were discovered 700 veins of metal, and from and enters the Xingu in the great bend which it whence an immense quantity was extracted, there makes before it enters the Marañon or Amazon. was a large population of Spaniards, at least as PACANAS, Indians of N. America. They far as the remains and ruins of a large town tes are a small tribe of about 30 men, who live on tify. This province has also a mine of very the Quelqueshoe river, which falls into the bay white and transparent talc, which furnishes the between Attakapi and Sabine, which heads in a whole of Peru for glasses of windows, both in the prairie called Cooko Prairie, about 40 miles churches and houses.

S. w. of Natchitoches. They are known to have The corregidor used to collect a repartimiento emigrated from West Florida, about 40 years of 96,505 dollars, and it paid an alcabala of 772 ago. Their village is about 50 miles s. e. of the dollars yearly. Its population consists of the Conchattas; they are said to be increasing a following settlements :

little in number; to be quiet, peaceable, and Caquiaviri,

Asiento de San Juan friendly people. Their own language differs Viacha,


from any other, but they speak Mobilian. Tiahuanaco, Calacoto,

PACÀNTIRO, a small settlement of the head Huaqui, Caquingora,

settlement of the district of Xacona, and alcaldía S. Andres de Machaca, Callapa,

mayor of Zamoria in Nueva España. It contains Jesus de Machaca, (in Carahicara de Pacages, eight families of Mustees, and as many of Mulawhich is a Beataria Hulloma,

toes, exercised in agriculture; three leagues from with 12 nuns,) A chocalla,

its head settlement. Santiago de Machaca, S. Pedro del Desagua PACARAN, a settlement of the province and


corregimiento of Cañete in Peru. PACAMOROS YAGUARSONGO, or SAN PĂCARAOS, a settlement of the province and JUAN DE SALINAS, a province and government, corregimiento of Canta in Peru, annexed to the vulgarly called De Bracamoros, in the kingdom curacy of Pari. of Quito, to the s.; antiently called Silla and PACARICTAMBO, a settlement of the proChacainga, and now San Jean, from its capital; vince and corregimiento of Piura in Peru, annexbounded n. by the territory of Zamora and the ed to the curacy of Frias. province of Loxa, w. by the province of Piura, s. PACARNI, a settlement of the government of by the river Marañon, or Amazon, and e. by the Neiba, in the Nuevo Reyno de Granada; annexed woods and territories of the Xibaros Indians. to the curacy of its capital : of an hot temperaIts population is included in the cities of Loyola, ture, and abounding in gold mines, vegetable Valladolid, Jaen, and Santiago de Las Montañas, productions and cattle. which is entirely destroyed; the others being PACAS, MELXORDOS, a settlement of the also reduced to miserable villages, having no province and captainship of Pará in Brasil; in thing more about them of a city than the name. the island of Caviana. This province is watered by the rivers Guanca PACASMAYU, a river of the province and bamba, Chinchipe, Paracasa, Turumbasa, Numé corregimiento of Saria in Peru. It flows down balle, Palanda, Simanchi, Sangalla, and San from the mountains of Caxamarca, runs w. and Francisco, the which divides the bishopric of laves the territories of San Pedro de Lloco, 20 Quito from that of Truxillo.

leagues from Lambayeque. Its shores are very It has rich gold mines, but not of the best delightful and charming, and it runs into the quality, and it is but thinly peopled, and with Pacific sea forming a bay, in which is caught out any commerce. The pastures are excellent, excellent fish. Its mouth is in lat. 7° 24' s. and there is very good tobacco, wild wax, and PACAYAAS, a settlement of the province and cotton, and the very finest cacao, though not in captainship of Pará in Brasil; situate at the abundance. It is very subject to invasions from mouth of the river Tocantines. the Xibaros Indians, who dwell in the woods on [PACAYITA, a volcano in Guatemala, in

New Spain. In 1773, the lava which issued It is governed by a governor, who resides either from it destroyed the city of St. Santiago, which in Jaar the capital, or in the settlement of Tome was situated in the valley of Panchoi.] penda.

PACCHA, a settlement of the province and PACANA, or Pacaxa, a river of the province corregimiento of Cuenca in the kingdom of Zuiand country of Las Amazonas, which runsn. pass to; from which capital it is 56 lcagues distant. In ing through the country of the Yurunas Indians, its district to the s. is an estate called Cuanacauri.

the e.

