from thence to the place to that of N. Edisto, the course is s. w. by w. where Watauga River breaks through it. See half w. distant 11 miles.] Tennessee.]

STORM Cape, in the Straits of Northum[Stone Island, on the e. coast of Newfound- berland, is the n. limit of the mouth of Bay Verte, land, is near Cape Broyle, and is one of the three and forms the s. e. corner of the province of New islands which lie off Caplin Bay.]

Brunswick.] [STONES, is a boatable water of Tennessee, [STOUENUCK, a township in Cumberland which runs ń. w. into Cumberland River, six County, New Jersey.] miles n. e. of Nashville.]

[STOUGHTON, called by the Indians, Pake[Stones Fort Gut, on the s. w. side of the mitt, or Pontipog, or Punkapaog, (that is, taken island of St. Christopher's; e. of Old Road Bay, from a spring that ariseth out of red earth) a and between that and Bloody Point. There is a township in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, infort on a point of land on the w. side.]

corporated in 1726. It is bounded e. by Brain[STONEY Hill, in Baltimore County, Mary- tree, w. by Sharon, and is 15 miles s. of Boston. land, is five or six miles n. w. of Whetstone Fort, It contains 16,000 acres of land, and 1994 inhaat the mouth of Baltimore Harbour, and two bitants. Iron ore is found here, of an excellent miles s. e. of Hooks-Town.]

quality; and there is a rolling and slitting mill, [Stoney Point, in Orange County, New which manufacture considerable quantities of York, a small peninsula, projecting in a consi steel and iron. Great quantities of charcoal, derable bluff from the w. bank of Hudson's River baskets and brooms, are sent from thence to Bosinto Haverstraw Bay; about 36 miles n. of New ton. Early in the war a large quantity of gunYork city, just at the s. entrance of the high powder, of an excellent quality, was made in lands. In the capture of this fortress the brave this town for the American army, from saltGeneral Wayne distinguished himself.]

petre, the produce of the towns in its vicinity. (Stoney Mountains, in the n. w. part of N. [Stow, a township of Massachusetts, Middle

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