Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict in the Post-Communist World

Palgrave Macmillan, 7 mrt. 2002 - 228 pagina's
Ethnic and national conflicts have been an unexpected and major source of problems in many parts of the world in recent times. Nowhere more so than in the formerly communist countries. This book provides a readable introduction to, and brief analytical coverage of, all the ethnic disputes of the 1990s. Full justice is done both to complex present-day situations and the deeper roots of ethnic conflict. This is followed by a review and evaluation of the main available explanations. The book is required reading for anyone who wants to understand why the fall of communism did not introduce an era of goodwill between the nations.

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Over de auteur (2002)

BEN FOWKES was for twenty-five years Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of North London. He has carried out archival research in Vienna, Munich, Bonn, Prague and Moscow. He is the author of several works on communist and post-communist history and politics, including The Rise and Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, The Disintegration of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe from Stalinism to Stagnation and The Post-Communist Era.

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