Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War

University of Delaware Press, 1988 - 322 pagina's
This volume presents the most comprehensive identification of every size and kind of single-shot Civil War cannon that records and surviving weapons allow, and it provides a thorough understanding of how the war opened a new era for artillery. Contains more than 150 photographs and drawings, extensive appendixes, and locations for more than 2,000 Civil War fieldpieces known to still exist. Illustrated.

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Federal 6pounder Guns and 3 67inch Rifles
Confederate 6pounder Guns and 3inch Rifles

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Over de auteur (1988)

The late Dr. James C. Hazlett graduated from Linsly Military Institute and from Cornell University before preparing for his career in medicine at Thomas Jefferson University. Dr. Hazlett was a fellow of the Company of Military Historians and served that organization as both governor and president Edwin Olmstead is a graduate of Allegheny College and of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a fellow of the U.S. Army Military History Institute M. Hume Parks has been a collector and dealer in military relics for more than sixty years

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