Poetic Homage to Shoemakers—Sach and Behmen-

Illustrious Shoemakers-An Epitaph-Samuel Drew
the Metaphysician-A Political Shoemaker-Officer
and Shoemaker—"Mortality and Immorality of the
Soul.”—Dr. John Kitto—“Lord maketh not ashamed”
-William Gifford-Robert Bloomfield-A Farmer's
Boy in London Setting up Housekeeping-Thomas
Cooper -Verses on a Mother-A Noble Instance

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“Scotland's Second Burns ”-A Scottish Home-A

Glorious Mother—“Elder John”-A Voracious
Reader—“ When I was Herdin' Kye”—Poetry of
Home-A youthful Student-Nicoll's Remarks on
Coleridge- A young Philosopher-Marriage-Editor-
“Going Home to Die"-Interview between Elliott and

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Works of Hogg—A Real Shepherd-Hogg and Sir

Walter Scott-The Shepherd's Letter to a Duchess-
Appearance in the "Noctes "-Poetry of Superstition

- Illustrative Extracts—Soul of the Forest-Wilson's

Estimate of Hogg-Amazing Vanity-A Strange


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Song Consecrates Labour--Allan Cunningham on Scot-

tish Songs-Professor Wilson on the Origin of Old
Scottish Songs Lyrics of Labour-Fishermen- The

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