Paccha, another settlement, in the province PACHANGARA, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Yamparaes and archbishop- and corregimiento of Caxatambo in Peru; annex ric of Charcas in Peru.

ed to the curacy of Churin. Paccha, another, of the province and corre PACHAS, a settlement of the province and gimiento of Huanta in the same kingdom, annex. corregimiento of Guamalies in the same kingdom ed to the curacy of Tiellas.

as the former, to the curacy of which it belongs. Paccha, another, of the province and cor It is in the centre of the province, near the river regimiento of Loxa in the kingdom of Quito, Marañon, which is called Quivilla, and is the near the river Tumblez.

residence of the corregidor. PACCHO, a settlement of the province and [PACHEA, the most n. of the islands called corregimiento of Chancay in Peru.

the Pearl or King's Islands, all low and woody, PXCHABAMBA, a settlement of the province and about 12 leagues from Panama. Within and corregimiento of Guarucco in Peru; annexed a league of this island there is anchorage in 17 to the curacy of Santa Maria del Valle.

fathoms.) PACHACAMAC, a settlement of the province PACHECA, a small island of the S. sea, in the and corregimiento of Cercado in Peru, annexed to gulf and bay of Panamá : in which the inhathe curacy of Lurin : founded in the celebrated hitants of this capital have some plantations of valley of its name, signifying in the Quechuan maize and other grain for the food of the Negroes language Omnipotent, or Creator Preserver of all. employed in the pearl fisheries on those coasts. Here the Indians had a magnificent temple [This is one of the beautiful islands within the dedicated to the invisible, supreme Being, whom semicircular bay from Panama to point Mala. they acknowledged and adored. The Emperor These islands yield wood, water, fruit, fowls, Pachacutec, who was the tenth monarch of hogs, &c. and afford excellent harbour for shipPeru, conquered this place with all its delightful ping, in lat. 8° 3' n.] and fertile territory, and founded there a house PACHEGOIA, a lake of New South Wales, for Virgins, dedicated to the culture of the deity in N. America, in lat. 550 n.] Pachacamac. Francisco Pizarro, when he con PACHIA, a settlement of the province and quered the kingdom, plundered this temple and corregimiento of Arica in Peru, annexed to the the whole settlement of immense wealth, not curacy

of Tacua. withstanding the Indians had removed a great PACHICA, a settlement of the same province deal. In its vicinity is a small mountain, and a and corregimiento and kingdom as the former ; rivulet still keeping the same name.

At the annexed to the curacy of Copta. present day there is nothing remaining of the Pachica, another settlement, in the same temple and the town but a few ruins. The province and kingdom ; annexed to the curacy

of illustrious Señor Don Bernardino de Almanza, Cibaya. Bishop of Santa Fé, had the honor of being curate PĂChica, a river of the province and correhere. It is 22 miles s. by e. of Lima, in lat. 12° gimiento of Pataz in the same kingdom. It

rises in the sierra, runs n. n. 8. and enters the PACHACHAC, a settlement of the province Ucayale. and corregimiento of Guarochiri in Peru, annexed PXCHINA, a lake of the province and governto the curacy of Yauli.

ment of Moxos and kingdom of Quito; in the PACHACHACA, a river of the kingdom of territory of Massamaes "Indians, between the Peru, which rises in the province of Aimaraes, rivers Marañon or Amazon and Napo. runs n. traversing the province of Abancay, and PACHINI, a settlement of the province and enters the Apurimac: on it are more than 40 corregimiento of Caxamarquilla in Peru.. bridges of cords and willow-twigs.

PRCHITEA. SEE MANOA. PXCHACONAS, a settlement of the province PACHO, a settlement of the corregimiento of and corregimiento of Aimaraes in Peru.

Zipaquira in the Nuevo Reyno de Granada ; of PACHACOTO, a settlement of the province an hot temperature, abounding in vegetable proand corregimiento of Guanuco in the same king- ductions. In its vicinity the Jesuits had one of dom as the former; annexed to the curacy of the finest estates in the kingdom. It contains 200 Santa Maria del Valle.

house-keepers, and lies at the back of the settlePACAMA, a settlement of the province and ment of Zipaquira, 14 leagues from Santa Fé. corregimiento of Arica in Peru; annexed to the PACHUCA, a town and capital of the jurisdiccuracy of Copta.

tion and alcaldía mayor of its name in Nueva

19' s.

