The Image of the Judaeo-Christians in Ancient Jewish and Christian Literature

Peter J. Tomson, Doris Lambers-Petry
Isd, 2003 - 340 pagina's
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This conference volume purports to draw the ancient Judaeo-Christians from the obscurity to which they are confined in prevailing historical approaches. To that aim, the evidence from both Jewish and Christian sources is interpreted by scholars of Judaism, theology, archaeology and history. The introductory essay outlines a paradigm inclusive of Jewish and Christian history which allows us to view the Judaeo-Christians in the proper perspective, and in this context the Jewish wars against Rome appear to have had a decisive influence. Further essays explore early Christian observance of Jewish commandments; anti-Judaeo-Christian polemics in the New Testament; the importance of Peter, James, and other relatives of Jesus in (Judaeo-)Christian tradition; the Judaeo-Christian affiliations of Ebionites, Elkasaites, and Gnostics; and evidence concerning Judaeo-Christians from an archaeological site in the Land of Israel, from rabbinic literature, and from the Toledot Yeshu. The volume concludes with observations on present-day Messianic Jews and Christian missions to the Jews in the post-Shoa era. Survey of contents: Peter Tomson: The wars against Rome, the rise of Rabbinic Judaism and of Apostolic Gentile Christianity, and the Judaeo-Christians: elements for a synthesis - Doris Lambers-Petry: Verwandte Jesu als Referenzpersonen fur das Judenchristentum - Daniel Stokl Ben Ezra: 'Christians' observing 'Jewish' festivals of Autumn - Folker Siegert: Vermeintlicher Antijudaismus und Polemik gegen Judenchristen im Neuen Testament - Jonathan Draper: A continuing enigma: the 'Yoke of the Lord' in Didache 6.2-3 and early Jewish-Christian relations - Markus Bockmuehl: Syrian memories of Peter: Ignatius, Justin and Serapion - Wilhelm Pratscher: Der Herrenbruder Jakobus bei Hegesipp - Richard Bauckham: The origin of the Ebionites - Joseph Verheyden: Epiphanius on the Ebionites - Simon Mimouni: Les elkasaites: etats des questions et des recherches - Guy Stroumsa: A nameless God: Judaeo-Christian and Gnostic 'theologies of the Name' - Zeev Safrai: The house of Leontis Kaloubas - a Judaeo-Christian? - Gideon Bohak: Magical means for handling minim in Rabbinic Literature - William Horbury: The depiction of Judaeo-Christians in the Toledot Yeshu - Dan Cohn-Sherbok: Modern Hebrew Christianity and Messianic Judaism - Simon Schoon: Christians and Jews after the Shoa and the Mission to the Jew

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Doris Lambers-Petry, Born 1955; studies of protestant Theology in Saarbrucken, Tubingen and Brussel; currently teaching History and Literature of the Second Temple Period, and Patristics at Faculte Universitaire de Theologie Protestante in Brussels.

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