Gemeli says

España : of a cold temperature, but beautiful to of the tempests in the winter, and the dreadful behold on account of the symmetry of its streets, agitation of its waters, declare it well worthy public places, and edifices, particularly of its parish of another name. church, which is most magnificent. It has like The pilots of this sea have constantly observed wise a convent of the missionaries of the bare that when a n. wind is about to blow, there will footed Franciscans, another called the Hospital appear one or two days previous to hover round de San Juan de Dis, and an house of entertain the ships a marine bird, which they call quebrantament of the monks of La Merced and several huesos" (break-bones), and which is seen on no hermitages in the wards of the Indians, where other occasion; neither' do they know to where mass is said.

it resorts. This bird is of a very singular figure, It was once more opulent, owing to its mines, and a sure omen of bad weather. which are now in a state of great decay, from [PACKERSFIELD, a township of New their being partly filled with water which has Hampshire, Cheshire county, e. of Keene, on flowed down from the sierra.

the lead branches of Ashuelot river. It is 56 that in the space of 60 leagues he counts more miles w. of Portsmouth, was incorporated in than 1,000 mines, and that from one only, called 1774, and contains 721 inhabitants). La Trinidad, were extracted in the course of PÁCKOLET, a river of the province and 10 years, 40 millions of dollars. In this town colony of S. Carolina, which runs s. e. and are the royal coffers, where the treasurer and unites itself with Large river. accomptant reside, taking for the king one fifth PACLAS, a settlement of the province and of all the silver produced here. The trade of corregimiento of Luya and Chillaos in Peru; this metal is the principal of the place, although annexed to the curacy of its capital. some of the Indians employ themselves in agri PACLLON, a settlement of the province and culture, sowing maize, French beans, and other corregimiento of Caxatambo, in the same kingdom seeds. Its population consists of 900 fami as the former; annexed to the curacy of Manlies of Spaniards, Mustees, and Mulatoes, and

gas. 120 of Indians, with a special governor subject SPACMOTE, a bay on the e. side of the island to the alcalde mayor, but who resides in another of Martinica, between Vauclin bay on the n. and town called Pachuquilla. The jurisdiction con Fere Ance or Creek on the s.] tains the following settlements :

PACO, a small island in the lake Umamarca, Real del Monte, Zapotlán,

of the province and corregimiento of Omasuyos Tezayuca,


in the kingdom of Peru.

PACOCHA, a port of the coast of the S. sea, [Pachuca and Tasco are the oldest mining in the province and corregimiento of Arica in the places in the kingdom of Mexico; and the neigh- same kingdom. bouring village Pachuquillo, is supposed to have [PACOLET, a small river of S. Carolina, which been the first christian village founded by the rises in the White Oak mountains, and unites Spaniards. The height of Pachuca is 8,141 feet, with Broad river, 32 miles above Tiger river, and it is 45 miles n. e. of Mexico.]

and 8 s. of the N. Carolina line. Its course is PACHUCA, a lake formed to drain the waters about s. e. and on it are the celebrated Pacolet from the heights of the above province ; in which springs, 17 miles above its confluence with there is a sluice, by which the waters may on

Broad river.] occasion be turned into the lake Zumpango; the PACOMARCA, a settlement of the province said sluice having been made in 1628, and lately and corregimiento of Chilques and Masques, in much improved.

the same kingdom; annexed to the curacy of PACIFIC Sea, a name improperly given to the Pampacucho. S. sea, as every one will maintain who has navi PÁCORA, a settlement of the province and gated it: for, although the part between the tro- corregimiento of Saña, in the same kingdom as pics may justify the name, the rest of it does not the former; situate in the road of Valles, leading merit such a title, as being subject to violent to Lima. tempests, in lat. 20 and 23°, equally strong as Pacora, another settlement, in the province any in Europe. The first Spaniards who navi- and kingdom of Tierra Firme and government gated this sea gave it the name of Pacific for the of Panamá, situate in a beautiful and extensive serenity and gentle gales which they experienced valley, which gives it its name, and through in their first voyages, persuading themselves which a river runs. It is very fertile and of a that it was equally calm all over it, but the fury pleasant temperature, and so healthy that all the

people of the neighbouring places come here to work). The information that we have received recruit their health. It abounds also in cattle, is, that being oppressed by the nations residing having excellent pastures; eight leagues from on the Missouri, they removed to the upper part the capital.

of the river Plate, where they afterwards had but Pacora, the river which waters the valley little intercourse with the whites. They seem to aforesaid, runs s. until it enters the sea in the have given name to the n. branch of that river, bay or gulf of Panamá.

which is called the Paducas Fork. The most PACTLICHAN, a settlement of the head set. probable conjecture is, that being still fur. tlement of the district of Ancantepée, and alcaldía ther reduced, they have divided into small wanmayor of Tlapa, in Nueva España. It contains dering bands, which assumed the names of the 90 families of Indians, who employ themselves in subdivisions of the Paducas nation, and are known cultivating and dressing cotton, and is of an hot to us at present under the appellation of Wetetemperature.

pahatoes, Kiawas, Kanenavish, Katteka, Dotame, PACA, a river of the province ‘and govern &c. who still inhabit the country to which the ment of Buenos Ayres in Peru. It runs nearly Paducas are said to have removed.] due s. and enters the Plata, near the mouth where The aforesaid river runs s. e. then e. and enters the Uruguay enters.

the grand river Misouri. PADĂGUEL, a large lake of the kingdom of PADRE, PUNTA DE, an extremity of the n. Chile, in the province and corregimiento of San coast of the island of Cuba, between port Ma. tiago. It is formed of the rivers Colina and lagueta and the bay of Xavara. Lampa, the which, after a course of more than PAECES, a nation of barbarous Indians of the 20 leagues, unite. This lake is more than two Nuevo Reyno de Granada, who dwell in the leagues long, is very deep, and in it are excel woods near the cities of Cartago and Timaná. lent trout and bagres. The shores are very plea- They were ferocious and cannibals, and routed, sant, covered with herbage and trees. It is at in 1540, the Spanish troops of Añasco and Juan no great distance from the city of Santiago. de Ampudia; but they began to be reduced to

PADAMO, a river of the province and govern- the faith, together with the nation of the Yalcones ment of Guayana, which rises in the interior of in 1634. At present their numbers are much the same, between the rivers Caura and Orinoco, diminished. and forming a curve to the s. enters the latter. Paeces, a city of the province and govern

PADDAVIRI, an arm of the river Parime or ment of Popayán, in the kingdom of Quito, Paravillanas, one of the four into which it is di founded by captain Domingo Lozano, on the vided, and the second which enters the Negro. shore of the river Grande de la Magdalena in

PADILLA, a town of the province and govern- 1563, in the valley of S. Saldaña. It is nearly ment of Sierra Gorda in the bay of Mexico, and depopulated, since that it was destroyed by the kingdom of Nueva España, founded in 1748 by Indians in the middle of the 16th century; 60 the count of that title Don Joseph de Escandón, leagues from the city of San Juan de los Llanos. colonel of militia of Quereturo, who gave it this PAEZ, a river of the same province and goname of Doña Antonia de Pedilla, wife of the vernment as the former city.' It rises in the viceroy, who was then Count of Revillagigedo. valley of its name, passes opposite the city of It is small and poor, and has not increased in po La Plata, and enters the Grande de la Magdalena pulation as was expected.

at a small distance from this city. PADOUCAS, or PADUCAS, a settlement of the PAGAN, a small river of the province and province and government of Louisiana in N. colony of Virginia in N. America, and of the America, on the shore and at the source of the county of S. Isle of Wight. It runs e. and enters river of its name, where there are also different the sea at the mouth of the river John. villages of Indians of this name.

PAGANAGANDI, a river of the province and [This once powerful Indian nation (of which government

of Antioquia in the Nuevo Reyno de our authoi speaks) has, apparently, entirely dis- Granada. It rises at the foot of the sierras of appeared; every inquiry made after them has Chocó, and running n.w. enters the sea in the proved ineffectual. In the year 1724, they resided in bay of Candelaria of the gulf of Uraba. several villages on the heads of the Kansas river, [PAGET'S Port, a small harbour within the and could, at that time, bring upwards of 2000 great sound of the Bahama islands, and in the men into the field. (See Mons.

Dupratz History of most e. part of the sound.] Louisiana, page 71, and the map attached to that · PAGUAROS, a nation of Indians but little


P. AI.

PA I known, inhabiting the s. part of the river Ma [PAINTED Post, a station, so called in New rañon, a little above the mouth of the Madera. York state, in Tioga county on then. side of Tioga

PAGUILLAS, a settlement of the province river, between Bath and Newtown, 40 miles and corregimiento of Atacama in Peru.

n. w. by w. of Lockhartsbrough, 45 s. e. of Wil. [PAGÜISA, or PAQUISA, on the w. side of S. liamsburg on Genesse river, and 163 n. w. of America, in lat. 21° 55' s. and 10 leagues n. of Philadelphia. A post-office is kept here.) the harbour of Cobija, in the bay of Atacama. [Painted Rock is on French Broad river, by Aguada de Paguisa, or the watering place of Pa- which the line runs between Virginia and Tenguisa, is 15 leagues from Cobija. The whole nessee.] coast between is high, mountainous, and rocky, in [PAINTER's Harbour, on the w. coast of Cape the direction of n. n. e.]

Breton island, is nearly due e. of East Point in PAHUATLAN, a settlement of the head set the island of St. John's. lat. 46" 22 n. long. tlement of the district and alcaldía mayor of 61' 16' w..] Guauchinango in Nueva España. It contains a PAIPA, a settlement of the same province and convent of the order of San Agustin, and 490 corregimiento and kingdom as the former, situate families of Otomies Indians, amongst which are near the road which leads to Santa Fé, between included those of the wards of its district; six its capital and the lake of Toca or Totta. It leagues n. of its capital.

was very large and populous in the time of the PAICABI, a settlement of Indians of the king. Indians, and was taken by Gonzalo Ximinez de dom of Chile, situate on the coast, at the mouth Quesada in 1537. It is at present reduced to a of the river Tucapél, near the spot where the miserable village, 15 miles n. e. of its capital. Indians put to death Pedro de Valdivia, conqueror PAIPIRU, SIERRAS de, some mountains of of this kingdom.

the province and captainship of Rey in Brazil, PAICANOS, a nation of Indians, of the pro which run from w. to e. following the same course vince and government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra from the river Lavacuan to the brink of the in Peru, from which capital it is 20 leagues to the great lake of Los Patos. In these mountains s. e. These Indians are poor, docile, and humble: the Portuguese have some rich gold mines, to the territory abounds in sugar-canes and cotton, which they give the same name. and the climate is hot, save when the s. wind PAIRA, a settlement of the province and goblows, which passing through the snow-clad vernment of Quixos and Macas, in the kingdom mountains of the Andes, brings with it a refresh- of Quito, belonging to the district of the second. ing coolness.

PÄIRÁCA, å settlement of the province and PAICO, a settlement of the province and cor- corregimiento of Aimaraes in Peru.' Annexed to regimiento of Lucanas in Peru.

the curacy of Chuquinga. Paico, a lake of the kingdom of Chile, be PAIRÅPUPU, a small river of the province tween the rivers Valdivia and Callacalla. It is and colony of Surinam, or part of Guayana, formed from the waste water of the Quillén. possessed by the Dutch. It rises in the sierra

PAICOLLO, SAN LUCAS DE, a settlement of of Usupama, and enters the Cuyuni. the province and corregimiento of Pelaya and PAITA, a small city of the province and corPaspaya in Peru.

regimiento of Piura in Peru, situate on the coast PAIJAN, or PAISAN, SAN SALVADOR DE, a of the S. sea, with a good port, and well fresettlement of the province and corregimiento of quented by vessels from the kingdom of Tierra Truxillo in Peru, situate in the valley of Chi- Firme, Acapulco, Sonsonate, &c. Although this cama, in the high road on the coast leading to part, strictly speaking, is nothing more than a Quito, 30 miles from its capital, and eight from bay, it is considered one of the best in that coast, the port of Malabrigo.

from the safety of its anchorage. It is the place PAILAS, a port of the river La Plata, in the where passengers disembark to go by land to province and government of Santa Cruz de la Lima, and the other provinces of Peru, and Sierra in Peru, n. of the capital.

where ships bound to Callao touch to take in PAIME, a settlement of the jurisdiction of provisions, &c.; since, without this precaution, Muzo and corregimiento of Tanja in the Nuevo it would be almost impossible to make that Reyno de Granada. It contains 150 house voyage, so tedious by the usually contrary winds. keepers, who live by cultivating sugar-canes,

The town is situate on a sandy soil, which proeotton, and other fruits of a warm and mild duces neither a sprout of herbage, or drop of elimate

fresh water. This is, therefore, brought from:

« VorigeDoorgaan »